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  1. Drink strenght is hit or miss across the cruise lines. Just got off Royal Allure and I can tell you that the service in most of the bar areas has become practically nonexistent. I had to schlep drinks for my girlfriend and I all week. I guess with the drink package they figure they already have your money so they don't need to provide service. I'm the one on vacation and I resent having to stand in line to get my own drinks and then paying a 18% gratuity on top of it all. They should be paying me if I'm working!
  2. Yeah. The staff wants you to leave additional tips over and above the 18% you've already been charged. Ain't happening!
  3. Cruising sucks nowadays. It was soooo much better twenty years ago. Now it's run like a fast-food joint
  4. I detected very little alcohol in any of my Royal Caribbean drinks. I could have had 50 without getting drunk
  5. Happy Birthday fuzfoz!

  6. Welcome. Steven. It's great to see another Floridian here. Hope to see you posting in the forums.

  7. Hello and welcome to CruiseCrazies!

  8. Steven, welcome to CC. Hope to see you posting soon and often.

  9. Welcome to CruiseCrazies, Steven!!

  10. Steven, welcome aboard.

  11. Welcome aboard!! Glad to have you with us!

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