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  1. Knock knock Crazies, Anybody home? Hope you're all doing all right. The cruise is over and it was great again. The itinerary was beautiful and the friends very good company. Hopefully we will be able to cruise together again together with some more friends. I didn't 'bump in' to Tom Kitten. He is the 'new guy on CC'. Gotta go, talk to you later. Miranda
  2. Most of the gang is in Quebec now and I'm about to go to sleep, cause I will be picked up at 4.45 AM, for Pete's sake. But it's for a very good cause. Hope some of you will keep the Dock going, cause nothing going on right now. Another Crazie who just recently joined CC is gonna be on board as well. I hope we will meet. Hope you're all doing fine. Talk to you after the cruise. Miranda
  3. Hi there Tom, So good to know there will be another 'Crazie" on board. Hope to 'bump into you' on deck. See you in 2 days 😃 Miranda
  4. Hey there Crazies Well my last workday is done. YAY!!!!!!! Only two more days until I see you guys, can't wait. And you know I always say that I like to be surprised onboard, you know familiar people sailing the same cruise without me knowing. Cause I also like to surprise people. I still hope someday that will work out. But yesterday I found out there is gonna be a surprise for me. Every week I send my 'cruise friends' a Happy weekend email. Lynedah from Vancouver used to send some of them to a friend, Shamira (a.k.a. Sam). So she asked me if I wanted to add her to the list. I really loved that, so of course. And now she is gonna be on board too. So after a couple of years, we finally meet in person. How amazing is that? So before I know it, I know everyone on board 🤣. I just wanted to share this. Maybe we can get her to join CC as well. Would be nice. Falina, congrats on your retirement. You go and enoy yourself! Have a great day Crazies, Miranda
  5. Happy Saturday Crazies, Only 5 more days until some of us meet up! I Can't wait. The heatwave is finally gone and not coming back anytime soon. So I hope. Temperatures are pretty comfortable and there's an occassional shower. No prob. And yes Jan, I'm so happy to have that AC. Wow it really helped me sleep all right. Anyone knows what the weather for our Cruise is gonna be? Ed, so good to hear from you, but I'm so sorry to hear about your knee trouble. I so hope it will turn out fine and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Ray I hope you're doing fine! That goes for you too Jackie and for all other crazies out there. Shari I'm thinking of you too! Have a great weekend everyone, Miranda
  6. The Dock for July is closed
  7. Happy Saturday my Crazies friends, Only 12 more days!!!!!!! Andi, at Shipmate I read you received your medallions. Good for you! Jan I hope you've got yours too. Well we've, well actually the weather did, set a record. It's been over 100 degrees around here. Absolutely horrific. So my AC is my new BFF. It worked wonders last couple of nights. I don't care about the electrical bill anymore. It's worth it. How are you holding up over there? How's the weather in our cruise area? Well got to go, gonna meet up with one of my BFF's. Not the AC, but Pamela. Have a great weekend y'all. Miranda
  8. I found one in May next year on the Apex (Edge's sister) to Spain and Portugal https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-details/10-night-uk-spain-portugal-and-france-from-southampton-england?packageID=AX10U065&sDT=2020-05-10&cCD=CO Anyone up for that one?
  9. Happy Sunday Crazies, Thank you for sending that heat over here. It's gonna be in the 90's next week and climbing 🤦‍♀️. I so don't like that and I can imagine where you guys must be going through. I hope you get some relief soon. Only 18 days until........🛳️YAY!!!!!!!! Only2,5 weeks of work and then packing and stuff to get ready to travel. Hopefully my flights will be smooth. Still keeping my fingers crossed for your medallions! Hopefully the po will hold on to them until you're back Jan. Yours will probably be at the terminal Andi, at least I hope so. And if not, they have to get you new ones. Can't do without them on a medallion class ship. Right? I hope all you Crazies are keeping cool and doing fine. Have a great day everyone. Miranda
  10. And now it's only just 25 days 😅. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Jan and Andi and hope your medallions arrive in time! About my electrical bill. I pay an estimated amount every month base on my average consumption. And once a year I receive the final statement. It is still pretty cool around here, so no AC necessary. But temps are rising by the end of the week, so we'll see. Enjoy your Sunday Crazies. Hope no one is affected by Barry. Miranda
  11. Happy Saturday my friends, Well it's finally pretty rainy and that is not a bad thing. We really needed that. Temps are still good though, it will be a little cooler on Monday, but it will rise by the end of next week again, but still comfortable. Only 26 more days gang! Can't wait. It was a great game and our girls were pretty good. So Ray, we'll still be friends. Found this for you ...
  12. And we're down to 32 days now! Still going strong! 💪 Fortunately the heat is gone, but the weather is still good, so no complaints. Only had to use the AC four times. I know what you mean by awaiting the power bill anxiously Jan. I'll receive mine in February/March next year again. Ray I wish you all the best today and I hope you'll enjoy the game. The US are likely to win, but I still keep my fingers crossed for my fellow country women. They've been doing very well and better than our men, that's for sure. I tell my friends that my American friend is keeping me posted on the Orange achievements, so I don't have to watch it myself. So funny! Happy Sunday Crazies and I hope everyone is all right and staying cool as well. Miranda
  13. Happy Sunday Crazies, So glad I had my AC installed. Needed it last couple of nigths as temps were far over 80, low 90, not at night of course but still. And as of tomorrow some relief in that heat. Temps will be a comfortable mid-70's. So much better. France is really suffering, far over 100 and as you said Jackie, Europe is not as AC minded as the rest of the world. Although that's changing now, of course. Talking about that heat Jackie, I saw Florida is fighting wild fires. Hope they're not affecting you. I know Florida is a couple of times bigger than my country, but when I hear or see stuff my first thoughts are with the people I know. Andi, only 39 more days, slowly but surely! Jan, so glad to know you haven't changed that much, but losing 2 sizes is great. I don't think you need to lose to much anymore. Ray, our girls made it to the semi finals. Hope they'll win next Wednesday. Could be exciting to meet in the finals. Either way, I won't like you any less if you win, I think ? Shari, still thinking about you and hoping you're doing all right. Jason, I do hope you'll keep CC going, It would be such a shame to shut it down. What will I tell my Dutch friends after being one of the Crazies for six or seven years? Have a great day Crazies and stay cool, safe etc. Miranda
  14. Happy Sunday my Crazies friends, Well, everybody is on high alert around here, cause it's gonna me 'smokin''next week. Kind of a heatwave, late 90's, so huffin', puffin' and sweatin'. So happy to have my AC installed in time. But that doesn't stop me from working out and cycling to work. Just bring my sunscreen and lots of water. No prob. I have to be in shape for our upcoming cruise, need to dance. Andi, I hope you can join me on the dancefloor. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. And I would love to send you some of our heat to make you feel like it's Summertime. Try not to be too busy. Ray your trip sounds great, you've seen and done a lot, which will leave great memories again. And right back to work after passing some timezones, pfffff makes me tired even thinking about it. Take good care of yourself! Jan, can't wait to see you guys again, I'm really curious wether I'll still recognize you. It is getting closer, only 46 days left. And as we all experience time is passing by in no time. June is almost over, people talking about and going on vacation. Before we know it...... not gonna end this one. Jackie, hope you're doing all right. That goes for you too Shari and all the other crazies. Miranda
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