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  1. I entered a giveaway for a chance to win "Car Jump Starter RAVPower 300A Peak Current (fo..." by RAVPower. https://t.co/jYHxSuAOuE #giveaway

  2. My best score is 287850. https://t.co/w8coRfEin5

  3. My best score is 353870. https://t.co/w8coRfVTLF

  4. Use my link to get $5 for signing into the Amazon App the first time: https://t.co/SXiEB1X5Qt

  5. I just beat level 15 in Dirty Birdy. Go get the game if you think you can beat me! #dirtybirdy #rhymetime https://t.co/YwNGM0VmpT

  6. Do you wear makeup? Join me at @ipsy https://t.co/Z4hSajRSn5

  7. Check out @GCloudAndroid. Never worry about losing your #Android device up to 10 GB Free to backup https://t.co/dAoVEBErcr

  8. So ready to be in the Caribbean. .. 6 days and 11 hrs and counting! !!

  9. 11 days and counting !!! So ready to start my vacation !!! #carivalmagic

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