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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that sailings start over the summer and are all in by September, because I'm booked on Liberty of the Seas in September
  2. For our next cruise on Liberty of the Seas, we've booked the "Key". It looks promising priority boarding and priority tendering drop off our carryon to be delivered to our room (yes, no lugging around my roller bag!) Lunch at the steakhouse. Zoom wifi included Special times for the rock wall, Flow-Rider and right now, it's on sale, so yeah. Gonna give it a try!
  3. My folks had a GREAT time. We ended up with a suite with an adjoining cabin and it was TERRIFIC, so much that mom is now talking about taking another cruise!!
  4. For me the best is the fact that my folks ( 80 & 84 ) are joining us on their first ever cruise!!! And we got a pretty good upgrade (the upsell fairy called today)
  5. Booked last night, Carnival Sensation from Port Canaveral on 12/8/2013. MY mom & dad (80 and 84) are along for the ride, on their FIRST ever cruise!!! So looking forward to introducing my parents to the joys of cruising!
  6. I can't see an accidental "fall" overboard, unless you're a wide receiver going high for a deep pass...and just happen to clear the railing. And I can almost understand the feeling behind one big, last, amazing fling.
  7. Oh, I like that idea. I've told my family to take my ashes back to Hawaii, and disperse them there, but I think this idea has moved to the top of that list.
  8. I wanna sail away

  9. I think it's a great idea. The Serenity deck had an issue like that on my last cruise. DH and I sat in chairs in the shade, and noticed 2 "saved" lounge chairs, with a table between them stay empty for over an hour. We were finally able to snag 1 lounge chair and 1 chair with a footstool, after that hour, while those 2 "saved" loungers (with the always popular table) continued to be empty. Where were the "owners"? Who knows. Kudos to Carnival
  10. Happy Birthday kcl57!

  11. When you get back, I leave on my little cruise, all 5 days. I'm ust getting started on this cruisin'stuff, I guess!
  12. Hey...everyone here is just so nice! My DD is finally starting physical therapy on her ankle. Still using crutches, but she's now able to put some weight on the ankle. DH goes to the doc next week to find out his test results, these dizzy spells and falls are scary. DS is in Florida, and he was pleased that the car was still warm from the daytime sun when he got into it after work, it was cool there. Our weather is finally cooling down! But my tomatoes aren't red yet! Does anyone know if they'll ripen when its in the 50's to 60's at night? We still have 80's during the day! Started picking up little things for our cruise. The count down is down to 37 days! Woohoo!
  13. Baseball's on for now at my house....between that and the NFL my tv's all tied up!!
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