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  1. This is the Carnival Sunshine through my eyes. As usual, once you get on the ship all your troubles melt away. We got this far and came to a screeching halt... lol I was on my tip toes, reaching over people's heads (I know they thought I was nuts) just trying to snap a glimpse of what lay ahead. After a brief pause we were moving again and officially... Walking On Sunshine! I could not believe we were finally there! The atrium was beautiful. It was like I was in a dream and being woke up by Mark as he was tugging my arm and trying to get me out of the way. I was now the one impeding traffic while I was staring up in awe. The Carnival Sunshine was beautiful. We had no trouble finding our rooms and I was pleasantly surprised to see the decor in the hallway. I love the wooden looking doors. They are still metal doors for those of you who freak out about those things ? ... and what do you think was sitting in front of our door when we rounded the corner? Our luggage!! The porter outside with the little dollie had managed somehow and it was all there. It was the fastest our luggage has ever arrived (could have something to do with the delayed check in process that took forever earlier... but it was still fast!) I was able to get our room decorated right away. We had 2 balcony rooms. Deck 8 technically forward, but it was really on the line at mid ship. The room itself seemed about the same size as all the others. The only differnece was we had built in shelves in the wall around the desk area, which was really nice... the coffee table was rectangle, not oval... there were not shelves in the 2 main closets. The shelves were located in the first closet that contains your safe and there is extra bedding on all those shelves... I did not have a full length mirror and missed it often. The MAIN difference I noticed was the bathroom. Perhaps they are the same square footage (I don't really know). The sink vanity is half the size we are used to and the shower is twice as long. It is functional, however it is possible to sit on the toilet with your feet in the shower and wash your hands all at the same time.... Not that I tried... please delete that mental picture. Thanks. Now here is a truly awesome part... On our cruise last May aboard the Magic we had a room stewardess named Rosie. We LOVED her. She was so funny, upbeat and engaging. She was at the end of her contract then. Who do you think was standing in the hallway when I walked out of our room?? Rosie!! I was so excited to see her and she remembered us ? A great room steward is the icing on the cake for a great cruise and Rosie is one of the best! So now we were off to explore the ship! ? Trenton is usually the first one down the slide, however, New Orleans was chilly this day. We walked around the Lido deck, checked out the serenity area, pool and water park and he never once asked about putting on his swimsuit. By this point Mark was over the exploring ? Since Mark was not in the exploring mood I suggested we go find the food. In the back of the boat is the Havana Bar. To the left is JiJi's Asian and to the right is Cucina de Capitano. Both are excellent choices. They both offer dinner at a price. It is free if you eat there at lunch, which is what we did ... often ? My child who won't eat anything related to pasta at home could eat the lasagna from Cucina everyday! The lasagna is not traditional lasagna by the way... just a warning to keep an open mind. We loved it! JiJi's is mongolian wok style. You pick up a bowl and place your preferred noodles and veggies in it. You will hand it over to the cook. He will ask you what type of meat. I saw chicken, pork, shrimp and calamari options. Then he will ask you what type of sauce which boils down to mild, medium or spicy. I chose the medium everytime. I am a spicy girl and trust me, medium is spicy. It was tasty, but will clear your sinuses ? If I had chosen the hot I don't think I could have eaten it. In regards to overcrowding and lines cause that is a HOT topic. I can see it here and I can't. Any boat, I have waited in line at Lido or any specialty lunch place. I did not wait in line anymore (actually probably less) on the Sunshine than I have on any previous cruise. What I did notice.... especially breakfast the first sea day is confusion. It seemed people were aimlessly walking around in there trying to find what they wanted (us included). They were also walking around trying to find seating. During the mornings we almost always went back into the Havana bar to find a place to sit. Cucina and JiJi's are the omelet stations in the mornings. I am not sure that the omelet option or the extra seating options are very well known. Instead of 2 long buffet lines on lido, the main buffet food is located in 2 center islands. Each side has the same food, so in essence you have 4 lines going at once. The salad bars are located against the walls as is the dessert bar. My problem in the mornings is I am a hot cereal girl. I initially couldn't find it. The hot cereal is located on the ends of the center islands. Once I figured this out I thought I was good to go... however, the particular cereal is not always located in the same spot. I would get in one line only to find out it had oatmeal at the end and what I wanted was grits, so I was left to go try to squeeze in the other line.... Me and several other people. Was this a HUGE problem... Nope. We all managed ? For breakfast, I also noted there was NO BACON POLICE. I am not really a big bacon eater and never noticed this issue before. If I am so inclined, one or two pieces will usually do me. I have been keeping my eyes out for this lately. There was a large plate of (really cooked) bacon and people were putting it on their plates in heaps... literally small mountains. Do you eat that much bacon at home? The little red blood cells in their blood have probably adapted to have snow shoes and walking sticks to trudge through their veins. Anyhow... the folks I saw were piling it up. The automatic hand washing things are everywhere and kinda cool. Easy way to get the kids to wash their hands. It's fun! I did read a complaint that there were never any paper towels to dry your hands off with and we never encountered this problem. There were also 2 Pour Your Own Beer stations here. One by the deli and one conveniently located by the 24 hour pizza. I only saw it used once or twice ... perhaps because I wasn't awake at 2 am getting pizza this cruise. If you head back towards midship and the pool you will find your Guy's burgers and Blue Iguana taco's located by the main pool. Both options were as good as always. Going forward on this deck will land you in the Serenity area. It really is beautiful, however, we did not partake in it. From what I heard the front part of it really isn't "serene" as it faces the Lido deck and the back part (all the way forward) on the boat gets filled up