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  1. I see you've been thru the Panama Canal. That's one of the cruises that we want to take. Did you enjoy it?
  2. Hi Shari, My husband and I originally picked Princess because it was middle of the road. Not too pricey and not too formal or too laid back. We have been pleased with our experiences. The only down point being with the cruise before our has noro-virus and everything was delayed. And of course the delays weren't Princess' fault. Two cruises ago when we did a Mexican cruise over Christmas, my husband's brother died. The staff at the Purser's desk went out of their way to help us. They gave us free phone time for my husband to try to make arrangements at home. We decided to continue the cruise, but they were willing to transport to the airport in Mexico if that was what we chose to do. We have now been on six cruises with Princess and like the extra benefits we got on our last cruise in November. What cruise line do you like the most?
  3. WHOA...Easy Deb!!! The time flew by and surprised me about the November cruise coming! Don't want the time to go too fast before it becomes another cruise memory Cruise memories are some of the best memories! We relish our memories of past cruises and frequently chat about them on our website... We also have a 'cruise wall' with pictures of our favorite voyages and ports. Every time our friends drop by that's one of the first spots they visit... to share in the memories!!!! Looks like a fun wall...
  4. Yikes! Mine has gone up, too. I guess it pays to book early! We book that early because my husband has to book his vacations very early in order to get the time he wants.
  5. We really loved the cruise we took to Hawaii three years ago in October. It was amazing in how few children there were. A very different experience then our other cruises. Our next cruise is to the Caribbean in early November. Janice
  6. At some point I want to do a cruise that is Northern Europe which stops in Copenhagen. We subscribe to a cruising magazine and their description of Copenhagen as a port really made me want to go there.
  7. Oh, I envy you being so close to Alaska. We are definitely going to go back - adding a second trip to Alaska on our bucket list! Next time, probably out of Seattle and hopefully adding on a land portion. We did a British Isles cruise last summer - just the loop around England, Ireland & Scotland - amazing! Happy travels! Thanks... We're thinking of the loop with the addition of Paris/Normandy. Did you like the British Isles in the summer?
  8. Those are all fantastic choices Janice! You folks have gone on a lot of cruises. What's been your favorite?
  9. Hi Jan, Glad you had fun. We live in Humboldt County (coastal near the Oregon border in California), so we've done Alaskan cruises twice. The first was on the Sun Princess and then a couple years ago we took the adult kids and families on the Sapphire Princess. We have always had a lot of fun. We cruised out of Seattle and out of L.A. both twice, but never out of SF. That sounds like great fun! Our next cruise will be in the Caribbean. Our bucket list includes going thru the Canal from Fort Lauderdale and ending back in California and doing a British Isles cruise. Janice
  10. We live up in Northern California and have cruised round trip from Seattle to Ketchikan, Juneau, the inner passage, Skagway and back to Victoria twice. The first time we had the same excursion in Juneau and it was so great. We did have the order reversed with the boat ride first and then the walk. But our guide was helpful and full of tips. I would like to be able to depart out of SF. I would love to get pictures going under the Golden Gate bridge. Will love to see your photos.
  11. We went to Cozumel a few years ago. We did an excursion to see the pyramids. There was a long walk at one part, but that was the only thing hard at all. I had my photo vest on and got over-heated. The excursion was on the mainland so we had to take a boat from the island of Cozumel. In Ochos Rios we took an excursion to see the falls and a plantation. The ride was long, but the tour guide was great. Stopping in town on the way back was harrowing because of people wanting handouts on the way into the store. The store was just touristy stuff.
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