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  1. I love the flowery language and I actually agree that it is appropriate for ships to be bit for the modern era. It's certainly easier to create anew than to try and transform the old.
  2. It sure does add to the expense of those on a cruise. I'm one of those who believe they should be making what they need from their salaries. I can't afford all of those gratuities, which is why I tend to make use of buffets and things so that it's not as much of an issue.
  3. It really is the first one that has had be dancing around for a while. I cruise for other reasons, but themes like this are huge pluses in my book. My mind is envisioning all kinds of fun and activities.
  4. My image of Carnival is set in a certain way. I'm curious what the rest of you think about it as compared to other lines like Royal Caribbean and Princess et. al.
  5. A quick question for y'all. I've always thought of Carnival as the party cruise line. They tended to be great for college students or young couples because they were inexpensive and catered to the young crowd. Is this still their profile or have they changed any?
  6. This sounds very enticing. I've been Australia just once and it was way too short of a trip. What a neat way of combining two loves -- cruising and Oz.
  7. This is something I would love to see as well. It's a great connection, NASA and the cruising world. I love the space program; am so sorry to see it ending.
  8. Here's the deal, though. I couldn't even get mine on. I just never said anything and they didn't seem to care, so why even waste our time?
  9. I'm not into the 3D craze either. It might be fun for the occasional, but I'm not into the regular viewing of 3D. If I were cruising here, I'd probably go see it one time though as part of the experience.
  10. I am just a very cautious person. I don't know that I'd want to chance a cruise. I'd probably utilize a different one. I just am not that much of a risk taker.
  11. I love the name of Magic which seems to fit the Carnival line's image. It's all about the magic of cruising so I'm surprised no one else has used the name in the past, or have they?
  12. Personally, what's the point to having a legitimate drill if you don't go through the process of at least putting on the life jacket? Amazingly, we had to take them to the deck but not put them on. It seemed dumb then and it still seems dumb now.
  13. They are actually having a conga band for a party called "A Night At The Tropicana". Sounds like fun! How fun and unique! Just about everyone loves Lucy and this just creates a lot of fun opportunities. Thanks for sharing this; wish I had the money right now to participate.
  14. Sounds like some good enhancements. I am not really familiar with what has been done in the past but I am for anything that benefits cruise goers.
  15. I would just suggest researching the ship a bit in advance. The more you know going in, the easier it will be to find your way on the ship and know how she operates. It makes for less 'lost' time. :}
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