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  1. Cruising to #Spain? Where to visit - https://t.co/5Xru5v4x38 https://t.co/Uf9vROtPmU

  2. Successful First Sea Trials for World's Largest Cruise Ship Symphony of the Seas https://t.co/UQtB4luXPj

  3. @goldylookfleece @stevehillman64 @IndriElegant - Happy to have you as a top community member, you can also find us… https://t.co/mAzwtF3Xqz

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  5. Mediterranean Cruise - advice on the major ports of call on your Kindle, NOOK or iBook - https://t.co/jeGjpIjkQ4 https://t.co/CCh8ckHzpF

  6. Visiting #Venice on your cruise? Plan your own excursion to make the most of your day - Check out our advice - https://t.co/A6KgJelkzr

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  9. 5 Smaller Cruise Ports Not To Miss - https://t.co/HvdP6TFS3V https://t.co/goFZxC14fQ

  10. Palma webcam - see live views across the harbour and which #cruise ships are in port - https://t.co/FBWGUb3FG0 https://t.co/BsHpLGCtTx

  11. A day in Santorini #cruise - https://t.co/XXsZKIdtBB https://t.co/Zey3p6abU3

  12. Discover the Eternal City – Buy Your Tickets to Rome Attractions and Museums Before Leaving https://t.co/EcQb7iYNHY https://t.co/1s1rvyQsW8

  13. The Casino on Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast https://t.co/1VfLouybhR https://t.co/xgHV19Rah4

  14. Discover Pompeii, Buy Your Tickets to the ancient Roman city that was frozen in time https://t.co/J2PR6hjYnA https://t.co/ldVK4J29Sg

  15. @gm2dm @llngochanll - thanks to my top recently engaged followers this week :)

  16. Check out our recommended Cruise Accessories that can improve your cruise vacation https://t.co/ygUQde2p2h https://t.co/dhRgXJ9sxv

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  18. 5 top ports for your first Mediterranean cruise - https://t.co/c1CXzEKz61 https://t.co/whmUYwOiWq

  19. Have a look at the P&O #cruise ship virtual tours - https://t.co/jV0LxiNajQ https://t.co/r20JQNRKCy

  20. Carnivalidays Promotion Offer Special Discounts and Promotions Throughout January https://t.co/8KVYygKhXH https://t.co/9CnRlBIFSu

  21. @HiClassMag @kevnewbold @ExchangeCottage Check out the top recently engaged followers in my community this week!

  22. 8 ways to stay fit on a cruise - https://t.co/Zl7i5dLRTr https://t.co/7rwSKPt6wk

  23. Docking in #Piraeus on your Mediterranean #cruise? How to visit Athens - https://t.co/uId5stKNXd https://t.co/j66kB7ys71

  24. See P&O's new to cruising video - https://t.co/vHc7MDWhlG https://t.co/3t1U15qBp2

  25. Viking Sun Sets Sail On First World Cruise https://t.co/F6rks1H2Oj https://t.co/WMmrz17GSZ

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