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  1. Good morning, One more week of work and we're off to the Cape Cod beach houses for a week of fun with the family. We finally got the third canceled cottage rented to friends of Kristin's, and since they have kids close in age to Will and Alex, their won't be a dull moment! Sadly, I've made the decision to cancel my Viking River cruise in October. My boss has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be undergoing radiation about that time. He's been good to me these last 20 years, giving me lots of flexibility, and I simply can't leave him in the lurch while I fly off to Europe. My first river cruise will have to wait. 26 days, Miranda - can you believe it? According to the Ocean Ready app, my medallions haven't shipped yet, but it should be very soon.😄 Off to get a haircut and see what the day brings. Have a great weekend!
  2. I hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July! We met the grandkids and their mom and dad at our local parade in the town where I grew up. It was a lot of fun watching the kids scramble for the candy being thrown from the passing floats and try to run from the water guns shooting in our direction along their way. We spent Saturday and Sunday in the Berkshires - Lenox, Mass., to be more precise, at Tanglewood, which you may know is the summer home of the Boston Pops. The Sunday afternoon concert featured John Williams’ famous movie scores, and the man himself conducted the second half. It was fabulous hearing the favorites - Star Wars, Raiders, ET, Close Encounters, and some pieces he wrote for other TV and movies I wasn’t aware of. We couldn’t have asked for a better day - the location and weather were perfect, for those sitting inside the “shed” and those enjoying their picnics out on the lawn. Today I’m back to work trying to catch up on emails and messages. In less than two weeks we’ll be enjoying a week on Cape Cod with the family. Then, another week and a half until the Canada cruise! Andi - I’m glad you were able to get the Ocean Ready thing working. David was able to log in on his phone, as well, and all the info I put in magically showed up. In fact, he went in and booked a couples massage for the afternoon we’re in Charlottetown, after the lighthouse tour.😀 Ray - Enjoy all that spare time, and don’t try to fill it with more stuff, like my husband does. I have faith that some of your Viking friends will come around. After all, who could pass up a Viking ocean cruise with this fun loving bunch! 2022? I’m still paying for 2019! Miranda - My condolences on your team’s loss. I didn’t watch a single game and didn’t follow it all, but I did note the final score. David was more invested in the game than I was, so you and he can re-hash some of the finer moments of the competition. Back to work!
  3. Hi Everyone, Let the countdown begin! I don’t mean the cruise countdown. I mean I’m counting down to the time when grandson, Alex goes home to his parents who will be returning from Aruba tomorrow night. I love the kid, and it’s been a lot of fun, but I’m exhausted.? Andi - I have both of us registered on Ocean Ready. He’s been unable to log on to his, so I don’t know what’s up with that. He should be able to have his own. Miranda - I hope the heat over there has diminished. I’m glad we’re not traveling to Europe right now! With the grandkid here, our upstairs AC is doing overtime. Can’t wait to see THAT power bill!? Ray - now is a great time for those newfound Viking friends of yours to book our Mediterranean cruise with their Explorer sale going on through July 31. Hope they come along with us! Gotta get this kid to bed. Have a great night!
  4. That’s an awesome upgrade for these lucky guests.?
  5. Welcome to CruiseCrazies, Joynoyd! As a new member, please jump in and tell us about yourself, your cruise history, where you’re going next, or if you’re planning your first-ever cruise. We are a small but friendly community, and we invite feedback, questions and conversation! 

  6. Welcome to CruiseCrazies, jebcruiser! As a new member, please jump in and tell us about yourself, your cruise history, where you’re going next, or if you’re planning your first-ever cruise. We are a small but friendly community, and we invite feedback, questions and conversation! ???

  7. Jan115

    Welcome to CruiseCrazies, Eue! As a new member, please jump in and tell us about yourself, your cruise history, where you’re going next, or if you’re planning your first-ever cruise. We are a small but friendly community, and we invite feedback, questions and conversation! ???

