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  1. I removed damaged stripes yesterday

  2. First shoveling done took off bout 3 inches or so waiting to refill the drive way

  3. That was a tough last hour. My sleep kept getting interrupted by my driving at 65 miles an hour to work... hehe

  4. How are you gonna make a difference today?

  5. OK, so got home tonight from dinner and noticed some water around the base of the toilet anyone know any handy man that wont rake you over the coals with prices and can do it soon?

  6. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I've been learning an intersting lesson over the last few years. That life here on earth isnt forever and I will be 42 only once. I won't get a second try, I'm trying to learn to enjoy life now instead of always waiting for the next "thing" to come my way. I also found out that friendship doesnt always mean the same thing to all people. Some friends are for a season, some friends are for life but its still a suprise to find out who they really are and...

  7. Tough start to the weekend but it can only get better from here... right? got to work this morning found out 2 of my bosses are being reassigned. Got off work this morning and walked out to a flat tire, looks like I ran over a large screw probably from the construction on 64/40 for the 2nd time in a matter of a few weeks 2 differnt tires now plugged. Finally got home and decided to mow the grass only to find the mowers battery is dead and now must charge for a couple hours. Time for a break t...

  8. Maybe I don't really understand some things, but does business really have to exist without a thought of humanity?

  9. good news this morning!!! missed my warranty by 5000 miles now the control arms need replaced 200$ and a evaporator sensor went out last week said it would be 400$ to replace. Sometimes there just isnt a way to win!!! YAY!!!

  10. HomeownershipLast year new roof = 3000This year foundation crack = 4000Finding out you airconditioning is not working a 9PM at night before a 100+ degree day = PRICELESS

  11. We're going down, downIn an earlier roundAnd sugar, we're going down swingingI'll be your number one with a bullet

  12. Wow start of a wonderful day glad its almost the weekend

  13. I'm so glad I live in the United States where anyone can spew their personal beliefs across a page and call it truth. Let freedom ring!!!

  14. Going to see avengers at 1pm today Imax 3D... Hope I can handle that screen

  15. for those who always think quicktrip has the cheapest gas, in bethalto 408 a gallon a couple miles down the road in woodriver shop n save 397 a gallon... Boo quicktrip

  16. so, groundhog day, he saw his shadow today. So what exactly does that supposed to mean?

    1. Dutchman


      6 more weeks of winter. Just makes you want to go on a cruise in the next 6 weeks

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