pretty early. Mark walked through one day and said "Man, there are some older people up there that have that whole space locked down!" LOL... So I guess you better claim your seat early. ? Ooh... saw these pictures and almost forgot. Trenton attended Camp Carnival only 1 day I think. He had a good time, but has more fun with us. I did notice the counselors for his age group on this ship were HANDS down more friendly and engaging than the past. They were always that way when he was younger, but the older age group ones haven't seemed to be. I found this little secluded spot they have for the little ones to play. When Trenton was younger he would have been all over this! One deck up is the Sports Square. This place is so much fun! This cruise I think they say there were 400 guests on board under the age of 18, which really isn't many. I can say the sports square was busy, but never seemed Over-Crowded. A cruise during the summer or spring break, might be different. There was ping pong, pool, twister, checkers, chess, bean bag toss, whatever that game is that's like shuffleboard, but it's on the floor, not a table and you use a stick ?? That was there ? Basketball, mini golf... I am probably missing some more. The hot dog stand was also up there. One deck above that is THE ROPES COURSE! Trenton did this multiple, multiple, multiple times. The rules are posted. You must be in dry clothes, closed toe shoes and no articles on you that can fall off. You also must be 48 inches tall. They do have lockers there if you need to lock up your belongings. They will let you go around twice before they ask you to get back in line. Trenton seemed to like this course better than the one on the Magic. Now that we have covered the outside… Here’s a glimpse of the inside. Moving a little further down the boat we will head to Deck 5. This is one of the very few ships I know of that have cabins located on this deck. We learned during the Ships Life Q&A that Jamie, the cruise director and all of the Bridge officers sleep on Deck 5. She says you will know you are close to their cabins by the massive amounts of cologne you smell ? The Alchemy Bar is in its usual location. Bartenders here were fabulous as always and my favorite drink is still the Pineapple Chipotle Martini. The stage is located a little different on this deck and I like it. It is in a good spot… NOT shoved in the corner of the casino and has lots of good seating around it. The seating leads into the Red Frog Rum Bar. We didn’t spend much time there this cruise, but I snapped a few pics for you guys. There is not window seating along the promenade here like on many other ships and I have heard some complaints on this. I will say the picture people seemed to be better placed. It didn’t seem to be such a crowded hassle on elegant nights. The casino is the casino! Mom sat down on the 2nd night and won $1000 on one of the machines... so my friends it can be done ? That is always exciting. There was practically ZERO poker playing on this cruise. They did have 1 table, but I never saw a game going. I thought that was strange. We tried several times to win the cash cube game and were rather unsuccessful ? The arcade on this ship is located just outside the casino and right next to the candy shop. I liked this!! Usually the arcade is stashed away somewhere… away from everything. Took us 3 days to find it on the Magic! This one was convenient and a good size. Deck 4 is a strange bird. I am just going to throw that out there. I never had the opportunity to cruise on the Destiny, so I am not sure what state that floor was prior to renovations… but it appears whoever designed it spent a little too much time at the alchemy bar and was a little tipsy when the floor plan was laid. ~ Strickly a personal opinion Starting mid ship you will find the Library Bar. This is very nicely done. Has a decent book and game selection. It also has a wine vending machine… which while I didn’t try it, looked rather cool. Outside the Library bar there is a little winding road that takes you to the Piano Bar, Bonsai Sushi and the Steakhouse. Walking through you will end up in the Limelight Lounge which is where you will go for the comedy shows. They have the doors shut and the line starts about 30 minutes prior to each show. The kicker here is the dining room is on the other side of the Limelight lounge. You are never able to walk THROUGH it and have to go up to the 5th floor… over to the aft elevators and then back down to get to the dining room. More than once I found myself stuck… and noticed that we passed the same people multiple times until we all realized we were trying to get to the same place and finally all banded together. On the same note… If you came out of the dining room and wanted to go to the comedy show you cannot enter through the doors that are there. They are exit only. You must go up to 5… down the hallway and back down the next set of elevators, then walk down the hallway back to the Limelight lounge. It really isn’t a good flow and probably my only real complaint. If there is ever any mention of a design flaw... It's here! The other way on deck 4 takes you through the photo gallery and then to the Liquid Lounge. The Liquid Lounge is located on decks 3 and 4. One large complaint here is the size of the lounge. It is smaller and it is harder to find a seat… but we were always able to sit. Perhaps it isn’t where we would NORMALLY sit… but we had a seat. More people were forced to sit in the upper levels. On the bottom level there are movable chairs and no tables. I only missed the little tables during the past guest party ? Really, there were no other issues. So that’s the boat in a nutshell… Now for the Yay or Nay. Would I sail this ship again? YES, it a heartbeat. All four of us LOVED the Sunshine. We had a great room steward. There was a mistake on Day 1 and we had been assigned to Late Seating which we did not request. I spoke up and it was changed immediately. We had Your Time Dining and service went well. Food was always timely and hot. We never waited to be seated. We did not encounter any staff that wasn't friendly. I found NO smells and you guys know I am a sniffer. Our cabins were in good working order. The ship was truly beautiful. The ceilings weren't leaking and I found NO buckets. Mom's one complaint is you are unable to view the menu and your S&S account on the TV like we have been able to do on other ships... and I am not really sure why. I am not saying no one has ever smelled a bad smell or perhaps saw a bucket... but it isn't a rampant problem and I found none on the 7 days I lived on this ship and I was looking for them. I did take a poll from our facebook group and here was their response. And... I didn't vote ? So 2/3 of the families I cruised with loved it and would go again. 1/3 liked it, but would prefer another boat. NO ONE thought the cruise sucked and that the boat needed to be retired and scrapped for metal ?
