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  1. "Barcelona-Caasablanca-Madeira-Canaries-Malaga-Barcelona" Click here to view the cruise review
  2. Just got back. 'Twas a great cruise. http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Danube-diary.htm
  3. Whew! Thanks for your reply. I feel better all ready. I read a dozen "reviews" and they all said things like: "This morning we arrived in Passau ..." as though they had traveled all night. Nobody even mentioned the passing scene as the boat sailed down the river. Anyway, my diary will definitely mention the river's edge: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Danube-diary.htm P.S. I see y'all have a cruise comin' up on NCL Breakaway. We're looking forward to a Breakaway cruise...we had to cancel this one: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/S.Caribbean-cruise.htm
  4. We're on that Danube cruise in a week. Somebody said: "But aren't you traveling all night and stopped during the day?" OOPS! Never thought of that. I was looking forward to watching the world go by. So, here's my question: Do these River Cruises travel only by night? Many thanks for any responses.
  5. "Peter, you will absolutely love river cruising with Avalon and you’ve picked a fantastic first itinerary along the Danube! I’m sure you’ll be planning your next river cruise before your first one is even finished! :biggrin:" Heidi & I are already thinking Rhine
  6. Just got back yesterday: five days in Havana. T'was great!! Our diary is here: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Cuba_Diary.htm
  7. "Do you have any more cruises or travel booked?" Yes indeed: A Trip to Cuba in a couple of days: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Cuba-holiday.htm A Danube Cruise in July, 2013: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Danube.htm A cruise to Canary Islands etc. in October, 2013 (preceded by a few days in Barcelona): http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Barcelona-cruise.htm A cruise to Barbados in January, 2013: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/S.Caribbean-cruise.htm ... and (as a change of pace) in June, 2013: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Tally-Ho.htm Ain't retirement wunnerful? P.S. Did I mention "creeping senility"? Or, mebbe, faded mem'ry? NOW I remember: Everybuddy was asked to write why they should be picked to be a "story teller". I mentioned the thing about 'handsome couple', but that was ignored. Then I mentioned all them thar cruise diaries I done wrote ... and I reckon that did it.
  8. "By the way, how did you get the honor of being selected as a 'Story Teller'?" OOPS. Sorry, sunluva7, for the late response. (I blame it on creeping senility.) We never discovered the criteria for our being selected. However, I suspect it was because we were such a handsome couple. Well ... one of us, anyway.
  9. That's so funny!! When I last had a colonoscopy I was told that I would be groggy when it was done. They did give me a shot of something, but I watched the whole ritual on a wee TV. When it was over, the nurse asked if I needed help in getting back to the waiting room. I didn't, but said I did ... and I leaned heavily on her shoulder. I groaned with mock misery as we entered the waiting room. There were several people waiting their turn. They looked pale. Then I laughed and said it was a piece o' cake ... and watched them all smile with relief. P.S. My wife said i was being cruel.
  10. Aah, Holland America ... elegant and fun. Our most recent cruise was a partial Panama, described here: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/HAL-cruise.htm I reckon HAL may be an "older folk" line ... and that's us!
  11. Well shucks ... and I thought there weren't nothin bout River Cruises on CruiseCrazies. After more than a dozen "Ocean Cruises", we're looking forward to our (first) River Cruise http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Danube.htm
  12. ... when travel to Cuba is permitted (for U.S. citizens), this stuff may be of interest: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Cuba-holiday.htm It's got a gaggle of things that will interest us as we head to the island in a few days. P.S. We did enjoy our last trip (to attend a wedding): http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Melia-Wedding.htm
  13. With all the bad publicity, it's nice to read something positive. Thanks for posting.
  14. Just got back from a week on NCL's Pride of America Hawaii cruise. I got me a diary here: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Hawaii-diary/Hawaii-diary.htm
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