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  1. Buenos dias from Costa Maya, Mexico. Been here before, and because the port is just an extension of the ship, and we have no excursion planned, we’re enjoying the Breakaway Waves Pool with a quarter of the crowd. David and I were discussing the group cruise for 2020, and we have chosen the Celebrity Reflection 11-day Ireland-Iceland round trip from Dublin including an overnight in Reykjavik, departing July 6, 2020. The dates are perfect for us, and we’ve been wanting to get to Iceland for some time. I hope this works for you, Andi and Miranda. Here’s the itinerary: https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-details/11-night-iceland-and-irish-sea-cruise-from-dublin-ireland?packageID=RF11U055&sDT=2020-07-06&cCD=CO I removed the poll I started about interest in a Crazies group cruise because there’s just not enough of an audience interested in replying. I’ve been posting photos on Facebook - personal page, Seven Sea Journeys Page and group “Simply Cruising”, as well as Instagram, so follow me there. Back to my drinking and reading. Will write a review when I return.🙂🛳
  2. Well, I am off for the week. We fly out early this afternoon and sail tomorrow on the Breakaway. We're looking forward to warm air and sunshine, and I'll try and post LIVE when I can. In the meantime, I posted up a POLL in the cruise discussion forum to include ALL our members in our 2020 group cruise planning. I don't want to feel like I'm choosing the cruise based on my own availability and want to plan something that works for everyone. I also want to see if we have enough interest to make a group cruise possible. Be back in 8 days. Have a great week! Jan
  3. Thanks, Andi! We fly to FLL tomorrow and then board the ship in Miami on Sunday. Can’t wait!😁
  4. So busy that I started a post over the weekend and never finished it. Trying to get some loose ends tied up before leaving on the Breakaway this weekend. Our weather was warm and spring-like last weekend, and I took advantage of it by walking around the neighborhood. It’s now cold and brisk again, so looking forward to some tropical sun! David and I just celebrated our one year anniversary with our personal trainer. I am officially down 25 pounds, not quite where I was hoping to be, but it’s not only about the weight, but also about toning muscle and gaining strength. And that’s my biggest takeaway from all the hard work. More importantly, David has lost 95 pounds, and I’m so proud of what he’s accomplished and admire his motivation. We’ve planned a Mexican Riviera cruise for next March from L.A., another casino “gift” for my husband’s fondness for the slots. Funny, though, how we’re still getting these cruise certificates - he hardly ever goes there anymore. With our Southwest points, it’s a cheap vacation.🙂 With a cruise in March now, I am looking at summer for our group cruise. Andi, is one part of summer better than another? We were looking at either a Princess Baltic, British Isles, or that Celebrity Reflection Ireland/Iceland cruise with Dublin. I also saw a Spain and Portugal itinerary with an overnight in Lisbon that my husband loves. It’s on Anthem of the Seas, not my first pick, but willing to try it. Time for afternoon java.
  5. I definitely would have dozed off. 😴 Don’t people consider the guests’ comfort and enjoyment when planning weddings? I saw your photos and videos on Facebook. It looked like a beautiful wedding, otherwise.
  6. Book through the “Days of Summer Cruise” website.
  7. Yes, there seems to be something amiss here. According to another story I read, she had traveled from home with 3 pieces of luggage. She brought two of them to the Caymans. According to her, she intended to leave the third bag in the states, but somehow the bag went missing. She inquired as to it’s whereabouts, and the airline informed her that since they knew she was headed for a cruise ship in Grand Cayman, they sent it directly there. Doesn’t the airline scan luggage before sending it to an international destination? Whole thing sounds fishy to me.
  8. We're looking forward to it. We're on a tight budget, so we'll be cruising with the other poor folk in an interior, though I just might take advantage of one of those Upgrade Advantage bidding offers this time if one comes my way. 😀
  9. First time cruising from the west coast!
  10. I leaped for joy when I read your post, Shari.❤️ Praying for your continued progress. Remember, one baby step at a time!
  11. I’ve been super crazy busy lately and sad that I haven’t had much time to plan my own cruise itineraries. It was billing week at the office, and today we’re going to pick up yet another free NCL casino cruise certificate, get our taxes done (OUCH!) and meet friends for dinner later. Miranda - Hopefully, we can all agree on a ship and itinerary for 2020. David agreed - no matter how much I try to explain the benefits of Viking Ocean, he just won’t have any of it. The Sky’s engine failure and the ship’s rolling around in an ocean storm didn’t help my case.😕 Andi - I hope to take a few minutes to read your review later - thanks for posting. In fact, I did see that you booked excursions and maybe will join you on a couple once I take a look more closely. I checked my usual excursion suppliers to see if we had a zodiac tour in Saguenay, but nothing for that port at all. You might try an independent tour - check Trip Advisor - to see if there is a local company that can accommodate and promise you won’t miss the ship. In my experience, I can usually find something when all else fails. My husband’s fondness for casinos has gotten a few hundred $$$ on the Princess cruise with a flyer he got in the mail. I said, what the heck, let me go in, type CASINO in the promo box and see what happens. Instant discount is what happened. Yahoo! 😄 Gotta run - have a great day!
  12. Good luck with the ENT, Jackie, and I hope he finds a cure! The pharmacy flush kit did nothing for me either.😕
  13. Check out RomeinLimo dot com and RomeCabs dot com. I think both will pick you up at the ship and take you and a luggage on a tour and drop you off at your accommodations.🛳
  14. There was a time when all I did was cruise April break, February break and summer vacation. Fortunately, our window of opportunity has expanded to a couple of non-school vaca weeks. But when forced to vacation during busy school breaks, we soon learned how to enjoy ourselves and avoid the madness by working around the crowds - booking a balcony so we could retreat to a quiet place when things got crazy; make use of the adult-only places; ordering a lot of room service; getting up and out early before the sun to enjoy the ship while everyone else was still asleep; and getting away from the crazy port areas to off-the-beaten path place. The kids clubs were never an issue, because our kids were never interested in them. Of course, we couldn't avoid the craziness all the time, i.e. clubs, shows, etc., but we tried to make the best of it.
  15. Andi - Welcome back! Im glad you enjoyed the cruise despite the invasion of kids. I am expecting The same for our cruise in 3 weeks on the Breakaway with the other spring break week of April 14. We’ve already decided we’ll spend a good amount of time on board while everyone is off the ship. What excursion are you looking at that is waitlisted? I can probably find the same or similar with another guide. Let me know or send me an email.
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