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  1. Has anyone tried the all inclusive cruise from Norwegian Sky? We go on Sky 2-3 times a year, but have not gone yet this year, when the all inclusive plan starys. Wondering how it works and if it is popular with guests..??
  2. wow....more and more extra charges. A la carte? So specialty dining will now be twice as expensive. Where are the benefits? We cruise often to rise in rank, and end up spending more and more. Main diningroom food is going downhill and specialty dining which IS much better is now more expensive. Disappointing. Going to have to re-evaluate our dining experience.
  3. I have a small orange rabbit I bought on one of the first RCCL cruises we went on. I have a picture of it ("Jesus" is his name) on every ship we have ever gone on and I keep the pictures of him in an album. No pictures of me or hubby...just the bunny. LOL
  4. We have been on Allure 4 times and Oasis once with NO PROBLEMS!!!! No lines, no waiting, great service, great food, ....that's why we have been back 4 times!! Sorry you had this experience, but we have never had anything even close to this level of difficulty. Big ships are different, yes......but they have a much larger choice of entertainment and food too. Don't write them off just based on size.
  5. I actually have no problem with the food in the MDR...I stick with fish, chicken or pasta amd I am always happy with the quality, taste, and presentation. That being said, I also enjoy the intimacy of specialty dining, and don't mind paying a little extra for it. To get 7 nights of free specialty dining on a brand new ship is a huge treat, and hubby and I added this to our upcoming trip. I have noticed NCL is advertising more...on TV, on the radio, and giving speicals like this...? are they hurting, or just making a play to be number 1??? Either way, I love cruising and thank you NCL for this neat perk!!!
  6. She was late leaving Ft. Lauderdale yesterday...left after 8pm!!
  7. Marinetraffic.com has Allure out to sea south of Key West...proabaly testing the engine repairs.
  8. Marinetraffic.com has Allure out at sea south of key west...probably testing the engine repairs. Destination is Port Everglades...estimated time of arrival...11:15.
  9. I know Oasis and Allure have ipod docks in the cabins. Does anyone know if Getaway and Breakaway have ipod docks in the cabins?
  10. Just called RCCL last night...they said it was scheduled to sail on Sunday as planned.......keep your fingers crossed. They said you would have been notified a week ago if it was NOT going to sail. Hope this helps. Have fun! We go on Allure on March 9, so we are concerned too!!
  11. Going in June for our anniversary...can't wait!! Any damage from superbowl??
  12. We have been on Allure 4 times, and specifically to see "Chicago"!!!! I guess it's a matter of taste. "Chicago" is my husband's favorite musical and I love it too. So, unless you are very sensative about the language, consider seeing this spectacular show with a multi-talented cast and Broadway level quality. I wouldn't miss it!!!
  13. Have been to 150 on Allure twice...worth every cent!! This is an expeience of a lifetime!! Do NOT miss this!!
  14. Oasis and Allure had this YEARS ago near the main dining room!! It was FABULOUS...but it had so many breakdowns and problems that they pulled them out...too bad. I LOVED the idea os a small tasting of new wines at a reasonable price. Hope it comes back to RCCL.
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