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  1. Happy Birthday Seajewel!

  2. MaryLou - I'm sorry I didn''t know the whole story about TJ. I will keep him in my prayers. Jackie - Thanks for calling, I'm so sorry that things had to end this way, but if anyone knows what you were going through it's me. I wish I was financially capable of doing the same thing. Even thoug we aren't working for the same company any more I hope we will remain friends forever!
  3. MaryLou- I was just reading your post about TJ. I don't know how old TJ is but my youngest son who is now 12 told us the same thing about his heart hurting this was quite a few years back, but we did the same thing by taking him to the hospital and we also got the same results, everything was ok. His pediatrician asked us lost of questions of his recent activities, the foods he ate any accidents he had. The final conclusion for Michael was that he was using muscles in his chest that he hadn't used before and the movement of his chest plate. Michael was imitating his older brother playing baseball, so the swinging of the bat and the throwing of the ball caused the stretching of the muscles in his chest. I hope this is the same thing with TJ. Michael is a healthy 12 yo boy!!! Thank God. My prayers are with you, TJ and your family.
  4. Good Morniong All! I been reading alot of the past posts so I could catch up on everyone. It's hard. T.G.I.F. I hope all is well with everyone or hoping things get better for those that need it. I am sending (((HUGS))) to everyone for all your thoughtful comments on my return to this site. Jackie - I emailed you at the office yesterday but I guess you were home sick, hope you are feeling better today and as MaryLou stated, please share your cold with Ian and then send it up to his twin Tom in my office!!! LOL.
  5. Thanks Cheryl and MaryLou it feels good to be back!
  6. Good Afternoon All you Crazies!!! It's been months since I last posted, so I hope all's well with everyone. I have some rough times during these months. I lost my very dear stepmother at age 89. My dad (just turned 89 4/26) has been devistated. I spend alot of time with him at the assisted living center. I'm so glad tht I have a wonderful family that understands that grandpa needs me now a little more than they do. The day after I lost my step mother we had to put one of our cats to sleep because of severe renal failure, she was only 4 yrs. old. I don't know who my boys miss more grandma or Pasha the cat. But never fear you alway have friends that think you should replace your lost animal with a new one, so in comes the kitty from HELL, Latte! She looks so sweet but she is a devil. Hopefully she will grow out of her kitten stage soon, she's 5 mons. old. Sorry to be so chatty, but I thought I owed an explaination to all you wonderful people1
  7. Happy birthday, Donna!

  8. Sea Cruise by Frankie Ford This was also recorded by Jimmy Buffett
  9. The wierd thing is I can relate to this!!!!
  10. Thank you Rose and Falina for the hugs, I really need them and I knew I could count on my friends here. It sure is hard living up to my nickname this week. Thanks again Sunshine
  11. [/size]I know it's been awhile, but if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any at all!! Check this out. 08/25/09- Stopmom Lorraine (87) falls in the assisted living center, cracks her head open 4 staples needed. 08/30/09 - DH Jim pulls his van out of the driveway and side swipes my new car. Knocked the sideview mirror off and scrapped the paint off the drives door right down to the steel. We just increased our deductible to lower our payments, not worth filing a claim, we would have to pay for it any way then we are taking a chance of our premiums going up. 08/31/09 - My youngest son Michael (11) comes down with a stomach virus, off to the doctor we go, that trip only cost 65.00. Michael is feeling better back to school today. 09/01/09 - My oldest son CJ (15) comes home with headache, stomach ache, sore throat, fever, runny nose, etc....., off to the doctor (same one as the day before), he did throat culture, no strep throat. Diagnosis is FLU. It's too early to test for Swine Flu, but he is highly contagious until the symptoms go away, no school for the rest of the week. If symptoms get worse we were instructed to take him to our local hospital. 09/02/09 - Phone call at 3:00 am, from my Dad (88), stepmom fell again, taking here to the hospital. Another call at 7:15 this morning, Lorraine fractured her pelvis is numerous places nothing they can do for her. She will be unable to go back to assisted living center and will have to be admitted to a nursing home. My dad is not taking this well, I feel so bad. So how's everybody elses week going. Please share some good news, I sure could use it.
  12. Good Morning Everyone, It's seems like alot of us have had our ups and downs this past week. So I hope the new week starts of better and everyone is up to parr. Jim I can empathize with you, we went through the same thing last year with my FIL. Hospice is a wonderful organization. Please use all they offer. They will help your mom, you and your family through this rough time. I will keep all of you in my prayers. My son CJ had to have minor surgery on his big toe Friday afternoon. I was a little squmish but CJ handled it with no problem. He hasn't complained one bit. That's my boy!! Hopefully he'll be able to get a shoe on his foot before school starts on Monday. Have a great week everyone, be good and stay healthy. I hope this is a prosperous week for me the Florida PowerBall Lottery is over $250 Million. When I win on Wednesday, it will be free cruises for all!!!
  13. Christopher Norris (f) and Christopher Lloyd (m)
  14. I don't want to learn how to macke this at home. I want to know that the only place I can get this cake is on a Carnival Ship. So when I have a craving for this dessert the only thing I will be able to do to satisfy my craving is to book another cruise!!!
  15. Good Morning All, It's been a little while since my last post, but Jackie said I need to check in, so here I am. I's been so darn hot here in Florida that once I get off work all I want to do is kick back and veg out, that is after I cook dinner, set the table, serve the meal, clean up afterwards, start a couple of loads of laundry, phew.. I'm tired already!!! Hooray school starts a week from Monday. My two sons Christopher (CJ) 15, and Michael 11, are so bored they are excited to go back to school. I have to take CJ to a podiatrist today, looks like he has an infected ingrown toe nail. I feel so bad for him, I wish he would have let me know sooner we could have treated it and it wouldn't have gotten to this point. I feel so bad for my baby, he can hardly walk on it, but it needs to be taken care of right away. He is upset because he was to go get his lerners permit today, hopefully we can reschedule for next week. So much for the drama in my life, I know everybody has their own cross to bear. I keep all you crazies and your families in my prayers!!
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