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    United States


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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Mexican Riviera, Baja, Alaska, Southern Caribbean,<br>Western Caribbean, Bahamas, Panama Canel
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    love to travel... either cruise ship or RVing.<br>Also love the water so spend alot of time in the pool or beach when I get the chance.
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    Beegees and ILDivo
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    Any Law and Order and Survivor.
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    1 dog & 1 parrot
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  1. Happy Birthday Grandy!

  2. In Junneau Alaska we purchased a beautiful rug from a art gallery. It only cost $25 to ship home . We were going to hang it on the wall but ended up putting down on the floor. Really is a conversation piece (three large hallibut )
  3. Sandy, sorry for the late welcome - I am trying to catch up...and Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  4. that is a fantastic picture. i envy people who are phptogenic...that means most people!! in my family i'm the only one who's not...well somebody had to get the job and it fell to me. may you and your's have a great evening.

  5. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!

  6. Happy Birthday Sandy - enjoy your day

  7. Happy Birthday enjoy your special day!!!!!!!!

  8. Wonderful photo!!! :D

  9. Hi Dawn..

    We too are looking forward to this cruise. We have cruised Carnival 11 times and this will be our 3rd cruise on the Spirit. We are traveling with another couple and have booked aft cabins (which we love)

    We have a friend in Acapolco who is a tour guide so look forward to going with her to see the sights.


  10. Hello, I am so looking forward to this cruise! Together my husband and I have sailed 2 NCL cruises - 1 to Mexican Riviera and 1 to Southern Caribbean. In the past I have sailed Disney 6 times/ RCCL once and Carnival once. I convinced him to try something other than NCL and hope that he will be pleased. Looking forward to getting to know you,


  11. Welcome I agree great picture looks like you were having fun

  12. I love that picture of you two. Welcome to CruiseCrazies.

  13. Welcome to CruiseCrazies, Grandy!!!

  14. We will be on the Spirit 11/03..

  15. Hi and welcome to CruiseCrazies!

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