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  1. Women are minorities too! People are forgetting that! #notafraidofus https://t.co/E4EC8iFuY0

  2. RT @Chicagoist: Chicago police chief says a cop was beaten by a suspect because she was afraid to shoot—thanks to media backlashes https://…

  3. RT @sierraclub: Another #debatenight with ZERO questions about #climatechange. RT if you agree that moderators must ask about the biggest i…

  4. @jeannie816 @JRitucci10 @barstoolsports never a dull moment! #clownspotting

  5. What I luv about Jersey! #gasprices https://t.co/tNBKlkAXCf

  6. I just claimed a free box of products from PINCHme! Sign up here to claim yours now too https://t.co/o92eNWrpLd

  7. Today she is Convertible dog! #dustystravels https://t.co/o55OfRwHiF

  8. My partner in crime today! #goodolddog #dustylove https://t.co/sgGFzUlun4

  9. I signed the petition opposing the Grand Canyon Escalade, it threatens the Confluence at the Grand Canyon. Sign now! https://t.co/DnZitXG9zl

  10. @GIGWALK @Tyler_McD1219 @annie_nielsss @brittany_ryan6 @zacmfredette @zacharyfredette EXTRA $$$ YOU ARE PASSING UP https://t.co/48VqAwv99E

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