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  1. RT @Dr_S_Ackerman: Mevion brings first #protontherapy system to Europe https://t.co/kHiaGK0qLo

  2. 10 people followed me and 8 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/VEcQyeDsUJ

  3. RT @FLGovScott: The FBI Director needs to resign: https://t.co/xKdKjbNEKb https://t.co/JrBSLOautb

  4. @CMSGov @CMSgovPress Does this apply to the COP's for #Medicare #homehealth? #paperworkreduction

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  6. RT @: Carnival Cruise Line's Brewmaster Colin Presby, Introduces Us To The New Parched Pig Craft Brews We talk with https://t.…

  7. .@BoSnerdley https://t.co/xdLMl1FIDc

  8. Join me in watching @CruiseRadio sail away today on the @CarnivalCruise #CarnivalMagic #CruiseRadioMagic https://t.co/s9R4jRZ0MM

  9. .@HALcruises #Alaska cruise tourism surpasses 2016 numbers https://t.co/j4muqhjA9v via @scottlara1961 #HollandAmerica

  10. Can a #cruise ship feel the impacts of tsunamis, earthquakes? https://t.co/t6vMFIDAaK via @scittlara1961 #Alaska #tsunami #earthquake

  11. #CarnivalElation passenger falls from balcony https://t.co/KtzEPBHjx4 via @scottlara1961

  12. .@PrincessCruises I want to #fleethefreeze! #comebacknew

  13. #CasinoBoat catches fire off the #Florida Coast https://t.co/m7ncrdEfyy via @scottlara1961

  14. RT @realDonaldTrump: I don’t believe the Democrats really want to see a deal on DACA. They are all talk and no action. This is the time but…

  15. Second Norwegian #Cruise Ship sails through #BombCyclone https://t.co/7gQGobLO8C via @scottlara1961

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