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  1. Rogue, that I agree with totally. I do read reviews but I always do so with caution and seek out a balance and look for commonalities.
  2. Thank you for the responses. I like having a mix on the cruises but have ended up on a couple that were weighed heavily on one end of the age spectrum, which wasn't as fun. I enjoy getting to know people of all ages and I'm not exactly a college kid anymore myself.
  3. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It makes me ponder postponing my next cruise but I'm not sure I want to do that. I miss the seas and the awesomeness of a cruise experience.
  4. I prefer ships with a lot of things to do on them. I haven't picked a destination and since I'm just starting have not reviewed where RC sails. I want to stay away from the pirates <G>. Perhaps something down under or Caribbean in nature. I'm actually open to suggestions.
  5. I had no knowledge of this but I wouldn't want to stay in one except for visiting another passenger. They have portholes? Does that mean you are staring out at ocean (beneath the surface)?
  6. Unfortunately, these muster drills are often like a stewardess' pre-flight safety announcement -- they are ignored. We have too much of a sense that nothing will ever happen to us. I recall in a recent plane mishap that one passenger actually admitted to having not listened and then regretting that decision later.
  7. This is something I would definitely make a part of my itinerary. It's American history and worth a visit.
  8. I'm investigating different cruise lines that I might want to make my next cruise with. I want it to be a really good one, and I want to be pampered as I cruise. I have never thought of Carnival in this regard. I'd like to know if my perception of this line is wrong and if they are worth a closer look at. What do you think?
  9. In your experience, does Royal Caribbean cater to a certain group of cruisers? Is there a typical age range or class of passenger, or do they tend to have a good mix of everyone?
  10. I am investigating whether or not I want to commit to taking a cruise with this company. Part of my research is their customer service. Have you ever had issues with your RC cruises? How is it dealing with the cruiseline when problems occur?
  11. In my welcome message I noted that I haven't been cruising for quite a while but am now on the early stages of preparing for a cruise. I want some new experiences. I'm considering Royal Caribbean as I've never traveled with them before. I like a ship with comfort. I want to be pampered. Is there an RC ship that you think does a really good job of this? Which is your favorite in this regard?
  12. Greetings fellow cruisers. I am known as Panda because I love panda bears. They are simply adorable. My second love is cruising which I like to do as much as possible though the economy has meant I haven't done much of that in recent years. I am planning for the future and seeking out my next great cruise which is part of the reason I've signed up. Sail on!
  13. Hey Panda, Welcome aboard! =)

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