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  1. So I'm looking into possibly going on a Crystal Cruise. A friend of mien told me that they're quite good at having specialist talks on their cruises. They've apparently recently announced that they'll have some kind of jazz thing going on, and have some talks by former Generals and FBI profilers ( does the name Clint Van Zant means anything to anyone? Googled him and he seems important but I'd not heard of him until now). Was hoping you fine folks would be able to give me a point of view on Crystal and there entertainment. Would hate to book something and then be bored silly listening to a dull man go on about flowers or something else equally monotonous.
  2. This is quite pleasant in my opinion. It's good to see the cruising industry giving back to the communities they're linked to, and I think we need to try and let people know about this sort of stuff more. especially as I keep on finding stories like this as well, which aren't as good publicity for cruising ( and is quite frankly sickening if the cruise Lines are directly trying to influence laws to hide bad stories and the truth about crime rates).
  3. Watch the prices go up for net access after they install this...
  4. To keep myself entertained when I'm at work and things are slow and quite dull = ) Plus people here are quite nice.
  5. Good to hear they're taking cruise safety so seriously. needs to be at the forefront of the industry since Concordia went down.
  6. Apparently the Crystal symphony was in for the last part of it's re-fit. Am I the only one who thinks that those seats in the theatre make it look like a grave yard with just lines of tombstones?
  7. Europe would be the better cruise for me. If you're doing the Med, you'll get good weather AND some of the best cultural and historical places in the world. Plus There's more of a rnage of thigns to experience so you get more bang for your buck in my view.
  8. Surely all of the Caribbean is Exotic? It is to me at any rate *looks outside at the rainy weather*
  9. That one about the car dealership is brilliant.
  10. I'd noticed there's been some drops in the price of gas. It tends to be the way of things that good news doesn't get reported as it doesn't sell as well or provide as much room for discussion.
  11. Brilliant Ports and a brilliant cruise line by all accounts!
  12. The first point is by far the most important thing to remember. People need to make sure they check out as many reviews as possible. Websites like Cruise crazies, and other sites which review cruises are essential. Likewise asking questions on forums is essential!
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