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  1. RT @LoveShouldNB: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we want to remind everyone that love shouldn’t hurt. If you need help, you…

  2. Sunrise in Saint John NB this morning--Mild weather took all our snow away https://t.co/v1iT4FNEEZ

  3. RT @AndrewMillerSJ: I love living on a peninsula and being surrounded by water within a 5 minute walk in 3 directions. I do try to enjoy as…

  4. Another Covered Bridge gone so sad https://t.co/XwKfaS2bGC

  5. No snow left --rain and high winds--see photos i took Bay of Fundy this PM https://t.co/VkM4uVEPp1

  6. RT @landpsychology: The incredibly rare Black Lion only a few of these exist https://t.co/JFPUX4uuDC

  7. Happt New Years Bay of Findy this afternoon temp was -22c https://t.co/dATxK6ePUy

  8. I fit a lot best vehicle i ever had https://t.co/ybROL5nqeR

  9. RT @dondarlingSJ: Merry Christmas from Gus to you. https://t.co/FFY8IMnRQH

  10. RT @ChantalMachabee: Ça brasse à l'entraînement du CH...Claude Julien se fâche, Morrow et Shaw se chamaillent...#CH

  11. Nature Christmas tree https://t.co/VSKCXKbKeP

  12. Funny https://t.co/X2WEOB6LSQ

  13. Did some hiking at Welford today . Found a nice river and Falls-SeepHoto https://t.co/cNJpAp9GZs

  14. Anthem of the Sea in Saint John yesterday took a group of 5, from Washington DC & Columbus on Fundy coastal & Saint… https://t.co/0ZFAQqh9Am

  15. Crows were noisy tonight-- not sure what it means see photos https://t.co/h8e7rDLhsO

  16. RT @andreaarbour: A beautifully foggy day in Saint John. I hope it clears for the weekend for our visitors though :) #igerssaintjohn #fundy…

  17. Tall ship at Saint John port docking https://t.co/8TUpHWpI0F

  18. RT @PrincessCruises: This is what the face of adventure looks like. #ComeBackNew https://t.co/meLtFXfuLO

  19. RT @DickKingSmith: Lions may be BIG cats, but are cats nevertheless. #worldlionday https://t.co/7d0Bg3o55i

  20. Notices some of city of Saint John website down also

  21. RT @NBTweeters: Thousands flock to Halifax waterfront for Tall Ships festival https://t.co/cWvgIEopSY

  22. RT @CruiseNorwegian: We’re cruising our way into Tuesday’s all new episode of @TheProfitCNBC! Tune in at 10p ET/PT on CNBC. #TheProfit #Cru…

  23. RT @NaturePaparazzi: @sjrbrigade Voyageur Canoe Brigade 2017 @stjohnriver @mccainfoods @TrueNorthSeafd @canada150th #ExploreCanada #Explore…

  24. RT @Cruise_Deals_UK: Would you sail on the biggest cruise ship in the world? ?⛴️ https://t.co/4O8G6U9Bmh #Cruise #TravelBlogs

  25. Oceaniaa Insignia in Saint John today--Overcast but fun day - took 2 passengers from US on City tour and St- Martin… https://t.co/pzjBfJnlZR

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