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    Love my pets, reading, and (flower) gardening.
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    Criminal Minds, Survivor, House
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    Chocolate.<br><br>Anything bad for you.
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    Love fantasy, especially epic fantasy. Robert Jordan's WoT is my favorite.
  1. Hello and welcome to CruiseCrazies!

  2. Makes me want to rush and book everything!
  3. Oh, I don't know what I'm going to do! Winning the lottery would be great.... There is something to be said for both options.
  4. Thanks Rose. I'm really leaning toward a blacony for the Riviera. I'll try to cough up the money for an oceanview for Alaska. I've got plenty of time on that one, anyway. I can just see myself on my own private balcony on the Splendor cruising in the evening. Oh yeah!
  5. Thank you. I go back and forth about what to do. Hope you can talk your wife into the cruise. The Splendor looks like a beautiful ship.
  6. That is a beautiful chevy, but I don't think I've seen it around. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  7. Yeah, but it doesn't look like they are going to get on a roll.
  8. Thanks all for the welcome. murr, I live in central Arkansas, about a half hour from Little Rock. cruisetarp, yes, revenge is sweet...when you get there. Thanks for the well wishes for the surgery. It's minor, so I should be up and running for the cruise. Well, I've put off the housework as long as possible.....
  9. Good morning everyone. New here but thought I'd jump in. Not much going on yet. The teen did not want to get up. (Got a 10th grader.) Don't blame her. It's only Tuesday. This week is slow. Have surgery on Friday. Honestly, I can't wait. Not a bad surgery, and I'll feel so much better. The cruise is March 21, so I'll be recovered. Was seriously wondering if I'd be able to get it in before the cruise, but did not want to be sick while trying to have a good time. I hope everyone has a good day.
  10. Alka Selzer............cold
  11. So, my cousin and I are planning on doing a Mexican Riviera cruise on the Splendor this fall. We would also like to do an Alaska cruise summer 2011. I'd really like to get a balcony for both, but I really doubt if the money will stretch that far. I'm thinking maybe a balcony for one and inside for the other. I think the Carnival ship for Alaska is Spirit. Which one do I get the balcony on (if possible)? I'm thinking that the Mexican Riviera cruise would be the better of the two. Think being outside on a cruising ship in Alaska would be chilly even in June! Are there good observation decks on the Spirit? I would imagine that I'd want to do a lot of looking on the Alaska cruise. Maybe I should split the difference and get an outside cabin? Any suggestions, advice, or comments welcome.
  12. I heard that! I tried on some of my shorts from last year, which is what I'm taking on the cruise. Coughs. I need to lose before I go or I'll be buying clothes on the cruise!
  13. Know a guy from another board who says he's going to give up swearing for Lent.
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