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    United States


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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Sports & recreation
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    Southbound Alaska Cruise; Several Mexico Cruises; Several Bahama Cruises; Several Caribbean Cruises...
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  • Hobbies & Interests
    Mine are mostly landscaping and wood working when it comes to hobbies. I like to collect shot glasses and Cindy collects Salt/Pepper Shakers. Recently I started collectring Carnival stuff. Interests are motorcycle riding and w/end cruise-ins with the Corvette Club/Hot Rod Clubs. Cindy is into Soaps, reading and cruising the oceans. Mostly we both enjoy meeting new friends on the cruise ships and some have become life long friends. Enjoy the para-sailing, four-wheelers, jeep, hiking, zip-lining excursions - Cindy doesn't partake >>>she's the pool queen.
  • Music
    I general can listen to all music. Just depends on my mood, but mostly I listen to Country, Oldies but Goodies, Disco, and the 70's. Which I believe is the best decade to grow up in and listen to music. Cindy is nothing but Country.
  • Movies
    Mostly Action and Drama. Must have action. Enjoy the recent trend in reviving comic classis and bringing them to the movie screens. As I hit the forties for some reason I can tolerate and truly enjoy some good chick flicks as well. Becoming more in tune or it might be emotional - which is hard to admit since I am a former jock, and can anyone guess what sport I played?????? Hmmm?
  • TV Shows
    Mine are mostly action/drama stuff; Cops, America's Most Wanted, Speeders, World's Dumbest Criminals, CSI, Mentalist, Discovery Channel, Wheather Channel, Golf Channel...Cindy's are any Court channels, Soaps, Reality Shows...
  • Sports
    Football. More football. Nothing but football. College and the Pros. Seriously. Football. Did I say football. FOOTBALL !!! Life begins in September each year, and goes to sleep in February each year. Did I say football? Yes >>>>>FOOTBALL ! ! ! My favorite two sport seasons; waiting for FOOTBALL, and FOOTBAL Season......ROLLTIDE....Cindy loves to Jet Ski and maybe twice a year ride w/me on a short motorcycle run.
  • Food
    Pretty much your meat and potatoe guy. Truly enjoy the many types and/or ethnic foods on the cruise ships. Favorite meal would have to be a 22-24 oz Porterhouse-well done, med size baked potatoe dripping in butter, broccolli drowned in melted cheese, black eyed peas , a couple slives of cornbread, and a tall glass of sweet ice tea. Of course a cup of coffee at the end.
  • Pets
    Shih Tzu named GIZMO
  • Books
    Don't read alot of books, but do look at alot of pictures ; } Mostly 'How to Books', Hobbie Books, things along that line, but mostly men books and cruising and vette mags. Cindy is very much into reading. I think she puts away about 3/4 books a week.
  • Quotes
    No qoutes just a life long process >>>> LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE. Everyone has heard it but does everyone live buy it - that's the secret. Try to instill that process in everything you do and say. Your life is your protriat, so try to sign it with full of joy and experiences. Plus live by the Golden Rule.
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    Semi Retired

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