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  1. Hey just back from the Enchantment of the Seas, we had a great time! Little background early 40's and just the two of us. 1 Disney, 2 celebrity, 3 Carnival and this was our 5th Royal. Felt we needed a break and for us it was a last minutes trip, good price and only 2 hour drive from home. Embarking, we know that they usually they do not let you embark until after 11:00 am so we left our house after 9:00 am did a few stops and we were in line at the dockyard at 11:30 am. About 30 minutes wait, to pay and park and another 20 minutes for customs and check-in. Ship it definitely showing age and we did encounter a sewage smell in the Centrum every once in a while. There was a pipe leaking between our cabin and the neighbors. Unfortunately the people in the cabin next to us awoke with wet carpets our room remained dry but the pipe causing the problems was in our cabin not certain how long it would take to fix so they asked us to change cabin. Thought they could have handled that better but we got over it.Although the Enchantment is getting old we feel it has the best pool deck we have encountered with an abundance of deck chairs never had to worry about finding one or a place to be, plenty of areas to chill and read and thought the ship decor is very tasteful with the wood and marble. Food, for us it was just ok nothing great, but never walked away hungry and they had some new additions we thought were good. We had a great time with table mates which made the experience very nice. We ate in Chops one night and had a great experience Entertainment, actually never went to a show on this cruise tried to go to the magic show but was delayed with the cabin move but impressed with the live music they provided through out the day, at the pool and every evening in the Centrum we thought it was a great touch. Disembarking, we had express left our room at 7:10 am and on I-95 by 7:30 am Over all, the ship had a few misses but we enjoyed the cruise very much and would go on her in a heartbeat, we got what we wanted out of the cruise to relax, read a few books and along the way we meet some great people friendly staff and fond memories.
  2. Hello we are going on the Enchantment of the Seas out of Baltimore. (No flying ya). Any secrets about the ship or things we need to do?
  3. Hello we are going on the Enchantment of the Seas out of Baltimore. (No flying ya). Any secrets about the ship or things we need to do?
  4. Is anyone sailing on teh Enchantment of the Seas April 2nd?
  5. Great to hear you had a great time. We went on the Enchantment of the Seas in August, and had a great time as well. We thought the ship was beautiful and is now my favorite ship.
  6. I grew up in the far northeast next to Bensalem, actually worked at the McDonalds in Bensalem. Currently live in Blue Bell PA.

  7. I went on The Dragons tails coaster just back on the 6th of Sept and me and DW did it, and had a great time. It is almost as high as the Zip line. The ride it self is about 5-10 minutes with going up the hill and depending how fast you want to go. It was 35.00 per cart with max weight of 360 pounds. They let us go twice since we were the only couple on eh ride.
  8. Thanks for the nice welcome

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