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  1. Welcome Aboard the friendliest Cruise community on the web.
  2. Welcome to the friendliest Cruise community on the web! We like to get to know you!
  3. My first ocean cruise after a year and a half and I can't wait. Any of you Crazies on this ship at the same time? Let me know and I'll try to find you, love to meet you. Only 14 more days to go!!!
  4. Jan, maybe not in your cards for 2020, but how about 2022?
  5. Wow Andi, that's on my bucket list as well. I just might join you. It would be nice to get a group together again.
  6. I don't know about you, but I don't really need free kids to go with my cruise 😇
  7. Happy Sunday Crazies, Wow November already. Amazing how time flies. Snow? Are you kidding me? We had a lot of rain, but last week was perfect. It was freezing at night, so a bright blue sky and sunny during the day. Great weather to cycle to work. Next week however is gonna be wet again. I had a nice weekend. Of course I've been to the gym, but last night I went to the theater, cause one of my co workers was starring in a musical. It was a lot of fun, even though it wasn't a professional one, but that makes it even better. They wrote the whole play, the music and the lyrics. They also made their own costumes, it was wonderful. Today I worked a little bit more, just to start out the week all right. Now I'm gonna get my laundry fixed and watch some tv shows I missed last night. Hope you're all doing fine. Have a great day Crazies, Miranda
  8. Hi guys, No, I don't want you to give up your Viking Cruise. I don't want to get into a fight with Ray 😲. Besides, if anyone deserves another cruise it's Ray and Yuki. I tried to find something suitable for all of us, but I'm afraid it ain't working. Maybe somewhere along the line something will come up. I'll keep my fingers crossed and who knows. I also would love to sail the Edge or Apex, so ideas are more than welcome. Jackie, missed you around here. Hope you're doing all right. Hi to all Crazies. Miranda
  9. Good morning Crazies, It's pretty wet down here and pretty cool too. Next week will be a little better though. Martina and I will be visiting Joan in Portishead and usually the English weather is worse than ours. So keepin' my fingers crossed. How are you guys doing. It's pretty calm around here. It picked up for a bit, but now that's gone again unfortunately. Jan, have you been able to find out more about the Enchanted Princess? Ray, hope you and Yuki are all right? Hi to all Crazies and hope you're doing fine and enjoying the weekend. Miranda
  10. Happy Sunday Crazies, Shari so nice to see you back here and of course my thoughts are with you and Marc. That goes for you too Ray and Yuki. You'll get through this together and please keep us posted. Hope everyone is all right. Have a great day, Miranda
  11. Happy Sunday my Crazies friends, It's pouring down basically all day. Well we do need the water, but it's not much fun. Yesterday was a chilly, but great day and tomorrow will be dry, so cycle to work tomorrow. Rest of the week will be wet again. I read that there's another royal class Princess ship coming up in 2021, Discovery Princess, and bookings can be made as of October 8th and past guests can get some perks, like free gratuities, onboard credits and I bet that a group can have even more. How about a group cruise on that ship for 2021 or 2022? And Gibber you're so welcome to join, cause our group is awesome 😅. What do you think Jan, getting the 'band' together for this one on a great ship? Wishing you all a great day Miranda
  12. Hey Andi, He just booked it and he'll be sailing October 11th a roundtrip from Rome for 10 days. I told him you sailed the Edge already and he could imagine you did 😉
  13. Happy Saturday my friends, Well, Fall really set in around here. Cooler but not too cold, showers and a lot of wind. I do like the seasons though and love the Fall colors. Tonight I'm gonna have dinner with KC and a movie afterwards, Angel has fallen. I'll tell him hi. And I'm sure he will say hi back, so here it is 😉. Ray, so good to hear from you again and glad you and Yuki are all right. Sorry to hear about your brother though. Also good you sorted your work out. I was wondering if you ever had a chance to finish your book? But I'm afraid you were too busy right? Andi, sorry to hear about your hip thing. So hope it will be all right. Your trips sound great, hope that thing won't bother you too much. Oh and KC beat me to the Edge. He managed to that with the Royal Princess as well. Still waiting/hoping for a price drop on the Norwegian Spirit for a cruise from and to Rome during the Holidays. Hi Gibber, nice to meet you and hope to talk to you more often. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Miranda
  14. Happy Sunday Crazies, I am so glad to see you're all all right. There's another tropical storm hitting Bahama's,, like they didn't have enough yet. Last week Dorian and Gabriella gave us rain, but that was all fortunately. This weekend it's warm again so no complaints here. Next week is gonna be cooler, but hey in Fall you can expect that right? Andi, good to see you're MRI stuff went well. How's your hip thing doing? Mine is completely gone fortunately. It was just a wrong move working out. Won't do that anymore (I think, still a blond). Jan, nice to see there's gonna be another group cruise next year. I would really love to join, but it's not gonna work for me. Falina, maybe we'll find one that will work for you too someday. Maybe 2022. We'll keep trying. Ray, hope you're fine. That also goes for you Shari! And of course for all Crazies. Have a great day, Miranda
  15. Welcome to September Crazies, Got back to work yesterday and that was a great day of catching up with my colleagues. So started out just fine. Just one more day until the weekend. Andi, how are you doing and what's the MRI 'verdict'. I hope you are all right. Hopefully the people affected in anyway by Dorian are doing all right too. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'm off to spinning class. Have a great day, Miranda
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