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    United States


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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Grand Cayman Islands
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    Alaska, Baja, Western Caribbean, Pacific Coast, and will cruise Eastern Caribbean this fall.
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    We hike together and snorkel together. Hubby is an avid bowler and he also loves to shoot craps and play roulette. I enjoy singing, reading, cooking, and baking. I love to plan cruises, excursions, and vacations!
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    We enjoy Country and Christian music.
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    Pretty Woman, While You Were Sleeping, Mama Mia, It's Complicated, Rudy, Baby Boom, Something's Gotta Give, and The Family Stone. I'm a Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep fan. Used to be Michael Douglas and Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.
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    I am CRAZY about game shows...except Jeopardy.
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    HUGE PHOENIX SUNS Basketball fan! I watch the games without hubby!
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    Cheesecake. I am a beef lover and could probably eat it 5 times a week... but I don't. Love lobster and shrimp. Trying to acquire more of a fish loving taste bud. Love to enjoy wine and yummy mixed drinks.
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    Dog, Lab-Mix "Honey"
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    Sandra Brown is my favorite author. Romance and mystery mixed together. I own most of her books. Also REALLY enjoyed Robin McGraw's "Inside My Heart."
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    "In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can." Michael Korda
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  1. Happy Birthday 1shipshape!

  2. Hello Everyone! It's been a very busy October. It really flew by and we are almost into November. I've been adjusting to my first full month at this new position for my job and I'm finally feeling like I can do it! Les continues with his plantar faciitis and his foot doctor has a new laser machine. Have any of you had that done and does it work? He has to pay out of pocket. We did trade my car in yesterday for a 2011 Camry. I'm sure we're going to love it. Hello to All! Blessings to each and every one of you involved in that freaky early snow fall. Hopefully you will all have your electricity on soon and warmth once again. Our prayers go out to you. Only 95 degrees here today... can you believe it??? UGH! Still using the air conditioner. It does cool off at night and is quite pleasant in the morning. Our tiny grandson is going to be a "Dragon" for trick or treat tomorrow night. Looking forward to some cute pictures. He is almost a year and a half already. Off to dinner. The grill master has arrived to bring in our feast. Toodles!
  3. Happy October everyone! Just checking in to say HI to everyone. It is supposed to be under 100 degrees here today... finally. By the end of this week, we have a cold front coming in... 80s! WooHoo! Finally caught up on the laundry, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping. Hope I can keep up with it this week. We're getting back into the groove of things at work. I'll stay put at this new yard for a while. We'll take it one day at a time. Pretty exciting on Friday when we had an escape... don't think they have them back yet either.... Les went to the foot doctor again on Friday. That plantar faciatis just seems to love him and it's hanging on. He's had 3 cortisone shots and they're not helping. Someone mentioned acupuncture.. so he may consider that or now they have a "laser" treatment... which didn't help me at all on my elbow. So, we'll see what he plans to do. You pretty much have to pay out of pocket for those treatments. Glad it's cooling off all over... before you know it, we'll hear about snowflakes falling. My sister in Wisconsin said their leaves turned very early this year and were beautiful. I'm sure more of you will be reporting on those lovely leaves soon. Went to church last night and resting up a bit today for the week ahead. Enjoy today, everyone! Toni & les
  4. Hi all! What a fabulous time we all had on our Cruise Crazies cruise. Yes, we made it home.... 11:30 p.m. EST. What a long day. I'm with you on the loads and loads of laundry, Rose. We were up at 4:30 a.m. this morning our time... since the cruise took place in the Eastern and Atlantic time zone. Went to church and have been catching up on all the mail and bills and trying to rest in between. Congratulations to you, Falina. You're doing great with that weight loss and have a reasonable goal set for next year already. Good for you! We have not tried to download or upload any pictures. Les is glued to the recliner today...LOL. Steve, I'm trying to remember gas prices when I was in high school... maybe $.29 a gallon... but then again, maybe $.19 a gallon... hmmm... I'll have to see if my sister remembers. I'm off to pick up a few things at the grocery store since our cupboards are bare... I feel like Old Mother Hubbard opening the cabinets... LOL. Toodles, Toni & Les
  5. Hector: If I don't get another couple by tomorrow when I leave for Newark, I will call Freedom Tours and sign us up for the 10-14 van. We will connect on the EOS and I'll let you know any changes to our plans. Toni
  6. Thanks, Martha. Hopefully we will be able to meet on the seas one day. Thanks for the well wishes! Toni
  7. Debbie, we are so sorry to hear of your loss. We send you our condolences and prayers. Les & Toni
  8. Debbie, so sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Toni
  9. MaryLou: Yes, we will definitely get cheesecake also. One of my favs. Howard: I love musicals and know I will thoroughly enjoy my first Broadway experience. Glad to know others have enjoyed it; we are very much looking foward to it. Looking forward to the nice weather and seeing all these new sites will be enjoyable. Thanks for all the Bon Voyages, everyone!
