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  1. Is this a larger version of the chocolate molten cake that is their claim to fame?
  2. When I was on the Legend in November, there was a group of lesbians who were there and they were not accepted well but that is because they were totally obnoxious. They were literally up in the faces of passengers being belligerent. They were often drunk to the point of rowdiness. That being said, any passengers who behaved so offensively would have been received negatively. I don't know what happened
  3. I have only been on one cruise and that was Carnival but have since been advised by many to try Norwegian instead. Will you elaborate on the extra charges? Carnival charged extra for one restaurant and for gym classes. I was very disappointed that their was not line dancing/zumba type activities for free.
  4. Well, that is very interesting because I had been told that Alaska is the one cruise where having a balcony is a MUST!
  5. I found that one and a couple of others when we returned but never heard the results of the tox tests. Just curious.
  6. My son's girlfriend (senior in college) has cruised many times with her family who are Delta employees. I think she has been on over 20 to date. Anyway, she said the only one which she would ever pay the difference for a balcony on is Alaska. She said it was so amazing to watch the scenery from the cabin. She said that on all of the others they just wanted to be up on the pool deck watching from there.
  7. Thanks. That really makes the cost of that trip expensive. I was amazed at how much more a 10 day land/cruise is than just a 7 day cruise and having to add meals will boost it even more. Is it worth it?
  8. I have finally talked my husband who thinks he would rather do all-inclusive resorts into trying a cruise IF it is to Alaska. I am not sure whether to go with the cruise only or the cruise plus land tour. Any suggestions? What ships do you recommend?
  9. I was on the Legend in November when there was the terrible jeep accident and a couple of fatalities. Just wondering if the results ever came in on whether or not alcohol and/or drugs were involved or just speed. What a tragedy!
  10. You can take public transportation to Seven Mile beach for about 5 bucks and the beach is awesome!
  11. I went to cozumel and grand cayman in november. Seven mile beach is great in grand cayman and cheap public transportation to it. We went to a beach in Cozumel that was all-inclusive but it was so crowded that it was unpleasant. There is great shopping there. Beaches and water activities are my thing though.
  12. Does the land portion of the trip include lodging and meals? Does anyone have a recommnedation for one of the land/sea tours?
  13. tbarton


    Thanks so much. That will be great. I am surprized about your experience. Our travel agent said November is usually one of the best months for great weather!
  14. There are 3 snorkeling excursions through Carnival in Belize. One is the catamaran/beach break, another is at Goff's Caye, and the 3rd is at Sergeant Caye's. Anyone had good or bad exeriences on these?
  15. I have been reading about an excursion of tubing in Belize through captain or major Tom. Reviews say he has his own tender t hat will take you to the ship if you are late but that it has never happened. Anyone know about that or have opionions if that would be a safe choice. Would love to do the cave tubint.
  16. My first cruise is now only 3 weeks away and all of your advice has been so helpful. I am traveling with a teacher/friend instead of my husband. Just wondering how it will be socially for us. Will most of the passengers be couples and will we be sort of misfits in most activities?
  17. So where does the Legend fit into this evaluation?
  18. Everyone seems to recommend the cave tubing outing in Belize but Carnival has cancelled that excursion. Anyone know of a safe alternative? I am leary of being very adventurous in that country!
  19. [/size] We did a Belize excursion 2 years ago that was super fun and exciting. By van, we travelled with 8 other people to Jaguar Paw Resort, located about 60-90 minutes from Belieze City. There we spent the dayin the rain forest with 3 activities: lunch in a delightful, small restaurant in the jungle; a zip line tour (ride); and tubing a river in a cave. I was 67 years old at the time and had a blast on the zip line. I think this tour was through . We booked this excursion through "Shoretrips", rather than through the ship. The ship (Carnival) had a similar tour to a totally different location. We heard that one was crowded and not nearly as fun as our. No problems with booking tours outside the cruise line and getting back on time?
  20. What are some great beaches/shore excursions for Grand Cayman, Belize, Roatan, and Cozumel? I would like to spend at least one day at a great beach, one day snorkeling, and then some great excursion.
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