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  1. https://t.co/UGK8mqWfAc

  2. Well, what do you all think? https://t.co/mzXOtphByu

  3. Do you ever return from a trip and wish you could eat food that you had on the trip? I always do when I return... https://t.co/upWmpV9sYH

  4. Yes please. https://t.co/JCriDT3uhz

  5. This seems to be good news for some of us in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. #airtravel... https://t.co/K1ArMcpz9X

  6. https://t.co/Mdtc85oBdT

  7. In honor of Spring break, our Sunday Destination Spotlight is on one of the most popular spring break destination... https://t.co/vYNbZwWRzu

  8. Planning on a #Disney trip? A lot of good information here from fellow agents. Contact us today if you are... https://t.co/UBIS7OKGUs

  9. Sunday Destination Spotlight is on Antigua and Barbuda, a favorite destination of many cruisers. https://t.co/5aT4f6B4Qf

  10. Sunday Destination Spotlight: Montego Bay, Jamaica! Jamaica sometimes gets a bad rap but it really is a... https://t.co/Cg3KRmILjS

  11. Sail away Sunday on the Port Everglades webcam. https://t.co/92Q1VXW5CJ https://t.co/9lbBlalJGE

  12. Now is the time to plan your family cruise. https://t.co/VOtQjgpiH3

  13. I love seeing these sights mid winter. https://t.co/6TXIAUzsJg

  14. Everyone has their own little packing quirks. What are some of your packing tips you use every time you #travel?... https://t.co/Cz82ico5DZ

  15. I need sleep but I can't seem to stop watching #ElectionNight coverage

  16. @MiddleSeatView This storm is scary compared to others in the last few years.

  17. @MiddleSeatView airlines were easy. The bride whose wedding was just crashed...not so much.

  18. @MiddleSeatView Thanks Christina!!!

  19. What will the nightlife be like on the new Royal Princess #Cruise #Travel http://t.co/Zybqb1fV60

  20. ##Winning our #Hawaii Pin It to Win It contest gets you a $100 gift cert. for your next trip. http://t.co/0gSjbzlnek #Travel

  21. Todays #FantasyFriday question and a nice Bora Bora picture http://t.co/ss3KSqiWXK

  22. The iPhone app isn't much better. RT @LiliButterfly: Dear FB app for iPad: YOU SUCK! Pffffffffft.

  23. Our theme is #Hawaii in our "Pin It to Win It" contest. Visit http://t.co/I0HPJC34Ow http://t.co/xUqMnC730j

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