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  1. @kelly_berge @VIPS_paranormal Best years with VPS spent! :-) We turned this team around in the best way possible. I wouldn't change a thing.

  2. RT @VIPS_paranormal: From #Squamish to #Hope in #BritishColumbia, we are "here to help" any and all that are experiencing #paranormal activ…

  3. RT @VIPS_paranormal: Not one but TWO #blog posts today! One from each of our Co-VPs @Aimee_Jane33 & @kelly_berge https://t.co/1I9oRtX2MN #P…

  4. @VIPS_paranormal Public investigation tomorrow night. The entire VPS team looks forward to seeing everyone who's registered to attend.

  5. RT @VIPS_paranormal: #Paranormal #Vancouver #Ghosts #Haunted #VancouverParanormalSociety #Spirits #Spooky #Scary #FraserValley https://t.co…

  6. This place is truly amazing. Great day visit. https://t.co/8rsyEubz8j

  7. After curiously attending a UFO seminar tonight, this lightening storm on the way home is a little unnerving :P

  8. RT @VIPS_paranormal: Have you joined the #paranormal discussion on our Facebook page? https://t.co/xKPpkfObER #Vancouver #Ghosts #Spirits #…

  9. @VIPS_paranormal has been working with this cool guy and his colleagues. We can't wait for this event next week. https://t.co/IS5ElpWICo

  10. @MRMArchives call Toy Traders in Langley on the bypass. I'm sure I seen them in there not too long ago.

  11. RT @VIPS_paranormal: Question for #paranormal investigators out there, what's the most creative thing you've tried in order to communicate…

  12. RT @VIPS_paranormal: It was a great pleasure having Stephanie from @GhostlyVan join us on investigation last night @SalmagundiWest in histo…

  13. Lots of interviews this week for @VIPS_paranormal team with professors and radio. :)

  14. We have big news you guys! Do you want to investigate with the VPS team? Here's this weeks @VIPS_paranormal blog. https://t.co/iFdsYpVvV7

  15. Such love for this camp! Wonderful history, and the staff are amazing! https://t.co/gRJVs8Jo48

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