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  1. Almost out of school!!!! 3 more regular days then 4 half days....

  2. #Tornadoweek aww it is the last day. I have been having so much fun with this:( you guys better do it next year:-) @TornadoWeek

  3. #tornadoweek still enjoying y'all funny live stream. I just wanted to say you made it really fun this year!! Good job. @TornadoWeek

  4. they are getting so close. #TornadoWeek

  5. Time to continue #TornadoWeek today!!! So excited to see what they do on the liv webcast today!! Going to watch it during school.

  6. Well it is time to go to bed. Tomorrow is going to come early.... #tornadoweek

  7. they are drawing something!!! #TornadoWeek

  8. aww.... the id is so cute. :) #TornadoWeek

  9. Time to continue #TornadoWeek with more wind!!!

  10. Going to bed. Can't wait to watch more of #TornadoWeek tomorrow! @weatherchannel

  11. We need more wind!!!!! #tornadoweek !!!!!

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