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  1. My usual wake up time at home is 5:00 am, so I am NOT going to get up that early on vacation. However, our internal body clocks sometimes will win, so if I do get up that early, I plan on ordering coffee and then sitting out on the balcony watching the sunrise.
  2. My first cruise was with a Marriage Ministry group with our church. It was on Royal Caribbean (can't remember which ship), in 2006, out of Los Angeles. To be honest, I don't remember doing much of anything because we were with a large group. We left on Monday and came back on Friday, which I felt was too short. The ports were San Diego, Catalina Island, and Mexico. I don't think I would do a large church group again because I didn't get a chance to really experience a cruise like I wanted. I did notice that it was a more "laid back" ship compared to the Carnival Cruise we went on a few years later. We are currently scheduled for another Carnival cruise next year and can't wait!
  3. So now I have some good news and some bad news...here's the good news first. DH and I will be purchasing our first home hopefully this year. I'm sure you all understand what that means $$$$$$$, so on that note, here's the bad news...we will have to push out our cruise. Instead of going March 30th 2014, we are now on the Carnival Dream for August 31, 2014. I'm a little bummed because I have to wait several more months, but then when I think about our new home, I quickly get over being upset. Anyone going on the Carnival Dream during that time? I believe the itinerary for that cruise is: Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan; Belize; Cozumel. Haven't been to any of these ports, so I am looking forward to it.
  4. A friend of mine recently went on a cruise and when they got to Jamaica the Captain announced that everyone should be careful and do NOT take a lot of money with you (or valuables). As soon as they got off the ship, they saw a young boy approach a woman who was apparently begging for money. What did she do???? She opened her purse right out in public and from no where all of these kids came running and just reached in her bag. There was nothing she could really do because she was over-whelmed by how many there were. Ladies no large purses on vacation please...you are asking for trouble. A small cross-body purse (they can be as cheap as $14 at Marshalls). I felt sorry for the woman, but the Captain had just announced not to take a lot of money on the Island, and to be careful and what does she do (thinking it's only one small boy), she opens her purse up in public for all to see. I know she won't do that again.
  5. Cross body purses are the only purse I take on vacation. It is so nice to have your hands free, and not have to worry to much about leaving your purse somewhere. For added protection, if you are wearing a light jacket or sweater, put the purse on first, and then your jacket or sweater. This will help hide that you have a purse on you.
  6. This is excellent advice, but as always, someone will not follow what I call common sense rules and then get upset with the cruise lines because they were robbed. If I have to take cash with me at a port, I carry only what I feel I will need. I will leave my credit cards in the safe, along with my passport. I take only the necessary items I need (ships card/ID), and that's it. I also use a cross-body purse so that my hands are free, but I also tuck the purse into the waist of my pants. Crime is something that we will have to deal with because it's not going away. We just have to learn to be safe and be on guard. Another thing only take a nap on the beach if you are with someone! All it takes is someone to walk by and see that you are not paying attention and your things are gone. Also appear confident and don't look like you are scared going on shore. Thieves are looking for tourist who appear to not know where they are going and will pounce in a minute. Just walk with an air of confidence, be pleasant, and go on about your business and have fun!
  7. If anyone is going on the Sunshine for March 30th, 2014, please know that I am organizing a Meet and Greet. Please provide me with your first name and how many is in your party (# adults - # children). Thank you. Yes, I know I'm doing this early, but it's my way of staying busy until it's time for us to leave!!
  8. I am too, so don't feel bad. However, I am going to be catching up pretty soon. I love cruising and find that with the economy being so crazy, it's the most inexpensive way to take a vacation and see other countries.
  9. 1 - Carnival Pride (2008) out of Long Beach 1 - Royal Caribbean (2006) out of Los Angeles 1 - Carnival Sunshine (2014) out of New Orleans I am hooked as a cruiser.
  10. So far my favorite is Long Beach, CA. They had it together when we cruised several years ago. Now, we are leaving from New Orleans next year. I hope that it is as organized as Long Beach.
  11. Also wanted to let you know that you can also try other x websites where you can get valuable information regarding cruises. Google cruise critics and you will find tons of information on different ships, ports, pre-cruise reviews, post-cruise reviews, etc... Sorry your cruise didn't go as planned, but there other Carnival ships, which I am sure you will enjoy. Don't give up on Carnival, it's a great cruise line.
  12. Our ports of call for this itinerary (3/30/14) are as follows: 1. Montego Bay, Jamaica 2. Georgetown, Grand Cayman 3. Cozumel, Mexico Can anyone provide me with good beaches at each of these ports? Hubby and I are not "tour people" and we would just love to hang out at the beach and just relax. We also like to come and go as we please with not having to wait for the tour group. Again, any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.
  13. We are sailing out of New Orleans for the first time next year. The only hiccup I'm finding with New Orleans is trying to find a hotel room, and also a hotel room that is reasonable. Being that New Orleans hosts convention all year round, I found it extremely difficult to find a decent priced room even one year before we are cruising. We are scheduled to depart from New Orleans on 3/30/14. We are coming in one day early so I have been looking for hotel rooms. Finally found one that was a "so-called" decent price at $179 for the night (and that's a senior rate). Now I'm having difficulty finding a room for the return trip, 4/6/14 (just one night) and the same hotel wants $349 for the night (are you kidding me!). I've found several hotels that are available but I'm not paying $549, $349, and there was even one rate I saw for over $1200 for the night (yup). I'm hoping that something will come through for the return trip, if not I guess we are spending the night at the bus depot!
  14. So it's official. We now have our booking number and have officially made our cruise reservation for March 2014 on the Carnival Sunshine. Trying not to think about it too much because it's so far off still, but it gives me a chance to pick up items here and there. DH needs a new suit and I need a few new pieces of clothing, plus trying to lose some weight so I don't scare too many people away when I come out in my swimming suit. Yeah Carnival Sunshine, can't wait to see her.
  15. My longest was only 7 nights, but I cannot wait to do a longer cruise. My hope is to one day do the cruise to the Panama Canal, maybe 10 - 12 days.
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