  8. Welcome! I know there are some fellow Carnival fans here, so hopefully some of them will join you. ?
  9. Thanks for posting your review of the Getaway, Eue. I agree, Margaritaville was never crowded and we found it to be a great experience for breakfast. I think because of its remote location, many people didn’t think about going there, which was fine by me! ? I was surprised to hear about the bad service in the Haven. I’ve never booked a Haven Suite before, but have heard that the Haven suites on the Epic are the best in the fleet. i, too, heard that NCL was eliminating towel animals, but one appeared in our cabin every night without asking. Maybe it depends on the ship. I hope you brought up your Haven issues with your travel agent, who will know the right people to contact to voice your concerns.?
  10. Welcome to CruiseCrazies, Carla! As a recent new member, please jump in and tell us about yourself, your cruise history, where you’re going next, or if you’re planning your first-ever cruise. We are a small but friendly community, and we invite feedback, questions and conversation! ???


  11. A few of us Crazies are booked together on Viking Sea in May 2021, Empires of the Mediterranean, the Athens to Venice route. If you’ve been thinking about trying Viking Ocean for yourself, why not come with us and join in the fun. The more, the better ... with enough cabins, we can get additional discounting and amenities. For more information on all that’s included in a Viking cruise, and itinerary details, visit: https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/cruise-destinations/eastern-mediterranean/empires-mediterranean/?agentUrlid=7seajourneys Message me for pricing. ??
  12. Ahoy! A few of us Crazies have booked the Empires of the Mediterranean cruise, an exciting 10-day itinerary with Viking Ocean, May 28, 2021, departing from Athens, cruising to Venice. We’d love for more folks to join us so that we can receive further discounting and added amenities. If you’ve been longing try Viking Ocean, then this is a great opportunity to cruise with friends, new and old. To view the cruise itinerary and learn more about all the amenities included in a Viking cruise, visit: Viking Ocean Empires of the Mediterranean Contact me for a price today!
  13. Congrats on your first cruise. You will love the Dawn. ? We did Bermuda last summer from Boston. Check out my review and let us know if you need first time cruise tips.
  14. Good Sunday Morning! I'm glad to see the few remaining of us CruiseCrazies still holding the Dock together. I wish I could say as much about the rest of the site. My wish is to have some of the new people just joining AND people we haven't seen around in a while start posting - not only here on the Dock, but in the other forums as well, to get some conversation going. I don't know how much longer Jason will hang around here, and I hate to see the last of us out on the street!? Miranda - You'll definitely recognize me - not much as changed, only 2 sizes down. David, on the other hand, is noticeably smaller, like he lost a whole person.? Stay cool during your heat wave. The sun just came out for us after days and days of rain and humidity, forcing us to turn the A/C on to dry out the house. Today is perfect, mid-70's and dry air. Andi - I hope the knee shots help so you can dance, walk, run and otherwise enjoy our cruise. My right knee (the non-robotic one) has been giving me some trouble - not enough to send me to the orthopedist, but the joint does stiffen up at night. David, too. As he continues to train and the weight comes off, the knees are bothering him. Being the stubborn man he is, he's just chalking it up to arthritis and living with it, not taking any of my expert advice. Ray - I loved reading about your adventures in China. With your busy, hectic daily schedule, I can't see how you possibly would need to "get back in shape".? I hope you get your syncing issue fixed at the Apple store. Relying on the iCloud, I haven't actually connected my phone to the computer in a very long time. We've got Alex coming Tuesday night and staying with us until the following Tuesday, while his parents enjoy a well-deserved escape to Aruba. His little brother is going off to the other grandparents, so none of us will be overburdened. I've cut back my hours for the next week so that we can keep him properly entertained. Speaking of burdens, I'm still looking for a roomie for my Viking River cruise now that Jennifer has canceled. If anyone is interested, I'll make you a good deal! Otherwise, I'm on the fence about canceling. I'm finding the single supplement to be a huge weight on my checkbook. Enjoy the day everyone!
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