  2. We were there last month. Booked a private tour through Liberty Tours Jamaica and had a fantastic time!! We did the secret falls, saw where Christopher Columbus landed, ate lunch at Scotchies (amazing!) and then did some shopping. I just reviewed the excursion on my blog at whenshiphappens.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. When I heard the Carnival Destiny was going to be “Sunshined”, I thought it sounded pretty cool. Then when I heard it was coming to New Orleans, I was REALLY excited. I don’t know why, but I really wanted to sail on that ship! New Orleans was doable. SO, while on the Magic last May, I booked a cruise on the Sunshine and went skipping (literally… I skipped) back to my cabin. Once we were home, I patiently waited for it to set sail in Europe. Then I started reading how everyone hated the ship. It seemed everyone had something negative to say about the Carnival Destiny and the general “online” consensus was the Sunshine was going to suck just as bad…. I didn’t get it. The reviews made it sound like a half finished, overcrowded, leaking, cesspool floating on the seas. Ugh… How could that be true?! The pictures looked so beautiful! Now… I in NO WAY told Mark or my Mom about these negative reviews… There are some things there is just no point in sharing with some people. Bad reviews of the ship you have booked them on and plan on driving 9+ hours to get to… that’s one of them. I kept it all quietly to myself and finally resolved, just not to read anymore. I follow a few “professional cruisers” online. They liked the ship and gave honest opinions which made me feel better. Any complaint they had or problem they noted, I felt was manageable. I ordered us some shirts and happily went to counting down the days. This was our first time cruising out of New Orleans and I certainly felt like a fish out of water! I did so much research on the ship and booking excursions… I didn’t pay a lot of attention to New Orleans. We managed in Miami. We manage in Galveston… how different could New Orleans be? Ha! I did ask a couple of people their opinion. Everyone always loved the French Quarter and suggested a ca-zillion places to eat … at NO point did anyone mention... “Good luck driving a car down there.” “Fat chance in hell of finding a parking spot.” “They have street signs, but the actual street names aren’t on them.” Just for the record… that information would have been useful! Regardless, after Mark practically jumped out of the moving van and stopped a stranger walking down the sidewalk for help, we survived. We had dinner at the Crazy Lobster. It was located in the port and we were able to watch the Royal Caribbean ship leave. The food really was fantastic. I had the fish tacos. The atmosphere was awesome. The service was absent ? Not so much for the lack of employees... there were plenty of them around... just didn't seem to be working. They were friendly and engaging when they were at our table though. We corresponded more with the other customers at the tables near us. We were in no hurry so no big deal, but perhaps not the place to eat if you are watching the clock. Embarkation: We stayed the night in Kenner, LA at the Double Tree Hotel. It said Double Tree Airport… but I saw no airport. Anyhoo. This hotel did offer free parking for up to 14 days. We took a taxi which ended being $14 a person…. Probably should have just paid for parking. It all worked out okay though. We love Hilton hotels and this one had an awesome fitness room (though you also had to pay for breakfast). I have officially been spoiled by the Hampton Inn’s. We arrived to the port around 10:30-10:45. The porter was there to take our luggage. I was a little apprehensive leaving it with him as they only had dollie looking thing and not the big luggage carts we are used to. We walked in and found our way to the priority boarding line for the xray scanners…. And stood there. It wasn’t moving. Finally we ducked under the ropes and joined the regular line. We moved right through…. Until Mark attempted to go through the scanner. Beep. “Do you have anything in your pockets?” No. Beep. “Sir, we are going to need you to take your belt off.” Beep. “Could you please take your hat off.” Beep. “Sir, we are going to need you to take your boots off.” Beep. Mark: “You better figure it out ‘cause I’m not taking my clothes off!” … We were allowed to go through. It did not get much better after that as they seem to have moved the check in desk. You now have to walk through people waiting in the chairs, stepping over feet and carry-on luggage to get to the check in line. There was no clear cut path for you. That priority line did not move there either. We stood stationary for probably 20 minutes before 1 person was called to go to the next attendant. We finally got our S&S cards… trudged back through the chairs, feet and luggage and into the line to board the boat. By the time we got this accomplished they were boarding Zone 6 so we just grouped in with them. *Our personal experience with the Port of NO was not good on embarkation or debarkation (that will be at the end of the blog). I do want to add a statement that several people I have met, cruised with, and trust their opinion have stated this is not how it always is. However, I am not sure I will sign up for a round 2.* The boat is coming up next ....
  4. Progreso is becoming our home away from home ? The first time we went to Progreso I wasn’t really impressed, but drink enough tequila and corona and really what does it matter? Unless you are a man trapped in a chicken fighting contest with other men thanks to your lovely wife and her big mouth. The next time we returned to Progreso, the drunken tequila drinking on the beach days were still haunting Mark so we set out for some hotter than hell culture at the Mayan ruins during July. Clearly a better time than the one before… but still not really impressed. Third time was a charm. We repeated the culture of the Mayan ruins (5 years later) in December instead of July and we got back on the boat thinking… that really wasn’t so bad. That actually was an enjoyable experience. 5 months later we found ourselves back in Progreso. Well, hell. What are we going to do now? Looking through the excursions nothing stood out. We didn’t want to do Corona beach. We had tackled the Mayan ruins twice now. Saw a bicycle excursion that looked fun… but let’s be honest here. Have you seen the roads in Mexico? Better yet, have you seen the bicycles? I am not so sure I want to spend $89.99 a person to experience either one. I researched online through cruise groups and facebook and finally decided. Family: “We are getting off the boat and going into town. We’ll see what happens there.” There were no grumblings or alternate suggestions so that was that. *Sometime in the wee hours of the morning before daylight my eyes flew open. It was dark. I was still on the boat, rocking gently back and forth. I was comfy and snuggled in the bed. Mark and Trenton were snoring. Instinctively I knew something was very wrong. There was a pain in the back of my throat. I didn’t feel well at all. My head was congested. “Oh no! This cannot be happening!” Panic washed over me as I stumbled to the bathroom and flipped on the light. I frantically searched through my bathroom organizer where everything including my kitchen sink from home is artfully stashed in small, sample size packets. I know I have a packet of EmergenC… a small bottle of Zycam. Where are they? I am tossing packets of medication… Pepto, Benadryl, Advil, stuff I don’t even really know what it is… I just know what it isn’t… It isn’t going to solve this war going on inside my head! I am officially under-prepared… On the Triumph no less. I felt defeated. There was nothing I could do other than drink some water, say a prayer and crawl back in bed. The next morning I didn’t feel wonderful… but I didn’t feel perfectly awful either. I made sure to eat a good breakfast, took some vitamins, packed some tissues in our backpack and we set off to explore Mexico. Important Stuff About Progreso ---> At the end of the port area they have buses that run every 20 minutes (they say), but there were 4 lined up there to pick people up. We didn’t get off the boat super early… 10ish or so. Yea for no wait! The buses are FREE and they take you directly into town and drop you off at the local market. Free! What an awesome deal!! As we were getting ready to get off the bus they were offering tours (all inclusive with food and drink) to a beach resort on the other side of town $35 per person. We said no thank you and off