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  1. 'Morning everyone. It is 70 sunny degrees in Montreal this morning. Don't forget folks, those of you who will be taking a New England cruise in the future, to say hello if your ship docks either in Halifax or Sydney Nova Scotia. Not before Setember the 30th mind you as we will still be settling in!!. Just advise us of your ship's arrival time and we'll get in contact with you. Have a good day all. Regards, James.
  2. Good Morning everyone from another steamy day in Montreal where it is already 80 degrees! I'm on the board as jadon29 today just for a change! More phone calls and cancellations to make today and of course some more packing. Boy, I'm glad I don't go through this moving thing on a frequent basis otherwise I'd go balmy!!! Have a good day all. Regards, James.
  3. Thing is Jason, I want to remain"elfed" with over 680 posts but got confused over the new layout! So I'm not a new member as it were but an old one who's lost his way!!! I'll get Donna to help sort this out.



  4. 'Morning Everyone.66 degrees and sunny in Montreal this morning. I have decided to change my original user name to the one I normally use everyday. So instead of elfed it's now jadon. I think lawn cutting is in order today as well as shopping. The cat is still not showing herself on a regular basis and runs away as one approaches it. Very frustrating!! Have a great day all. Regards, James.
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