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  1. Jan, I hope you're having a great trip. Enjoy and we'll hear all about it when you'll be back. Jackie, You're alomost there. Enjoy your time and hopefully you've got some nice things planned for yourself. If anyone deserves, it's you. Ray, take a little care of yourself. Only 46 days until your next cruise, so you have to be fine doing that. Only 116 more days until our group cruise. Can't wait. The weather was pretty chilly last week, but it was clear and next week temperatures will rise again and still no rain. And actually we do need that, because we haven't really discovered from last year's draught. But it gives me the opportunity to cycle to work. Have a great Sunday my friends, Miranda
  2. So happy to see you and hear from you again Shari. Such a relief you're doing alright. Just keep up the good work and be well We are all thinking, praying and keeping our fingers crossed for you.
  3. Love to do the Edge of course, but January/February not too much, March/April/May and Summer months are more manageable. Enchanted Princess sounds good to me too. Virgin is just sailing the Carribbean for just a couple of days and is pretty expensive, unless that changed.
  4. Happy weekend Crazies, It's a Spring like weekend over here, so been outside of course. Jackie, There were Asians on board the Millennium, but not more than usual. I thougth there would be more too. There were more Asians on my last Baltic trip in 2015. Andi, welcome back and I have to check out the 2020 cruise. It's not gonna be Viking. Not because of Norway, but because it's too small. Ray, You're right to be cautious about calling and it could be a bit akward. Jan, you're really rocking it at the gym don't you? Good for you. Enjoy your weekend, Miranda
  5. SATURDAY, MARCH 23RD Good morning my fellow Crazies, Yes she's back again 🤪. Beware! I had a great time in Asia. It was absolutely hot in Singapore and Thailand and Saigon. Danang, Hanoi and Hong Kong were cooler. But it was great to have experienced it. Saw a lot of beautiful things, met a lot of nice people again and had a great time. However I have to admit, Princess ships do more for me somehow. I did miss an atrium and more public spaces. As the Millennium added more cabins, it lost public space because of it. The Edge will probably give a different feel. So still hoping to try that one in the near future. I told a lot of people about this site and our group cruise. Some people called me 'Crazie' already and are going to check this site out. Who knows? Andi, so good to see you had a great time on the Edge. I have to read your review and I will. And you're gone again. Wow. Enjoy! Jan, glad to see you're doing fine again. Keep up the good work. So looking forward to our next cruise again. Jackie, hope you're doing fine and hope to meet you too one day. Ray, what is 'too nosy' about being concerned about and interested in a friend? I think that is very considerate. Hope you guys are doing fine and hope to see you next year. Well gotta go again, wishing all of you a happy weekend Miranda
  6. FRIDAY, MARCH 1ST Happy weekend fellow Crazies, I've come to say bye bye for a couple of weeks, cause tonight I'm of to Singapore and sail Celebrity Millennium. Of course I'll be thinking of you and hope you're doing all right. Andi I hope you're Edge cruise was awesome and Jan I hope you'll feel better soon. Wish I'd run into you Ray, but better luck next time. Jackie hope the pressure is getting less for you. Talk to you later Crazies, Miranda
  7. Daily Dock for February is closed
  8. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23RD. Happy Saturday Crazies, It really looks and feels like Spring. Temperatures up to the early 60's so good time for cycling and I am. Iin the centre of town everybody is enjoying a drink, coffee, ice cream or whatever. Really feels like it's vacation time. And then you have to do with sneaux, sleet and rain Jan and Ray. I'll send you some of our Spring. You really deserve that after the horrible winter. Jan, I saw Andi's pictures of the Edge. How about a group cruise on the Edge next year? That ship looks amazing. Ray glad to see you're okay, I hope Yuki will be feeling all right again soon. Keeping my fingers crossed. Can anyone tell me how Shari is doing? Next Friday I will be off to Singapore and be on the completely refurbished Millennium. It still has to sink in, cause it's crazy busy at work, so no vacation feeling as of yet. That will kick in when at the airport I guess. Enjoy your weekend everyone, Miranda
  9. Wow Andi, that ship looks AMAZING. And that food sounds really really good. Hope to be on the Edge one day. Jan mentioned to try that next year. How about a group cruise?