through the market we went. There were a hundred tables or so with various clothing, sunglasses, jewelry, wood carvings, chess sets, vanilla, etc… and here is how the conversation went. “No, No Thank You, Not right now, Nope, Uh Uh, No, No Thank you, Already bought one, No, Nope, No Thank You” … All Day. Mark avoided it like the plague! Mom, Trenton and I ventured through and bought some trinkets. One lady literally pulled me by my arm into the sunlight so I could get a better look at the 12 bracelets she quickly draped across my arm… totally ignoring that I said I was not interested. She was sure the sunlight would change my mind ? She was wrong. Finally I said… “Hey, you should ask my Mom. She’s the lady over there in the blue shirt” and then Trenton and I ducked down the other aisle ? He He He We then walked downtown. The shops down there were actually cheaper and not pushy. We met some local police and Trenton loved the Domino’s pizza he found … and a pay phone! I am not sure he believed me that they actually existed ? Of course, he had to touch it and stick it up to his head which sent me digging for the antibacterial hand gel! We also walked through their “market” with fresh vegetables. Behind that is the meat market. Raw meat… just hanging around in the open air… flies buzzing by. Mark WAS hungry. He quickly walked though, sat on the bench and declared he had lost his appetite ? After walking around and taking in the sights of downtown Progreso we thought we would venture over to the beach and let Trenton play for a bit. As we were heading back into the market we were stopped by someone offering tours. He had a deal we couldn’t refuse. $15 per person… $10 for Trenton. They promised a tour of Progreso on an air conditioned bus, they would take us to their “best” beach and then bring us back. We said sure. Let me tell you what this little excursion entailed….. A tour of downtown Progreso. (Actually informative) We saw the “Poor” side of town where people literally lived in cardboard boxes… it was a whole community all the way to the “rich” side of town with police checkpoints outside. Then they took us out to the salt mines. We got out and viewed how sea salt was obtained. Got a little education and then the tour guide actually dug up some sea salt and produced little baggies so we could bring some home. *A few strange birds on our bus actually tasted it and confirmed it was in fact salt. I am cool with taking their word for it. 3. Next we saw the pink flamingos and learned they are actually born white they get their pigmentation by eating bacteria that stains them pink. 4. A little further down the road to some Mayan ruins. It wasn’t anywhere as big as the ones we went to last time, but they were different…. Allowed you to climb them. It was a win-win. *They do offer a rest room here so if you take this tour please note: They do have a potty. They do not have potty seats or toilet paper. Ladies you will need to pack some tissues and strengthen up those thigh muscles for the hover maneuver. Soap… it’s pretty much a given that the sink didn’t have soap. At that point I was just impressed as all get out that there was a sink! 5. Back in the van and on down the road to the Technohotel. It is a little resort. You can purchase a wrist band here for $20 to get you unlimited food and alcoholic drinks if you want. Otherwise everything is free. Free beach (better than the one near the port). Free swimming pool. Trenton played in the ocean, sea shells were in abundance and finished his time off in the pool. There were plenty of beach chairs to go around and lots of shaded tables, chairs and huts by the pool. Music playing… It was a great atmosphere and lots of fun. Mom got some food and drinks. It was good. We opted to wait and eat on the ship. You could get a massage on the beach here for $25. ~> We tipped our van driver $2 per person and he took us straight back to the ship. Otherwise, they will take you back into town and you catch the free bus back to the ship. We were exhausted and the $2 was well worth it! *We were probably half way back to the ship when I sneezed for the first time that day. It was that one simple little sneeze and then I felt like the plague washed over me. I dug out the rest of the tissues… suddenly thankful Mark and Trenton were boys and did not consume them all trying to potty in Mexico. My nose turned into a faucet. My head was throbbing. I felt weak. It was awful. By the time we reached the port I was sure I was going to die. I had Mark and Mom check every shop for their little pharmacy to see if there was any sinus-cold medication, vitamin C type meds and the answer was No. I’m doomed. You can purchase antibiotics, meds for diabetes, estrogen replacement, arthritis, pain and impotence … but if you have a sinus infection or a cold you are pretty much screwed. Somehow we made it back on the boat… I really do not recall and up to our room. I missed dinner this night. I could not even get out of bed. The pressure and pain in my face was so bad I thought for sure the bone under my eye had fractured. Mark headed to the medical deck to try to fix me. Sometime around 2 am he asked me if I wanted him to try to cancel our scuba diving excursion for the next day. No … I’ll be fine in the morning … Death will be the only thing that stops me. He didn’t look so sure…. Clearly I am still alive… So here’s my thought of Progreso. Is it getting better? Are we just getting older? We all had a fabulous day. I don’t know that I will ever book an excursion there again unless some new found adventure opens up. $15 a person you can NOT beat that deal! Carnival could sell that excursion for $89 a person… easy. Don’t you guys dare suggest that to them and ruin it for me next time!! LOL I am still sitting at home wondering how I walked out of Progreso a fan!
  5. Carnival Triumph is my new favorite ship and Progreso is my new favorite port… OK…OK... So the thought about Progreso might be a little drastic… but we did have a FANTASTIC time. That blog is still in the making! First, let’s chat about the Triumph. I love this ship! LOVE IT! Our first time on her was a disaster. We had thruster issues on that cruise and lost almost an entire day. We also missed our scheduled port, Trenton ended up with food poisoning on the way down to Galveston (he was medically cleared to cruise) and then our luggage was delivered and someone’s smuggled wine had burst and leaked all over our luggage and clothes. It had the ingredients of a cruise from hell, but we still managed to walk away feeling as if we had a wonderful time. I was worried at that time because the Triumph was a smaller, older ship than what we were used to. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles and I thought there was a good chance that we would be disappointed. It was totally not the case. So this time around after a mini face lift and the addition of the 2.0 upgrades… my expectations were high and they were met! Disclaimer: My Mom’s cabin had a leaky faucet. It was leaking into the wall and also flooded the bathroom floor… daily. The plumber was there 3 times during the 5 days and it he still couldn’t fix it. *Don’t ask her opinion of how things went. **That’s why I blog and she doesn’t ? Our cabin right down the road was fine. It even had one of those beds that unfolded from the ceiling. Trenton thought this was some pretty cool shit. He befriended the room steward, worked out a deal to get that bed made, left my Mom with the leaky faucet room and moved right on in! The boat itself seemed to be in fine condition. It was not completely redone and “Sunshined” but did seem to have all the necessary replacements from my point of view. Our cruise group from Facebook organized a cabin crawl which took us down to deck’s 1 and 2. The carpet all appeared to be new. The rooms that were shown were all very nice and had the new flat screen TV’s. There were also zero odors. I sniffed down all the hallways just for you guys. My Take on the 2.0 Ugrades: The main pool has been redone. They added the “over flow” option thing around it. I am sure it has a proper name, but I don’t know it. Sure does make it nice to sit there with your feet in the water while the kids play. They also added a couple of shower thingy’s out there and some new hot tubs. Trenton has a thing where he wants to be the first person down the slide on each boat. The Triumph slide was closed at first... but he was finally successful and even confirmed with the employee that he was the first ? On each side of the main pool are the Red Frog Rum Bar and the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar. They were always busy and provided some more seats out of the sun by the pool. I did not partake in any drinks there because 1) anyone over the age of 25 should not drink tequila. No, seriously… it isn’t a good idea and 2) we were behaving on this trip. Alchemy Bar: I could not pass this one up. I just ordered off the menu and tried the Chipotle Pineapple Martini. Holy Moly was it delicious! I have been dreaming about it and will certainly be hitting it up again in January. It was pricy but worth every drop ? EA Sports Bar: Must have been great. It was always packed when it was open. We did walk through when it was closed and it looks very nice! We are Cowboys fans (Unfortunately) and their game was not on the list of those to be played fleet wide. