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    Princess Alaska Cruise Tour

  2. Click here to view the cruise review
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    Bob, You shouldn't be discouraged. As you know the cruise lines always ask if the person has any special needs. So they do address this and provide for what you need. Also the treatment you are using weighs into this. How you are taking insulin is another factor. The cruise ship has coolers so you can store your medication. Every cruise ship has a doctor on board. Hope this helps Ester
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    Your'e a teacher if ...

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    Price Guarantee Question

    [/size] That's about it. You hsve to check to see if the rate has changed. when you call you can find out the details. Also the taxes can be reduced on a cruise. Cheers Ester
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    A Senior's Weekend

    Smart Man!
  7. I look forward to it Lindasue

  8. Hi Shaunna that is some cool music you've got .Cheers,Ester

  9. Hi Ray Thanks! Did you see my Post ? Cheers Ester