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  1. We've sailed on the Oasis twice. It's not likely that the early seating will open up before your embark. However, as soon as you board go straight to the dining room and talk with the Maitre 'D about getting switched to the early seating. He will work with you and try to get you switched. But it can be a busy time, so make that your first stop if you truly want to be seated at the early seating.
  2. If they feel the need to charge, why not charge for some items and not others, like an a-la-carte menu. Leave the "continental" breakfast (pastries, cereals, juices, coffee, tea, etc.) at no charge and charge for other items (pancakes, omelets, etc.). That would give everybody a choice to still have room service, but have options available.
  3. I don't have an issue with late night fees for room service. But just having breakfast in our room before going into port has been a convenience and a treat for us. Now, even that seems to be going away. Why pay for room service when I can go to the buffet for free? But it definitely will lower my "experience" that I'm used to. Cruise ships are starting to charge for every little thing anymore, that it's staring to not make sense to cruise. It used to be a way of doing a cost effective vacation. Now you get huge surprises on your bill because they charge for everything, a lot of which they never used to charge for. Makes cruising not nearly as attractive as it used to be. (My thoughts, don't attack me for them!)
  4. Personally, I think if it goes against cruise line policy, then it's wrong. If your kids were "sneaking" things they shouldn't, wouldn't you get angry with them? What's the difference? As adults, I think we need to be setting better examples for our kids. If you don't want to pay the high alcohol prices on board, don't drink. And yes, I do enjoy my alcoholic beverages, just not if I have to "sneak" them on board.
  5. This may not mean much to a lot of people, but to us it was amazing. My husband and I took a cruise on the Oasis of the Seas in 2011 to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. When we were talking with our room steward, he asked if this was our first cruise (it wasn't) and we told him no, we wanted to go on the Oasis to celebrate our anniversary. When we got back to the room the next time, there was a bottle of champagne on ice and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us with a card wishing us a happy anniversary, signed by the asst. manager of customer service (or a title similar to that, don't remember exactly). This was the first time we had gotten away in 19 years (we take care of my elderly parents who live with us)! What a treat for us to have someone think of us for a change!
  6. My first cruise was in 2004 in he Monarch if the Seas. My 3 siblings and I took my parents on their first cruise, too. It was just the 6 in my original family, no spouses or kids allowed! It was the first time the 6 of us had been together in over 20 years! The weather wasn't the greatest, but we had a great time playing Family Feud (we won!) and being silly. A little while later my mom passed away. But she was remembering that cruise in her final days.
  7. Great idea. We are going on the Oasis of the Seas in November. I've got an Arizona Highways magazine sitting on my coffee table that has some beautiful photos. I hated to toss it because the photos are so pretty and show the diversity of our state and this is a perfect way to use it. I think I'll have to take that along with me! We always budget extra to be able to tip extra to those who really go above and beyond for us.
  8. It takes us years to save for a cruise. So wants to waste time sleeping??
  9. We're sailing on the Oasis again in November! Yay!
  10. We just got spinners. Sometimes we use them on 2 wheels, other times on four. Just depends. Make sure you light weight ones, though!
  11. Staying hydrated (with water, not booze!) helps. Also, my brother swears by the Sea Band. Staying in a cabin in a lower deck, mid-ship is a good place for those prone to seasickness.
  12. It's a shame people don't choose to not be rude on their own. I have never been able to get a deck chair because they always have people's belongings on them. Even on port days when few people are on the ship, the deck chairs are "saved". Hope this works.
  13. We don't use the specialty restaurants, so it wouldn't make any difference to us. We're not huge foodies like a lot of people, so the main dining rooms are fine for us.
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