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Cowboys game would be showing on the big screen by the pool. It wasn’t, however, shown in your cabins so if you are a Cowboys fan… there is hope for you yet to catch the game at sea. Guy’s Burgers did not disappoint. They fully lived up to their reputation. For some reason I was under the impression you ordered the type of burger you wanted and they made it for you. (Some people have told me you still do… but this wasn’t my experience… I will investigate further in Jan.) Instead you get in line and they just give you the buns with cooked patties and cheese. There is a condiment bar off to the side where you actually make your burger. The signs are up if you wish to follow the recipe or you can just add toppings to your heart’s content. Mark was in heaven… especially after he figured out he could ask for 2 patties and make it a double heart attack… I mean double meat cheeseburger. I can’t tell you how many he consumed in the 5 days… but I am fairly certain it’s in the double digits. Blue Iguana Taco Bar. In the mornings you could get a breakfast burrito. There are lots of choices for meat and topping… including hash brown potatoes and y’all know I love potatoes! They also had breakfast tacos you could get with fried eggs on top. Those were delicious and messy! In the afternoons you could still have burritos or tacos…just not the breakfast kind. I’m in love with the fish tacos. Just like Guys Burgers off to the side was the “salsa cart” with all your toppings, fixings and fresh watermelon. Yumm! Chopstick’s had the Asian food. It was good. Line was never very long and moved fairly fast. I loved the egg rolls (they called them spring rolls). I’m not one to argue. Whatever those rolled up things are called… they are delicious! Regular ole stuff…Main Dining Room: We had Your Time Dining. We usually ate early (between 5:45 and 6:00pm). Wait was never more than 5 minutes even on formal night. Food was good as always. It always amazes me the amount of people that will stare at you as you are eating and ask how something was… but will never try it for themselves. My advice to you timid cruisers is eat it… try it… you have already paid for it! If you don’t like it… send it back. Your Momma isn’t going to send you to bed with no dinner if you don’t eat it. Spread your wings a little. You will be pleasantly surprised. Casino: Usually we are casino players. As a matter of fact we were on this cruise with a casino discount and free cash at the casino desk, but we didn’t gamble much… back to the behaving part from above ? I am sure we were disappointing to the Carnival Marketing Geniuses… but oh well. There is always next time! The casino has been rearranged a little. Instead of 1 poker table, there are now 2 and there are several new slot machines than before. Shows: While we weren’t drinking much or gambling we decided to hit up some of the shows we typically miss when we are. The Welcome Aboard Show was great. Jen the cruise director is funny and engaging. The next night we went to see The Around the World show. It was nice, but seemed a little long for us. Trenton got bored and we ended up leaving before it was over. We kept meaning to go to some of the comedy shows, but never made it. The Love and Marriage Show was awesome… but mostly because my grandparent’s friends that went with us celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary ended up winning! They brought the house down and were hilarious… especially when the question was asked if they got $1000 for each time they “made whoopee” on this cruise how much money would they have? She answered $0 and he answered $5000! Ha! She got up out of her chair and walked around to stand in front of him with her hands on her hips! Jen the cruise director was laughing so hard she couldn’t speak! We all piled back in their room and enjoyed the bottle of champagne and they were ridiculously happy to have a ship on a stick! Arcade: Trenton never misses an arcade. Prior to the upgrades the entrance to the arcade looked like a Caboose from a train. It was really rather neat. That is no more. It is more of a bland entrance now. I do not like that cosmetic change. The arcade on this ship is small… or so it seems after leaving the one on the Magic. It does have a super awesome air hockey game. Now… let me explain this little game. Trenton says “Hey Mom, do you want to play air hockey?” I say sure. We swipe our card and I say “$2 for air hockey! This better be a darn good game!” 1 big red puck comes out and we proceed to bat it around… then all of a sudden I hear this noise and I kid you not 20 smaller pucks come sliding onto the board. 20 pucks flying back and forth! It was exhausting!! About the time I think we have gotten them all deposited into the little slot… the noise comes again and 20 more pucks come flying out. Good grief! The score says I lost... miserably… but if you are looking for a fun way to burn a few calories this little game will do it! Medical Deck: In all honesty I got ridiculously sick on this cruise. I never have sinus issues but somehow on this ship I developed my very first sinus infection. I was fine during the day, but every evening I thought I was going to die! I finally gave Mark directions to the medical deck while I shoved a pillow over my face. I actually went through 2 boxes of Kleenex. I am sure our room steward thought someone had the plague. Mark came back with pseudoephedrine. $20 for 10 pills…. Then they told me people make crack out of that stuff. Comforting. At least I could breathe some. After my little episode in Cozumel though… it left me almost deaf for 2 days. (That’s another blog) So late nights and partying were not for me. My only complaint for this cruise has nothing to do with Carnival, but everything to do with the Hampton Inn in Galveston. Twice now we have stayed there pre cruise. I love Hampton Inn’s. I love their rooms and beds. I love their free breakfast. They offer cruise parking (at a price) and a free shuttle to and from the ship. The first time we used them was May of this year. We called when we debarked and they told us the driver was under the orange flag… which he was not. It was raining. We waited approx. 30 minutes and after multiple phone calls ended up carrying our bags down the ramp and paid for a taxi. This time we expressed our concern on being picked up and they assured us we would have a timely ride back to the hotel. Upon debarkation we called and were told the shuttle was on its way but was picking up another party of 7. We waited approximately 10-15 minutes on the curb and the first shuttle arrived. The party they were there to pick up only had half of their members present as the rest had been detained in customs. The driver would not take our complete party (even though we had some in wheelchairs and it was very hot outside). He just told us he would take the first part of the group ahead of us, drive fast and be back soon. Again after waiting we ended up taking a taxi. Literally 50 minutes later, AFTER we got a taxi, the driver called my phone and told me he was back at the port and wondered where we were! Umm… Houston already! While I really like staying at the Hampton Inn’s. I will never again pay to park my car there and rely on their transportation. Both times it would have been cheaper for us to pay for parking at the port than pay for parking at the hotel and still end up paying a taxi. Save yourself the frustration! On another note… both vehicles were totally invaded with ants upon our return (and yes we cleaned everything out before we cruised… there was no trash or food to draw them in). They had completely made themselves at home while we were gone! Both vehicles and all our luggage had to be fumigated ? Hampton Inn Shuttle Service=ZERO! Carnival Triumph=TEN!
