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  1. Calling cards are a courteous idea, but you will probably not have access to the idealized cards each individual nationality prefers. Certain brands give X more minutes to Indonesia compared to Philippines, etc. Such cards are purchased at crew stores in the bowels of dark seedy ports or, most likely, from a dealer below the waterline. You can't compete with anything readily available in the States. Great thinking, though!

  2. Hi DebbieandJerry, small gifts from Arizona are kind, assuming they are small. You simply cannot imagine how difficult it is for crew members to get all their stuff back home after a contract. Living in a suitcase, indeed, and one you have to pay to fly home with. True, crew frequently have a seaman's book that gives them a bump in weight allowance on flights, but many, if not most, do not. In short, whatever you care to give should be small indeed. I know a lot of crew members who are partial to refrigerator magnets or shot glasses. Arizona is exotic, from an ocean-goer's perspective especially… 'cuz there's no cruise ship terminal!

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