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  1. Why is it that our professors expect so much from us but can’t reply to our emails in like 70 hours?!?

  2. RT @RheaButcher: I’m joining whatever political party those kids in Florida just started

  3. 2 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/8CyjuSrI1a

  4. RT @vickto_willy: You don’t realize how broke you are until you’re in college and you have to choose between buying tissue or getting a 4 f…

  5. RT @online_shawn: Olympics reporter: You won a gold medal, are you happy? Athlete: oh yes. I am happy I won the gold medal

  6. RT @ansontm: 7. Me stepping into 2018: https://t.co/WSoBXTwSn0

  7. @nikole_boyle Sooooo wing night at West End? I’ll bring the flowers!! @laurzen4

  8. RT @miggsboson: A hot dog is not a sandwich because the meat can still be referred to as a hot dog without the presence of a bun. In contra…

  9. RT @aliciaaadani: How come I only feel myself in an old ass XL men’s shirt from goodwill

  10. RT @ReallyDGAFF: Mom: “So how much longer you got in college” Me: https://t.co/1hO5518ieU

  11. RT @callieshayeeex3: guys!!! if i get 500k retweets this can happen for me!! please help out ?? thank you all!!! #CalliesMetsProm https://…

  12. RT @aliixkiinsey: when i see a girl lookin at my mans but i ain’t worried cause he mine https://t.co/CjkezxOZP2

  13. RT @vargassteffany_: Y'all I'm cryinggg ?? https://t.co/MxRGfKsJHC

  14. @fordkaralyn @madelinedarland @shann_aniganss @molllllykat TOO SOON

  15. RT @EmPewinski: The public school system teaching me how to cite in MLA for all of high school just for me to only use APA in college is th…

  16. @shann_aniganss 10/10 song

  17. RT @Paige_Timmerman: tonight a girl ordered an 8oz steak &her bf goes, do u rlly need all of that? & she looks at me and said, actually mak…

  18. RT @StephenAtHome: Winter Storm Grayson appears to be turning away from the East Coast, possibly because it can’t compete with the shit-sto…

  19. RT @zsequeira: my dad is by far the most extra man I know. https://t.co/zLTgvMSZAp

  20. Why is this you @shann_aniganss https://t.co/1vV9CCMond

  21. RT @ALPINE: She said yall all dickheads https://t.co/fJEmhzJhNc

  22. “Whatever my job is” ??? https://t.co/CSyZnGjmmJ

  23. RT @AidenMarceron: BRUH DEADASS JUST WALKED INTO 7/11 AND BOUGHT BACKWOODS WITH THIS ID... https://t.co/rmuD0jPyfT

  24. RT @aIonsogarcia: Professor first day of class: Good mor... Kids with macbooks: https://t.co/BFntTiQ3w1

  25. When you’re ignoring your man because you’re mad at him but he asks if you’re hungry https://t.co/9KklcJbSGE

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