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  1. lindasuelucas, I have tried to write you back, but this time, it keeps kicking it out, I don't know why, so hopefully you will get this message, as you told me to ASK, and here it goes.

    Have you or anyone that you know of, ever used the websites: youroldiescruise.com, or maltshopcruise.com?

  2. KeithRita, thanks for getting back with me. I have "tried" for a long time, just "trying" to figure how to do a message to you. I had an awful time yesterday, but it wouldn't go through, so hopefully this time it will.

    Also, thanks for welcoming me in this forum too.

    Oh, I did check with several cruise lines themselves, and they all had the same answer, unfortunately they could not tell me anything. Since I have used a TA on 8 of my cruises, I hesitate of going through a website, that is why I mentioned those websties to see if anyone had used them, or knew of someone who had.

  3. Hello everyone, and thank you for "welcoming" me on this cruise forum, and hopefully by me writing this now, it will reach all of you. This forum is NEW to me, so hopefully my comments will go through all right in "this area."

    I am trying to get some info, and perhaps you folks can help me? I have found on a couple websites (I will list them below) a rock & roll/oldies cruises. This is what I am interested in doing next year. for 8 cruises, I have always had a TA here in my area of Kansas City, MO. I am really concerned about booking through the website itself, and would like to have some "feedback" if possible on these two sights, if you, or you know of someone who has booked through these sights. They are:




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