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  1. I am sure that most sane folks are a little more attentive at the "Safety" Briefing (read in case the ship sinks drill). It is nice that one no longer has to haul a big Life Jacket around tripping over the trailing straps as they get tangled up in a mobility scooter axle. Some ships no longer make you line up next to the life boat, instead you can memorize everything from the comfort of a chair as you sip you favorite libation. This of course is the civilized way to conduct these very important activities. Should you find that you must attend the drill at the life boats, always plan on being fashionably late. It is much easier to endure this (what seems like 2 hour long) brief from the front of the line than squashed up next to some sweaty person holding a screaming kid whose diaper needs changed at the end of the line.
  2. I got suckered into 'upgrading' to an Ocean View Suite on our Carnival Spirit 12 day Vancouver - Hawaii cruise in 2010. We were originally in a Balcony Cabin and were offered an 'upgrade' for only $1300. Sport that I am I went for it. The Room and Balcony are a little larger than your standard balcony room. But to me it really was not worth the extra $1300 I popped of it. My advice is think carefully before you jump. It is a good thing I am a big spender! :-)
  3. I do not remember seeing that on the Magic in November. Carnival or Players INtl. has really changed up the Casino Operation. I think the russians have taken over. They no longer give perks, are rude, and act as though they are doing you a favor giving them your money. Prior to this cruise Players Intl had always been very generous with my wife who is a does in fact run a lot of $$ thru those machines. On the Magic this Russian guy (Manager) was downright nasty. It was not just us we talked to others and they too felt the same. I heard from friends they found the same attitude on another Carnival Ship, which tells me it is fleet wide. Carnival is really going downhill fast. PS: I am in fact a snobby Platinum Crusier :)
  4. Thought I had heard from x that these had been banned. Good I am glad to see they have not been.
  5. Thanks for the nice hellos everyone! That is a Grob Sailplane in the picture. I would go ridge soaring on Ohau sometimes on layovers.
  6. Hello to everyone. I am a newbie here so I thought I would say hello. My name is Chuck but I have been called a variety of other names. (Especially on "that other site"). I am not exactly new to cruising but realize there are others out there who have a lot of experience they can share. I tried to post my photo in the profile..but for some reason it isn't posting. Best regards, Cap aka Chuck aka..............
  7. "Progresso and Cozumel" Click here to view the cruise review
  8. Hi I am an newbie to this site, but do have some experience. One good thing about these cruise sites are they let people traveling on the same ship meet. One problem with "that other site" and their roll calls is there are many self centered people who take over and have all of the answers. This is good in a way because it tells you who you do NOT want to know. A good way to meet fellow floaters on a particular cruise is make a Face Book page. This allows people to meet and interact long before the boat ever leaves the port. On our last trans atlantic cruise we ended up with group of 21 others and we all became friends after having conversed on Face Book for over a year before hand. It was really nice to have someone on the ship who you felt you knew. Or you can be Daddy Warbucks like I was one year and take all the kids and their spouses and significant others. That is great fun too if you have a suit case full of money.
  9. You will enjoy the Conquest. We have sailed on her several times both out of New Orleans and Galveston when she was based there. Remember to visit the Sea Food Restaurant upstairs. They have very good Cerviche and other delights de mar.
  10. So Zebra...did they give you any compensation or just leave you standing on the Dock as it were? I suspect the cruise lines can do just about anything and it is covered in the fine print. All of these Cruise lines operate under Foreign Flags of Covenience but collect US Dollars and there is really if any oversight.
  11. Hey capndinghy, welcome aboard! :)

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