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  1. L. I’ve been waiting long enough, let’s face it the kids a snub. https://t.co/SBKwYW4zqN

  2. Sup https://t.co/9Hp8Znq1tP

  3. RT @JPaps40: If you think your best friend won't be a snake, don't forget that josh peck didn't invite drake bell to his wedding.

  4. RT @MSavvy91: It took me a while to tell my story but I just needed time! There are lots of people waiting to hear yours!#speakup https://t…

  5. #PS4share https://t.co/AQcLxhSNCH

  6. RT @PredsNHL: History = MADE. See you in the #WesternConferenceFinal. #STLvsNSH https://t.co/2Gh7Cgxbcd

  7. RT @FillWerrell: ? https://t.co/WzQAJlqqf8

  8. RT @MSavvy91: I'm truly feeling a huge effort tonight!!I'm not talking a 7-0 San Jose blowout but I feel a dominant performance coming! W #…

  9. RT @DevilsInsiders: #mood (not sure who got the original image, but what a great shot!) https://t.co/nSJB7LHCaP

  10. @jamiebenn14 what thoughts come to mind when you hear the name 'Rick Ross'

  11. I'm still here just been busy

  12. This is gonna be a great playoff season because the boys in Boston are coming I'm telling you

  13. RT @BillRatchet: where it all began https://t.co/WLieauZnxF

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