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  1. I don't recall them doing that when we sailed on her back in 2007, but then they could have changed it in the past 10 years. Gladys
  2. Hi Jan, we actually did it one year for New Years and the weather was great. The funny thing that happened to us while on the cruise was that we had an ocean view room, so when we were going through the locks we had went back to our room and to our surprise was looking at the inside wall of the lock and was looking at the little creatures that made the concrete wall their home, we watched as the ship slowly raised up from the lock as the water in the lock was being equalized for the ship to enter into the next lock. What an experience, we still laugh about. Our daughter at the time was actually working for Princess, she was one of the pier operations supervisor in Ft Lauderdale and the Coral was actually one of her ships. She told us that every time the ship came back to port it had to be repainted due to the sides sometimes rubbing the inside of the walls of the locks. The Coral was her favorite ship with all the beautiful teak wood that is found throughout the ship,its a beautiful ship through.
  3. Hi, Jan, we actually did that same cruise several years ago and the Coral is a beautiful ship. We really enjoyed the excursions especially the one we did in panama, we choose the excursion that bused you into the interior and then we were taken by canoe to a native village where we experienced how the Cuna indians live, it was a great cruise.
  4. Just booked this new adventure for my hubby and I for our 45 anniversary is anyone one else joining us. Gladys
  5. This cruise is a theme cruise, you have to be waitlisted to get on it. We signed up a little over a year ago and was notified om friday that cabins came available, funny thing is that ee totally forgot that we put ourselves on the list?. So if interested you have to look up the Moody Blues cruise and put yourself on the wait list.
  6. Join the hubby and I on this great great with great performers Gladys
  7. I can't wait. We are also going with some of our best friends,who have only been on one other cruise before this one and it was with us.Their hooked! LOL!
  8. I know what you mean about the sun being relentless. We had the pleasure of living in Guam and Okinawa japan,my husband was air force active duty, so would basically live at the beaches with diving and snorkeling. In Okinawa Japan I can't tell how many hours we would literally comb all along the beaches climbing over more lava rock that I thought I ever would in my life time searching for glass balls. Cant wait to get to the galapogas islands and enjoy the Terrain and animals that they have to offer.that was the most exciting thing when beach combing in okinawa or taking treks into the jungle interior of Guam was that you never knew what you were going to see around that next bend.
  9. Thank you everybody.sorry didn't answer earlier, I haven't been on line lately. Hi Andi we can't wait is an under statement. As it is I've been looking at getting my husband for Christmas an underwater all purpose camera. I have a nikon d80 and looking at getting a different lens but trying to figure out what. I have a tight budget so looking for a good all round lens, I'm a total amatuer. The lens I have came with it is a 28-210, so if anyone can advise me it would be a big help.I've read different blots on some of the other cruise websites and its soooo confusing.
  10. Thank you. We booked this trip a year and a half ago and even though we have still six months it feels like it's just around the corner.
  11. Going on celebrity xpetion to the galapogas May 18 2014, it's a trip of a lifetime for us plus we're celebratng our 40 anniversary. Anyond else on the same cruise?
  12. Going on celebrity xpetion to the galapogas May 18 2014, it's a trip of a lifetime for us plus we're celebratng our 40 anniversary. Anyond else on the same cruise?
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