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  1. Deb and Jerry i just learned that the Home-Rid stuff just went on amazon.. they sent me an email.. i guess they are really trying to get it out there
  2. Kinda on the fence about the whole travel insurance issue. On one hand I feel like i wouldnt need it but as soon as I think that I know with my luck something will happen... Would like to hear some opinions of what you guys think of insurance when going on a cruise!
  3. I havent found a store that carries it but they seem to ship pretty readily.... it is anti viral too ColoradoCruisers... I really do think it works and my hands arent dried out so its slowly but surely making me a firm believer.
  4. I have thought of an Alaskan cruise recently.... I think that might be the way I go next time.... I used to live in Baltimore and the Chesepeake is gorgeous I might look into that one too... I figured every cruise doesnt have to be a caribbean one?!?
  5. My Aunt is a very avid cruise taker and I am trying to follow in her footsteps.... She swears by this one hand sanitizer called Home-Rid Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer. Apparently this sanitizer lasts for up to 24 hours and still allows you to wash your hands regularly without interupting your protection.. (by the way my family is a group of germophobes sprinkled with some hypochondriacs ) I have a cruise to the bahamas coming up so I went look on their website (www.home-rid.com) and ordered not only the hand sanitizer but also they have a long lasting sanitizing spray that I plan to spray my my room down with when I get there. Seems like the best hand sanitizer I can find out there yet!!!!! Let me know what you guys think
  6. is there a cruise to Fiji that anyone has taken?
  7. How many ships in the past year have contracted Norovirus? Its starting to worry me?
  8. My name is Sarah... I am trying to work my way to an avid cruise taker like some of you! I have only been on 3 cruises out of South U.S. ports but I wanna expand and try all different types of cruises. Open to any suggestions!
  9. Seems like genuine people on here with good advice... especially for a cruise lover like me..
  10. Would ya'll stop going on these particular cruises after these disasters?...... I feel like the cruise industry has been taking some hits but I'm now getting a little weary of them
  11. Hey SPark524, welcome aboard! :)

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