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  1. @SeePuertoRico @travelocity Or call your local travel agent!

  2. There’s a problem when your husband wants to know how to spell oompah loompah.

  3. Just watched this European girl throw her trash on the beach, and then walk by it twice! Why is America your dumpin… https://t.co/m1e4zC5ggb

  4. I book cruises too!!!! #somanycruisesoutofMiami #travelwithjackie https://t.co/dOxHf1UhfO

  5. RT @IRI_INTL: See why companies are choosing IRI Liquid Data vs. traditional market data approaches https://t.co/SPVaO4PtOx #FMCG #BigData

  6. RT @crimeonlinenews: ‘I blame myself every minute’: She let a stranger hold her baby. She’s still looking for her almost 35 years later htt…

  7. RT @IRI_INTL: This FOTW shows the top 5 selling branded products by both value sales and unit sales for the pre-Christmas week 2017. Look f…

  8. @LoriGreiner @ABCSharkTank $1 MM offer

  9. @SteveCaporizzo You are the best! Keep those pets in! #evenhuskies #toocold

  10. Day after Xmas in Walmart! https://t.co/sRDGxLY8YX

  11. Poor sportsmanship tonight coach @MekeelChristian Disgraceful to put your starters back in vs. a much weaker team.

  12. @fredtte @pinchme Me neither! Not worth my time any longer. @pinchme

  13. @BarbaraCorcoran @mcuban Hope he gets it in the airports!

  14. For my pinch me box today! https://t.co/hCgm69vSqv

  15. CONSIDER ME!!!! #voteforTeamJackie

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