  6. Hey guys! Made is safely home from our 5 days on the Carnival Triumph. Forced to order pizza for dinner cause it was as close to room service as I could get and the fridge is empty :) We had a fantastic time!! I will write a review and some blogs soon :) We visited Progreso and Cozumel. If you have any questions ... Ask away ;) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - http://tapatalk.com/m?id=1'>now Free
  7. We will be heading out on the Triumph again at the end of this month. I am curious to compare the two cruises... before and after the red bags and bathrobes debacle. ? So here goes...To Be Continued… Part II To catch you up on our “Wheels falling off the train cruise”. We had just returned from our summer trip aboard the Carnival Valor. I was at work one day when Mark calls and says “What do you think about taking another cruise?” Now, that is similar to asking “What do you think about having 2 feet?” Well, I kinda like that idea. Or, “What do you think about living in our home instead of being homeless under a bridge?” Well, I kinda like that idea too. So when he calls me at work to ask “What do you think about taking another cruise?” I got a little frustrated. “Babe, listen. I’m a little busy up here. You know the answer to that. What exactly are you getting at?” This is when he tells me some friends of ours were thinking of taking their first cruise… in December. It was just a little 4 day trip to Cozumel on the Carnival Triumph, but it was over a weekend and all 4 of us could go for what we normally pay for just 1. (Hmmm…. My wheels started turning. We could all take off from work. 4 days was doable. The price was good. Trenton would only miss 2 days of school. We have never cruised in December…) And then he says “It will almost be Christmas time so instead of exchanging gifts for you and me, we could just get ourselves a cruise”. YES PLEASE. SOLD. DONE. BOOK IT. NOW… Seriously, hang up the phone and call Carnival and give them our credit card number. We’re going to Cozumel in December! Texas will be getting cold.… we will be getting our tan on…. Ecstatic was an understatement! I had to work the day we left to go down to Galveston and had been up since 5am. Mark got the job of finishing all the packing and loading the van. SO, after the long drive down to Galveston, followed by the sleepless night with Trenton being sick, we were a little exhausted. Since the boat was having propulsion issues Carnival gave us the choice to cancel the cruise and get a full refund. We were so looking forward to this cruise and when the doctor said he was not contagious we decided to just go ahead and go. All the emails said we could get onboard at 6pm, so we called the porter at 4:30 to come load our luggage and take us to the pier. AFTER the luggage is packed the porter says… “Oh, we aren’t taking anyone to the port right now. The shuttle won’t actually come until around 6pm to take you.” WHAT?! I want to go right now! This is when the first real emergence of Mark’s horns came out. I saw his eyes squint at me and the glare come out…. Here we go. ? They went ahead and took our luggage and we attempted to file back in our rooms. Since it was after the initial check out time our keys no longer worked and we were locked out! Aaaah, perfect. Mark looks at me and says “I am going for a walk.” Mom looks at me and says “I am going to find something to eat.” … and then there were 2. SO, Trenton and I called the front desk and had new keys delivered. We didn’t actually get on the shuttle until almost 7pm! We had been waiting in the lobby with 50 or so other guests for over an hour. The whole day was gone! By the time we arrived to the port the line to get into the terminal was outside the building and all the way down the sidewalk. It appeared all 2000 passengers were in line. This was our first time to purchase the Faster to the Fun. Thankfully we were able to walk around the perimeter, skip the 2 hours of waiting and get up to the counter. There was 1 family in front of us. However, they had about 7 children (no joke)… NO ONE had passports… and 1 adult had checked her birth certificate IN HER LUGGAGE. So we waited…. Forever. Now, my optimistic personality says… we just skipped 2 hours of waiting in that long line. I can wait here for 30 minutes while they figure out this hot mess in front of us. Half the kids were running around in circles bumping into everyone, the other half were crying and screaming. The adults were oblivious to the fact they even HAD children. It really was not a pleasant situation. It seems Mark had lost his optimistic personality about 2 hours ago. So after standing there for 15 minutes or so he asked another rep if someone else could check us in and in Mark’s defense the guy rudely said NO. That didn’t go over well. PLEASE just let us get on the boat! It was not until AFTER we were finally checked in and received our cards that we got the paper telling us we were no longer going to Cozumel, but Progresso instead. Oh yeah…. Mark HATES Progresso. We have already been twice and only once on purpose. At this point I decided we should all play a game… “The we don’t know Daddy game.” No one objected. ? We finally made it on the boat, our cabin was ready. Mark dumped his bag and thankfully took off to go calm himself down. About this time the room steward knocks on the door and is delivering our luggage. I am thinking “Now this is service!” Only the room steward says “Ma’am, you might want to check your bag. Something inside spilled and it’s all wet.” Huh? What do you mean? I didn’t pack anything that could spill. Then he pushes Mark’s suitcase in the door and it is practically dripping with something…. And it reeks! Seriously… what is that? It couldn’t have spilled on anyone else’s suitcase? Are they just trying to pick on the pissed off guy? Cheese and crackers… this is gonna suck! So, I open the bag and yep all his clothes are wet. I called my mom and said “Come smell this bag.” She initially says No!, but consented and seconds later all 3 of us were in the floor of our cabin sniffing the suitcase. Mom comes up with the logical answer… Red wine. Bad Red Wine. By some luck… this foul smelling business is only on Mark’s dark clothes. All the light ones were good. Trenton says “Mom, what are you going to do?” Me: “Um, hello… not tell him!” Mom: “Really… you don’t think he is not going to notice smelling like foul red wine for the next 3 days?” Me: “Fine. How many quarters do you have?” Well… I’ve got the answer for you. Not enough! Now, I COULD have gone down to guest services, but the lobby was a disaster because we were still embarking so I chose to stand in the hallway and beg for quarters…. Don’t judge. I was exhausted and desperate. By this time you could smell the suitcase in the hallway and people were more than willing to donate for a worthy cause. 