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  1. http://hulahoopfitness.blogspot.com/p/7-easy-steps-for-perfect-hula-hoping.html Have fun, all of you, girls and boys! ;-)
  2. It was a real reading pleasure! Thanks, Sunluva7!
  3. Thank you, happy couple! I totally agree - cruising must be FUN, overall!
  4. Hi, guys! Has anyone tried Cunard world voyages? Soon found 2014 world cruises itineraries, but still thinking...
  5. Great photos, great ship (& ice-cream ) Such a style!
  6. Theme cruises are a new challenge for me- especially fitness cruises- my mania http://www.fitnesscruises.org/ Hope to read your opinion about it- is someone interested in or I'm alone being a kind of person that can't simply sit on the deck and relax - I enjoy moving permanently, constantly, all the time... Waiting for your posts.. with hope!
  7. I also LOVE to dance- go on dancing- it is not only healthy- it's FUN! You look so happy both of you!
  8. Liked all your posts! I also think that walking is great for maintaining healthy weight- and maybe shore excursion will do the best! And, Shari- go on with drinking water- it surely helps a lot See you soon, guys!
  9. Thanks a lot- sweet little thing, isn't it? Brand new as me in cruising
  10. A scale in each cabin, guys! Isn't it a good idea I tried to find out something to cheer you up - here are some interesting ideas about cruising, losing weight and staying fit while on a cruise ship. I think that the most important thing is moving up Write what you think about it!
  11. Hi, there! Thank you all for the warm welcome I'm quite new in cruising, but feel that's the right place for me! Hope to be able to help you sometimes, too!!!
  12. Liked most Sandy and the photo of your apartment! I'm thinking about the Epic for our family vacation next year... Everything seems perfect, but is it really true... What about kids on the Epic?
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