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  1. Seeing Bergen, Norway from Above https://t.co/kRyfOcwS18 via @worldbooktravel https://t.co/vasVnBA67z

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  4. Great choice of food is one of the reasons I like to #cruise - https://t.co/4iEyjUp6Xn https://t.co/FW91zFNRbI

  5. Gorgeous Montenegro: the best of the coast https://t.co/FYzly14X9q https://t.co/FO7YFpJrs2

  6. Visiting #Venice on your cruise? Plan your own excursion to make the most of your day - Check out our advice - https://t.co/A6KgJelkzr

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  8. The world's best cruise holidays for 2017 https://t.co/pH0Ht6Uec8

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  10. Disney Fantasy - the latest and largest #Disney #cruise addition. https://t.co/CmCfyMNdY9

  11. #Norwegian #Cruise - advice on all the major ports of call on your Kindle - https://t.co/DbXBE0pzCE https://t.co/EHeEfWy7mY

  12. 5 Reasons to Choose to Cruise - https://t.co/jv6WWZp3o5 https://t.co/Q9PM9ZCEFE

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  15. Disney AND the Mediterranean @DisneyCruise How magical! - https://t.co/2Oj8MlPdal

  16. Katakolon puts on a great show for some Celebrity cruise guests - https://t.co/3pI753AkaV https://t.co/hU2RybQLgE

  17. Thinking about a Mediterranean #cruise? Use our advice site to help you plan - https://t.co/5ZxMJYm8nB https://t.co/odCUGPysyD

  18. Mediterranean Cruise Advice book, new edition now on NOOK - https://t.co/PBqbyvStyH https://t.co/WjQsNkgsYZ

  19. #Cannes on your Mediterranean #cruise? Check our view on what to do - https://t.co/x9F6i8TX3F https://t.co/lLumk4O7VL

  20. Secrets the Cruise Lines Don't Tell You https://t.co/Taz9rqjHxt https://t.co/wsfnkPkF47

  21. Which live Disney-themed shows will you see onboard your Disney Cruise ship? https://t.co/GhElY4GVCk #cruise #disney

  22. #Malaga, the starting point for #Granada and The #Alhambra, but don't miss the city itself - https://t.co/wQ37gp8Koc https://t.co/Gftz8YhnO2

  23. Why our last cruise was the most relaxing ever - https://t.co/qfwhIsbNFh https://t.co/abnktXv25w

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  25. 8 ways to stay fit on a cruise - https://t.co/Zl7i5dLRTr https://t.co/XLSzd7e0hW

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