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  1. Happy Birthday sprtsnt2!

  2. Cruisingcats: You played the Rams which I am from the St. Louis area, but I don't like the Rams-I am an Arizona Cardinals fan and a Colts fan. You creamed the Rams---YEAH!!! I watched part of it. Didn't see the outcome until you told me it. I am a big Kurt Warner fan though and he made the Rams what they WERE-HEHE-Anyway I am excited Football is starting. I also am excited that our ST. LOUIS CARDINALS are doing AWESOME!!! GO CARDS!!! Yep my husband already told the news about us booking our Cruise today for Nov. 1st on the Westerdam-Anyone ever been on HA or the Westerdam let us know what you liked or disliked about it? Have a good night everyone!!!
  3. Thanks all!!! Glad to be here!

  4. Welcome aboard the CruiseCrazies ship!

  5. Just curious as to who has cruised with Holland America and other cruiselines and why they like HA better than the others?
  6. Hope to see you posting in the forums, Vickie.

  7. Welcome to CruiseCrazies, Vickie!

  8. Vickie, welcome to CC....hope to see you posting soon and often.

  9. Welcome aboard, Vickie!! Glad to have you with us! I see we have the same birthday just different year. Hope to see you posting in the forums.

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