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  1. Only book Balcony, like the extended balcony
  2. Where ever we go its 2 days early and a day late after the cruise. Makeing it longer just makes you feel like you were on vacation a cruise goes to fast.
  3. Love getting awake at night and step out on the balcony check out the moon and water, take a nap and get up early for the sun rise and a coffee on the balcony, it just makes you feel good
  4. Carnival Miracle will start offering 8 day year-round cruises from New York City. Looks like most of the same ports as the Pride out of Baltimore . At least they have the eastern caribbean.
  5. Hummm, Well trying to cruise all the Carnival ships guess we won't get the holiday.
  6. We used it from the CCL Freedom from Miami last Jan . Everything worked great.
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