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  1. Famous last words... I'll drink your Jeremiah weed, if you do my Jeremiah weed.... #stoners #jeremiahweed

  2. RT @KathyTravelAgt: It's travel tip Thursday. Here is today's travel tip. https://t.co/NveMZw8e00

  3. Speed traps 787 Cohoes side #slowdown

  4. @Tyler_McD1219 no rock bottom is when everyone has given up on you, because you have given up on yourself. #stay strong #somuchlifetolive

  5. Unbelievable. #thisneedstostop https://t.co/ORPGJaUCHc

  6. Another Fabulous @Pinchme box! I am a #happypincher https://t.co/lOgURJwbam

  7. So beautiful! #KeyWestgardenclub https://t.co/IIKBZumoq4

  8. First stop : Shipwrecks, Key Largo #soworthit #ontheintercoastal https://t.co/tjbYcBp6td

  9. A great small business, in our local community! https://t.co/oIhia82aeF

  10. RT @troyrecord: Capital Region mall hopes aquarium can jumpstart struggling property https://t.co/M4vIpPaf77

  11. @ShopSmall we will be out in Troy, NY! #SmallBizSat https://t.co/PbmFTEZEMF

  12. RT @Common__Threads: A portion of cookbook sales will be donated to help us fight childhood obesity, thanks @meljoulwan for your generosity…

  13. @BurghKnights this is fabulous news!! https://t.co/cPshO1DWYB

  14. @pinchme I just claimed a free box of products from PINCHme! Sign up here to claim yours now too https://t.co/o92eNW9OmD

  15. You can smile in any language, can't you? #smilesareuniversal

  16. @olrebellion I lived them! #greatsnack! https://t.co/q9qS7Cr4nU

  17. @jeannie8161 where u at? Looks fun!

  18. @Tyler_McD1219 please dont. Leave it home when you go eat

  19. @brittany_ryan6 shame on those making you feel stupid! No one is perfect!

  20. RIP Trooper Pratt #NYSPOLICETRIBUTE https://t.co/jtYXukLxoK

  21. Ask a question, and let them answer before you cut them off to ask another question Liz! #NYDebate

  22. OMG what is this stuff? And why Is it in food? https://t.co/1Fh7hjXMej

  23. Can't wait! https://t.co/TKsoe5XyBw

  24. What does this look like to you? #takeaguess https://t.co/4l1Zrj22Jp

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