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  1. We've booked it for March of 2015. 12 day cruise to the Southern Caribbean. Should be enough time to explore the new ship.
  2. Happy Birthday cruznation!

  3. They need to do something because they just joined Royal and Celebrity with limiting the deals that travel agents can offer as incentives. The bargains out there are dwindling.
  4. I know they have put Century into Baltimore to cover the winter season. I haven't heard about Alaska. The trend is for bigger ships, but if they want to cover the "drive to" ports like Baltimore, Norfolk, and Charleston they will need some mid-size ships like Carnivals Spirit class or Royal's Vision class.
  5. sailinglisa wrote... coloradocruisers wrote... BTW, I'd like to try the Starship Enterprise. How'd your TA arrange that? Yeah - how did you manage that one?!?!?! Glad you like the ticker! It was an April Fools ticker offered by Nautical Cities. I liked it so much I'm keeping it.
  6. John,Interesting! Of the 5 cruises we've done with RCCL every one had a "lobster night", usually the next to last night with formal dress. It was listed on the menu as a "seafood plate" and included garlic shrimp and a lobster tail. The waiters came by later serving extra tails from a platter.
  7. Congrats! As a Caps fan, I didn't have a dog in this fight, but I was happy to see Chicago win. Although all my mother's side of the family, who I love dearly, live in and around Philly, the Philly fans who show for games with the Capitals here in DC are, shall we say, less than endearing. :D
  8. St. Thomas for us too. We honeymooned there 34 years ago and even though it has grown more touristy over the years, it's still something special.
  9. Hello and welcome to CruiseCrazies!

  10. Welcome aboard the CruiseCrazies ship!

  11. Thanks for your input! As you tell from my signature, we haven't cruised with Carnival, so we have no opinion of our own. One couple we know loves them, another who prefer HAL, hates them. We usually cruise from Baltimore (one hour away) and will likely sail on the Pride someday. The Enchantment OTS does a 9 day NE and Canada with stops at Portland and Bar Harbor, ME. We did this a couple years ago. Great cruise. My wife had a lobster roll in every port.
  12. Hi, I new here and poking about. I've read a lot of posts and reviews at several cruise sites and noticed a line in the sand between customers of Royal Caribbean and those of Carnival. Some folks can really get fierce defending their brand and can get rather snarky about the other. Which do you prefer and why?
  13. Welcome aboard!

  14. The lovely, but dated, Mercury will be joining the old Galaxy in Germany next year and will be renamed the Mein Schiff 2. Story here at the Celebrity site.
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