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  1. Happy Birthday mbguy!

  2. Can anyone remember the website details of a guy who used to publish pictures of balcony's and overhangs with the most astonishing detail? If so, please pass it on. Cheers
  3. Thank you so much for your good wishes and kind thoughts, can we tempt you on a cruise to the land of vodka and caviar? Best wishes John and Jean
  4. Now booked in an Aqua Class Cabin, looking foreward to cruising with Celebrity again.
  5. Hi folks We are thinking of a cruise to the Baltic departing England 21 May 2011 on the Celebrity Eclipse. Any advice on the most favoured Aqua Class cabins plus any other tips would be much appreciated. Best Regards John and Jean (England)
  6. Hey John, we didn't realize it was you. It's very nice to "sea" you again over here. It's been a while now since our Connie cruise. I see you two are booked on the Island Princess. Congratulations!

  7. Many thanks for all these warm welcomes, I used to post on here as 'oldmovieguy' but that name seems to have been closed, thanks once again.


  8. Welcome aboard the CruiseCrazies, John!!

  9. I know, another boring cabin question, we have been offered Cabin D710 on Island Princess, departing Fort Lauderdale on a return trip to Panama on April 19th 2010. The location of the cabin looks ok but I thought I would check with you good folk first. Thanks.
  10. John, welcome to CC. Hope to see you posting soon and often...

  11. Welcome aboard, John!! Glad to have you with us!

  12. And yet another Welcome to Cruise Crazies.

  13. Hello and welcome to CruiseCrazies!

  14. Welcome aboard the CruiseCrazies ship!

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