  10. Andi have a great time on the Edge and be careful, the weather is so much different then where you come from. You might be in for a big shock. Love to hear and see all about it. Have a great weekend everyone. The weather over here really picked up. It is really sunny and it almost feels like Spring. Getting out my bike to get to work next week.
  11. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH Happy Saturday Crazies, Well, it's been a busy week again and there's no end in sight. But in 3 weeks I'll be flying to Singapore, so I should be fine I guess. Andi yours is only a couple of days away right? On the Edge and enjoying the warm weather. Which you deserve big time after that deep freeze. Enjoy your trip and the warmth. Love to hear all about when you're back. Jan, you're doing great getting back on track in the gym. You'll be just fine, I'm sure. You have a cruise coming up shortly right? Oh and congrats on the Patriots. Ray, hope you're doing all right! Enjoy your weekend Crazies, Miranda
  12. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD Happy Sunday Crazies, Andi, thanks for closing January's dock. I didn't even think about when I was up here and typing. I'm glad someone paid attention. And I'm glad things are looking up for you. Unbelievable. Been to the gym this morning, did some homework and house work. Now I'm waiting for some friends to come over. Hope everyone is okay. Enjoy your Sunday. Miranda
  13. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND Good morning Crazies friends, Wow Andi I so hope you're all right. That is brutal man! I'm not complaining anymore. We had some snow yesterday, but disappeared in a couple of hours. It's chilly, but not like your Siberian cold. Jeez..... Hang in there and stay safe and warm. Down Under my friends are coping with a heat wave. There's is no such thing as climate change right. It's all fake news...... Jackie hang in there for a couple of more weeks. Jan, thanks for the warm picture. It helps. Does anyone know how Shari is doing? Well got to go again. Have a great weekend everyone. Miranda
  14. SUNDAY, JANUARY 28TH Happy Sunday my fellow crazies. I've been quite busy, hence me not being here sooner. It's a bit quiet around here unfortunately. Still keeping Shari in my thoughts and hope she will be fine. Well we had snow last week and it disappeared on Friday afternoon fortunately. So it warmed up a little and at the end of the week it will be freezing a little again. I don't mind that, I really like that fresh air, not that white stuff though. Jackie I hope you are okay. Yeah Andi, I hate the way twitter messes up my time line everytime on my mobile device that is. A couple of years back they decided that it was not done to have a chronological time line, so I was looking at tweets from hours, days and even weeks ago. So freakin' inefficient and annoying. After a couple of complaints from people they changed that for the better, not 100% though, but it was acceptable. Now they've done it again. But the way you have to communicate with them is even more inefficient than the time line. So I googled. Now I had to update the app and and press the star on the right. I thought that would do the trick. But no, now I have to press that star twice to get the more chronological time line. Because they think that if I don't use the app for some time I've missed a lot. I also access Twitter on my computer and use my phone when my computer is off. Wish they wouldn't think for me. I can do that myself right? Pfffff ...... Jan I didn't have a chance to check out the tours, but I most certainly will. First I'll check where the ship will be docked in every port and decide whether I'll have a tour or explore by myself. But I'm open to suggestions. Have a great Sunday everyone. Miranda
  15. SATURDAY, JANUARY 19TH Good morning Crazies, Well the weekend is here again and it's getting pretty cold around here. I saw there's a lot of that white stuff over there, so please be safe and warm everyone. As of Tuesday there will be some of that stuff here as well. Hope not too much though. Jackie, I'm so sorry for your loss. It really hurts to lose a beloved pet. Wishing you well! And of course my thoughts are also with Shari and her family. I so hope she will be all right. Jan I hope you enjoy your four day weekend. Sounds nice, except for that snow heading your way. I don't have anything planned this weekend and that's a good call, cause I'm a little bit under the weather. So taking it easy and take care of my body. There's no time to call in sick, so I'm not gonna be sick. Stay safe and warm everyone and enjoy your weekend, Miranda
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