  10. Debbie, I am TOTALLY looking for GREEN, instead of desert brown, and won't even be upset if we get rain... we rarely, if ever get those here. I am even happily packing my rain coat and umbrella. LOL. For us, we are leaving in 5 days and flying into Newark and spending the next day in NYC. We will be eating wonderful "deli" sandwiches at "The Carnegie Deli" and then walking over to the Gershwin Theatre to see "Wicked". After that... we will fly by the seat of our pants!
  11. Thanks for the weathercast, MaryLou. I was looking up those 10 day forecasts also to get a better idea of what to pack. I just need to find the right clothes in my house because we are still wearing sandals, tank tops, shorts. My daughter told me to get out my jeans and I looked at her like I've never heard that term before.... LOL... I'll be working on it. I'm sure I'll be packed by Monday night, since we fly into Newark on Tuesday. I will enjoy every "cool", "green", rainy(??? maybe) moment on the trip. I better pack a couple umbrellas! Les's tux is cleaned and pressed, if only I could get the same done with my dresses... Have a nice cruise, Howard. We hope you have fair weather and a lovely time!
  12. Happy September everyone! We are finally home. BBQing today. Tri-tip roast and grilled corn on the cob. Should be delicious. Only 3 days of work this week... have to attend a training seminar on Friday. Guess I should consider it work, but I won't. My guests have arrived. I better sign off for now. Have an enjoyable holiday!
  13. Thanks for all the heartfelt messages, everyone. They are truly appreciated. MaryLou, glad the grandkids got off this morning. Now you're anxiously awaiting their arrival after school for all the latest scuttlebutt. Tim, hopefully everyone will be back to normal in your neighborhood soon and that the oxygen is there for your FIL. Ray, glad all your students will be keeping you up on the latest news when they arrive for their lesson. Falina, enjoy the ice cream social... hot fudge on mine, please. Keith, thanks for sharing the picture... I do agree it looks like a Kincaid. We'll have to keep our eyes open for this artist. Rose, what are you cooking up for 2 days? We ordered pizza tonight. Barely touched it, so will put it away for leftovers. Jackie, how much longer will you be in Colorado? Scaliese: good to check out a couple doctors for that foot surgery. Hopefully you will find one that you have confidence in. MaryLou: glad Jim is counting down to the end of the radiation treatments. Martha, glad to hear you're okay in NC. Shari, is it cooling off in your neck of the woods yet? Toodles!
  14. Thanks for your help with packing, everyone! Sounds like I don't need my babushka or gloves this year. We were just in WI last week and with higher humidity, we seem to stay warmer. My sister was actually cold and she lives there. Hahaha. I'll watch the weather internet site to see what they forecast when it goes closer to us leaving. We are packing for my father-in-law's funeral this week. He passed away this morning. It's only been a month since he was diagnosed with the Stage 4 cancer. When we get back, I will just leave the suitcase out and add a couple more! We are definitely getting to the final countdown. Can't wait to meet everyone! Hi MaryLou! Good to see you checking in and being such a great member to our booster club! Hope you and Jim are doing well at this point. Great news about the shrinking of the tumor. We'll keep praying and hope it will continue shrinking. Rose, glad you made it back and that you had a great anniversary cruise. What a Mr. Nice Guy you are married to.
  15. Glad to hear that all the easterners are safe and that the storm amounted to alot less damage than expected. Hopefully all the electricity will be restored soon and roads will get cleared. I lived on the gulf coast for 3 years and we evacuated a number of times. My father-in-law passed away this morning. Much quicker than my husband expected. I'm so glad he went back to be with all his siblings and his dad earlier this month. It will be a long week for us but we will get through this. Got moved at work so I'm trying to adjust to that. Kind of hard to go to work this past week. Usually takes a few weeks to adjust to a new routine. Sang on the Worship Team at church this morning. Good crowds today. That always blesses me. Stepmom got her cast off of her wrist this past week. Dad is making her take the elevator. YIPEE. We'll check in again later. Rose, glad you got back ok and that you had a good time on your cruise. Ray, good to hear from you and that you were venturing out after Irene passed by.
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