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  1. Oh great! Thank you so much for the good report, I appreciate it. The New England/Canada cruise in October is on one of their newer Mega ships and it looks very beautiful. thanks again! cruzngene
  2. Yes, the first one in June is RT from Miami and the second one in October is RT from New York.
  3. Thanks guys for the input. Now I’m nervous we’ve made a mistake, oh no. Well, guess we’ll give it a try and go from there. I will defiantly make a post bad or good when I get back.
  4. Oh thanks for your interest. I will defiantly make a post about my experience on here about the MSC cruise line,
  5. Sailing on MSC Cruises, my first experience with that cruise line.  Can anyone give me any feedback?

  6. I have two cruises planned on MSC cruise lines this year, one in June and one in October. This will be my 12th and 13th Cruise. This will be my first time to cruise on this cruise line, I would welcome any members comments pro or con of previous experience with this cruise line. I’m excited about experiencing a new cruise line snd at the same time a little nervous.
  7. I'm taking a large group on this cruise (Carnival Legend, Aug. 4) and I'm not exactly happy with the shore excursions that Carnival has to offer in Victoria. Buchart Gardens is awesome (as I've done that) but it takes the entire time and you really don't get to experience the city life of Victoria. Does anyone have any ideas? They use to offer a tour and evening tea at the Empress Hotel but I don't see it offered anymore. Help! Cruzingene51
  8. Myself and 59 other people in my Group. We're on the Aug.4th departure. This will be my 3rd time to cruise Alaska and my 2nd Group to Alaska. I love being a Group Cruise Planner and taking care of all the details, people don't like to do or don't know how to do. I especially love taking care of first time cruisers and helping them with all the details. Yes, it takes a lot of time and expense, but I enjoy every minuet of it and don't begrudge a penny of it. this is my 4th Group Cruise and my largest. I started booking last September and the roll just kept growing, having booked 29 rooms, all balconies, except one and one Ocean Suite. The Group is always very nice to me and I make a lot of new friends and have repeat customers. Of course I get taking care of by the Cruise Line, the Airline and usually the Hotel. We're staying in the Mayflower Park Hotel in downtown seattle for our pre-cruise Hotel stay. We've stayed here before and its a lovely Hotel. I would love to meet some more CruiseCrazies onboard. I'll wear my pin and have my sign on the door, so look me up. Most of my cabins are on deck 6. Hope to hear form someone. Cruzingene51
  9. Next Cruise: Alaska Inside Passage r/t from Seattle Date: Aug. 3-11, 2015 Cruise Line/Ship: Carnival Legend Excited about going back to Alaska, this will be my 9th cruise and my third time to Alaska.
  10. Im doing a group cruise to Alaska, Aug. 3, 2015. Round Trip from Seattle, Inside Passage. on the Carnival Legend. I'm the organizer of the group. This will be my 4th group I've organized and the biggest. I had several asking about going back to Alaska so I put a group together hoping I would get the min. of 8 cabins booked. To my surprise I have 27 cabins booked, all balcony except for one inside cabin and one Ocean Suite. I'm doing a Cruise Countdown Party for a meet and greet and going over details for all my cruisers. I have so much fun doing this and I'm begining to get a following. I book the pre-cruise hotel, arrange all the transfers and book most all the airfare. If any members are planning to be on this cruise, let me know I would love to meet you. I'll be telling my group about CruizeCrazies and hopefully get some new members. I tell them that cruising is dangerous to your health.....because its additicting. I'm working 2 more years and then I'll hope to have at least one group cruise a year.
  11. Bon Voyage! Hope you have a wonderful cruise. Cruizngene51
  12. "Awesome Cruise" Click here to view the cruise review
  13. Hello all my fellow cruisers, My friend Bill and I just returned from a cruise on the Allure. I just wanted to experience that large ship. It is a mammoth ship, twice as large as most of the mega ships on the sea. My favorite feature was Central Park, such a nice place to go sit and relax and people watch or just hang out. It seemed like there was less people there than anywhere else on the ship. The Boardwalk and the Promnade was also awesome. This ship truly has some unique features you don't see on all the other ships. We found the food to be great, we ate most all our meals either in the Dining room or at the Windjammer on Lido Deck. We choose not to eat at the other optional venues as they were so expensive. All of the entertainment was great except the broadway musical "Chicago" we found it to be disgusting because of all the foul language. Our favorite was the water show "Ocean Aria", next was "Blue Planet and then the Ice Games. All the shore excursions were nice but average. My one bad experience was pre-purchasing the "photo book" I ended up with a book with multiple repeats of pictures. You are suppose to be able to go to the kiosk and choose your pictures for each page but thaey only give you limited pictures to choose from. As a result I ended up replacing half of the pictures when I got home. Embarkation and Debarkation was very organized and went smooth, especially for such a large ship. After returning to Ft.Laudredale we took a shore excursion to see all the Million dollar mansions on the sea channels...that was amazing and I never knew such exisited. I would recommend you try it if you like big ships..it truly was amazing.
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