8pm laundry started! This is certainly NOT the way to start a quick winter get a way. Propulsion issues, vomiting child, long lines, Progresso, Mexico, clothes drenched in someone else’s red wine and laundry. We all want to do laundry the first day of vacation. By now it is time to head to the muster drill. Mark was still MIA. Mom had gone for a drink and when we arrived Trenton and I had different muster stations. This did not go over well with me. He isn’t standing over there by himself and if this boat goes down … the way this trip is starting off that is a good possibility… you can bet your biscuits he won’t be getting in a different lifeboat than me! So, we got escorted inside to the handicap waiting and took a seat in the chairs. Perfect. My phone goes off with a text message from Mark “Where are you?” Silly me. I thought Mark was at our muster station and looking for us. Nope. He would be hiding in the bathroom drinking a beer. “Seriously?! Something is wrong with you!” He says, Nope. Something’s about to go down and I don’t want to miss it. You will thank me later. Hmpf ~ Disclaimer: I fully respect and understand the importance of muster drills. No need to send me emails explaining them. I attended… you can send them to my husband ? Well, he was right. Something did go down. Apparently he found someone having a worse day than him! This couple had paid $3000 to get married that afternoon… only the boat wasn’t here for that to happen. When they did let them on board with all their guests, they had 20 minutes for the wedding and reception. The ice sculpture was melted, the food was cold, they were supposed to have a suite and somehow were downgraded to only a balcony, the bride was in tears… and then the security guard got head butted ... By the tiny little 100 pound bride. She lost her ever loving mind! LOL … and Mark had the front row view peeking out from the bathroom! Somehow, she did not get into trouble for this little incident and Carnival agreed to refund her money she had paid for the wedding, but what was done was done. Upon reflection, she says she doesn’t even remember it! She said she has never done anything like that before and all she remembers was she just kept getting madder and madder… and then her head hurt! That my friend’s was Day 1 of our “Wheels fell of the train” very first (and possibly the last) 4 day cruise. Don’t worry. One day doesn’t make or break the Hunt family. We were all dancing and gambling away by the end of the night and determined to have a good time. Until we got back to the cabin and Mark says… Ugh, what is that smell…. And where are all my clothes! ? Shhhh
  8. I am a planner, a researcher, a thinker. The majority will call it having an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I like to refer to it as just being prepared. What I have learned over my years of vacation planning is no matter how hard I try… nothing ever goes the way I plan it. (That in no way deters me from attempting another time. I am quite stubborn and persistent…. To put it mildly) Our first trip to Galveston was our first cruise ever. The one where I totally tricked my husband into cruising after HE specifically said “no way, no how, not ever”…. So, we arrived in Galveston pissed off and not speaking to each other. Through some online travel/hotel thing I had booked a deal for a “Hotel on the Seawall”. What we got when we pulled up was something equivalent to the Motel 6 in the “hood” about 6 blocks away from the seawall. Perfect….just Perfect. But hey! They offer a free shuttle to the port ? We checked in and hauled our bags up the stairs to the second floor. The room was okay… in a motel-ish sort of fashion. We decided the only thing that was going to improve this night was to just go see the ocean and get a beer. So we called a cab and headed out. Down at the seawall, apparently there is not much of a “night life” so to speak. Every place we went was about to close at 10pm!! We gave up, called our cab and detoured through a convenience store for a 6 pack of beer and headed back to our “Hotel/Motel in the hood”. Upon arriving back at our room we heard scuffling outside the door. It appears the 3 people in the room next door were having somewhat of an argument/mild domestic disturbance. They were quite friendly to us and were more than willing to share their dirty laundry, so we took our beer outside…. Sat down and watched the show. (Our front row seats to the knock off Jerry Springer show involved 1 girl, 2 boys … and shall we say “a sword fight”. Anyhoo…. We played Dr. Phil for a while and called it a night ? Suddenly, we were feeling much better about ourselves. Another time we headed down to Galveston early and were cruising with our son and both of our mothers. That’s right … 2 MIL’s, me, hubby and a kid…. All in 1 van, headed down the road for a 5 hour trip. Approximately 3 hours into this little road trip my husband’s mother CALMLY says…. “I forgot my passport at home.” …. YOU MUST BE KIDDING?! Nope. There is nothing like turning around to go back home after 3 hours on the road. Our 5 hour road trip turned into 11!! (Side note) My mother in law claims to be psychic….. and you didn’t see that coming?! On this same trip she also left $400 worth of souvenirs on an excursion when she LEFT them on the tour bus! Now, I love my MIL and my parents aren’t perfect either… but scatter brained is putting it mildy! Thank goodness her son hasn’t inherited any of those traits….. yet. Once again we attempted to go to Galveston early and it was like the wheels fell off the train! I got off work early so we were heading out earlier than planned. We were avoiding the high traffic times. Everyone was in a good mood… which never, ever happens! This was unheard of! Then, 30 minutes down the road I checked my email and there it was… an email from Carnival. The boat is having propulsion issues and won’t arrive back in Galveston until 3:30pm. Do not proceed to the pier until 6pm. HOLY BANANAS! It was only a 4 day cruise and now we are basically missing almost a whole day! We had even purchased the Faster to the Fun so we could get on board as early as we could to start enjoying our vacation. So the grumbling ensued in the van. We decided to continue on instead of turning around and going back home. We had already booked an awesome hotel… The Hilton ON the seawall and got a room with a view of the ocean. (I was sure of it this time). We would just spend the day in Galveston… visit the beach, go to some museums… we’d make a day of it. Everyone was happy again... somewhat. We arrived in Galveston at 10pm. Naturally, everything was closed. We even asked the young looking kid who took up our luggage “So where do you guys hang out for fun?” He just shrugged his shoulders. OK… “Where can we get something to eat?” His response… “You could order a pizza.” Perfect… we’ll do that. Pizza ordered. Trenton and Maw-Maw headed to their room. Hubby and I piled on the bed and turned on the TV to wait for our pizza. Phone Rings. It’s my mom saying the words you NEVER want to hear when you are on vacation. “Trenton is throwing up.” WHAT!? What did you do to him!? He was fine 15 minutes ago! So I go collect the kid and sure enough he is throwing up… every hour… all night long. He’s not normal by the way. He doesn’t act sick. He isn’t laying there lifeless. He is watching TV, playing on his ipod… keeping me awake and then “Oh… hold on. I’ll be right back.” So 7am comes, Trenton’s back in the bathroom and my husband looks at me and says “So what are you going to do?” WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!! Like… I am the only one with the ability to solve this situation? I said “What are YOU going to do?” He says… “I am going to go to sleep.” HMPF Fine. I called the front desk and asked for the nearest emergency clinic. There’s only 1 on the island. Awesome. Could you call me a cab please. (Mom is in her room with the car keys and not waking up) I jumped in the shower… then threw Trenton in to hose him off a little. Got us dressed and grabbed the trash can liner going out the door to go meet the cab. Bless that little cab driver’s heart. He took 1 look at Trenton, saw me carrying the trash can bag and kicked it into high gear! I am certain the cab was airborne at times. In no time at all we came to a screeching halt right in front of the door to the clinic ? We were in luck. There was NO wait. Went right in and thankfully the doc said he ate something bad the day before and should be at the end of the course. Thanks Roadhouse ? We were cleared for cruising! He gave me a prescription of anti-nausea medicine just in case and sent us on our way! After that Trenton took a 4 hour nap at the hotel… Clearly we had time ? And was fine ever since. So the REAL adventure came next. Our little 3 and now ½ day cruise upon the Carnival Triumph turned out to be one of the strangest of all. Complete with line cutting, head-butting, broken bottles of wine (none related to the other) …. And a really good time! ? To Be Continued….
  9. Let's just throw this out there. I only have 1 child, I am an only child, and I come from an only child. None of it was planned that way... It's just how life happened. A house over run with children is foreign to me. Martha Stewart in the kitchen, I am not. So Trenton says "Mom, can *Sheldon and *Leonard spend the night?" (*Names have been changed to protect the innocent) "BOTH of them? Like... At the same time? (insert excited little face from your only child) Well, ok...". And so it began. I picked the boys up, brought them home and sent them outside to play. All was going well. The kids came inside and said they were getting hungry. OK, let's make dinner. (Trenton shot his first deer last year and was super excited. He thought it was really cool that he was providing food for the family ? He wanted to make nachos and use his deer meat.) This is when *Sheldon says "Oh, I don't eat cheese." I am thinking Oh No! I didn't ask if these kids had any allergies. Oh crap! "Oh, I'm not allergic. I just don't like it." Huh? ... You don't like cheese? ... On purpose? Who doesn't like cheese on purpose? Ok fine. How about chicken.. "no" fish sticks... "no" hamburgers... "no" I name off the entire pantry and fridge... "no". Ok, Sheldon...what would YOU like to eat for dinner? His response... "Olive Garden will be fine." OLIVE GARDEN !!!!! .... Are you serious? I was defeated... I ordered Olive Garden. (A child’s spaghetti with sauce in little cups on the side for Sheldon). This is when I looked at Mark and said "Let's run! Let's just go and leave them here!" (Totally kidding... But the thought seriously crossed my mind) I return home to find three 10 year old boys watching Pokemon on the 65 inch TV and Mark hiding in the bedroom! The husbands point of view: Well, I was sitting there watching my TV and *Leonard comes and sits beside me and says "Hi". So I said "hi." "I really like Channel 300." That's all cartoons. I said. And he just stared at me! So I said, would you like me to put on cartoons? "Yes, please" So I type in 300 and he yells "Pokemon!!" And then this stampede happened and I realized I didn't even have a place to sit on my own couch anymore and there was a 65 inch Pokemon in our living room.... So I took refuge in the bedroom. Ha! So I am thinking "pushover" as I am busting out the OG... Feeling like a champ. "That's not the right sauce". What?! "That's not the right sauce, I can't eat that" What do you mean it's not the right sauce?! You said marinara sauce... That's marinara sauce. "I like the kid’s marinara sauce" The kid’s marinara sauce and the adult marinara sauce is the same! It's marinara sauce! One plate is just smaller than the other!! (my blood pressure is rising) "It's ok. I'll just eat the noodles" You are going to eat plain noodles for dinner!? I HAD plain noodles I could have cooked! DEEP breath... Ok, let's just pray and eat. That bedroom is looking better and better! Play,Pokemon,popcorn,Skylanders, candy, Beyblade, put your PJ's on, brush your teeth.... And *Sheldon comes parading through the living room in his underwear! "You don't live here kid!! Where are your pants?!" Oh Geez! I threw some blankets and pillows at them and went to hide in the bedroom with Mark! Aaah, peace at last. 6AM... Sounds of crashing, spinning, cheering... It's just a dream... "Crash, spin, cheer" ... There is no way those kids are up ... "Crash, spin, cheer" ... Because we all have Beyblade tournaments before the sun comes up! HUGE SIGH. I open the bedroom door and all three file into the living room with the sweetest little smiles "Did we wake you Mrs. Hunt?" ... As if any effort was made in an attempt NOT too. Are y'all hungry? ... In unison "yes". Awesome, here's some cereal. "Mrs. Hunt, I don't drink milk" That's fine, I have almond milk. "I don't really like almond milk" So eat the cereal dry. Trenton does it all the time. "I don't really like those cereals" Fine. *Sheldon, what would YOU like for breakfast?" "Pancakes" No. How about eggs? "Do you have biscuits?" No "Then I don't want any eggs" Of course you don’t, how about cinnamon toast? "That’s fine ... As long as you don't make it soggy" .... This kid's going home hungry! So I Google how to make cinnamon toast bread and NOT make it soggy. Ended up putting it in the oven and using a broiler for the first time… Ever! Then I got interrogated on the make and model of my Orange juice! It's orange juice!!!!!!!! It comes from an orange! Just drink it!!! So. It's noon. *Leonard has left and Sheldon is still here. I have decided his parents have been eating everything they can get their hands on since I picked this kid up and are in a self-induced diabetic coma somewhere. Imagine being able to just eat something! In the meantime, I have applied a double amount of my Derm Exclusive wrinkle cream and booked another cruise. And that my friend’s is why I cruise!
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