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  1. Hi Everyone! Today is looking good. Hubby's home (even though he's spending the day snoozing ...at least he's home!) and the sun looks like it wants to put in an appearance as well. High 50's for the day. Kits are getting louder every day! Which is awesome as it means they are healthy but it can get a bit LOUD in my sitting room lol. Funny enough its only until they can hear in a few weeks that they make noise. Its almost like OMG... was that ME!!! I better hush! lol An another odd English thing... they think that anything Mexican must be coated in chilli and jalapeños .. which means my husband wont eat it as he has a super sensitive pallet. Anything tart, sour or spicy is just too much for his mouth. I decided to try and show him that just cause its "Mexican" type food doesn't mean it has to burn last night. I made Chicken Quesadillas and He really enjoyed them.. Yay! Think I bust the myth there! I am not a fan of HOT foods either but love a good tex mex... enchilada or chimichanga, etc. and really look forward to stopping into a good restaurant when we go back to the states each year. Perhaps this year He'll come with me! Hey Jim! I'm jealous! and I still have 2 cruises to do this year lol.. I'm sure you'll have a blast ! What's the weather like in the Caribbean in Feb ? still swimming weather? Marylou, I've had those days... LOTS of those days lol... would love to find the "Do Over" button on my Duvet! Till Next time Heather
  2. Good morning everyone! Sounds like a few of us had a nice weekend planned for the holiday.. hope that all went well! Shari, Marylou.... I want a cleaner... BAD LOL.but i'm afraid i'd be one of those that cleans before the cleaner arrived too.. which i really feel defeats the purpose LOL so I guess I'll just have to stick to doing a half done job myself ! I think there has been odd weather fronts coming through... not only do we get cold and dreary and warm and sunny off and on all day long for the past week but my joints are killing me. I'm young for real arthritic pain I know, but I have suffered since I was a young teenager. My dr called it growing pains when I would be flat out on my back on the floor in pain. Yeah well... basically its not Rheumatoid Arthritis but is IS a degenerative nerve type of grinding in the joints ... soo... Especially when the weather fluctuates I suffer a bit. This is only getting worse as I get older. Today actually feels a bit better, I haven't needed that tylenol just yet and feel a bit more agile lol The kits are a week old now and looking fat and happy. Just how we like em! Now just to entice a few more adoptive "ferrants" into our midst and I'll be set for our holiday. My husband says we'll manage of course but you know how it is. I do this so we can enjoy the trip and want to make it work. I'm sure it will. I got 11 more weeks! So that's me. Hopefully Russ is done at 4pm today and then off till Next Monday! Yay! We've an appointment at hospital tomorrow to have his CPAP mask adjusted because its causing him too much trouble to wear at night. So hopefully I'll be sleeping with a little less snoring next to me after tomorrow lol talk soon Heather
  3. Morning everyone! Jan - You're not alone! even within a very passionate ferret community there are so many myths and half truths that you do wonder how so many manage! We're quite lucky to be in the position we are that i can observe and learn hands on... I learned a long time ago to toss the myths and half truths out and just watch my animals and see what they really need! Today has started well. My kits all ate well yesterday evening so I was able to get to bed after the last check in at 2 am. Even nicer, my husband, Russ, had to get up early for work so did the first check in on them and let me sleep in till blessed 8 am .. yay! I do a daily weight check on each kit and the biggest one weighs exactly 1 ounce today... which is good ...little monster is finding his way to the milk bar first methinks! We never did get out yesterday afternoon as Russ had some errands to run after work. Maybe this afternoon. In between kit care and mom care I have a few house keeping chores to sort but those will hopefully get done by the housework fairy LOL. Tomorrow is Russ's first day off in 10 days so He'll either sleep or maybe we'll just hang out... either way it will be nice just to spend the day together! Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend! Till next time Heather
  4. Hello folks... Well here I am in the land of the crazy ferret lady lol Yes, the Darker one is Sunshine. She is the more protective of the girls with more experience as this is her second litter. She would never bite me but she is quick to jump up and check to be sure I haven't got any babies in my hands ( babies belong in the nest .. sheesh!) and that its just me. You'll often see her clean my hands when I put them in. Just a mom thing I think. Thankfully between the two girls they seem to have all the kits in hand and I actually got a good night sleep last night! yay me! No plans for use this weekend as Russ is working all weekend and on standby till Monday morning... If the weather holds maybe we'll plan a little drive on the moor or something. Shari - I hate when those nice long newsy posts go Poof! Today is just the same ole for me, tend babies, monitor the chat for any of the new "ferrants" ( ferret parents rolllllll muh eyes lol ) coming in asking questions or wanting to chat. Its part of the experience we offer to make our breeding program a bit more premium. Constant access to YOUR baby and to me. Anyone can take a badly cared for dirty baby, give them a bath and stick them in front of a pretty background and take some snaps.... with me you get to see every single moment and KNOW how your baby is being raised... I'm hoping when Russ gets home from work we might get out and enjoy some afternoon sunshine if it sticks around... seems to be a pretty day out there but i haven't seen the weather to see if its gonna last ! Till next time Heather
  5. Well Hi ! So sorry I've been MIA.... Life, once again, gets in the way. May started for us with a mad rush to organize for a TV crew... yeah.. I was asked by a national TV organization if I would allow them to film the birth of my ferrets kits for a series they are doing on Animals Births. After some consideration I agreed, with the understanding that if the girls go into labor early they would miss it as they are about 6 hours plus from me. So after a mad rush about, cleaning, sorting and revamping out outdoor enclosure.. what happens?? Yeap, my girls both went into labor early this Monday! DOH!! They missed the whole bit! Silver Lining: I got my house cleaned and outdoor enclosure redone which we've been wanting to do for months! One of my girls had a bit of trouble delivering, with breech births and a very very long labor due to a couple sad little still borns. I try to be practical about these things but its still sad. Each jill has 9 kits and my sitting room is very noisy lol The next day was even more stress as the jill who struggled was very unsettled, upset, her milk didn't come in properly initially ( perhaps because she was a little early delivering) and the kits were hurting her when she nursed. She also had 2 very small jills ( girls ) who weighed about as much as a nickel! very tiny and frail and shoved to the bottom of the nursing pile with 7 bigger brothers and sisters. I had to keep a constant vigal and the only time she would settle down is when i put her with Monday ( the other jill who delivered and her daughter) .. So a little earlier than I intended i put the whole lot together and finally .. whew.. the tiny girls started gaining weight and Sunshine ( stressy mom) settled down and relaxed... so whew.. If you wanna take a peek you can see them on the cam http://www.devoncountryferrets.co.uk/#!nestcam/cjg9 Life here will be hectic until August 20th when I take the majority of these guys to the US and I can finally start winding down for my two cruises in September.. Yay! Marylou- I am glad you had a good trip Jan - super glad your test results came back good! Hope the cold is getting better I'll try to keep up more now that i have almost come up for air lol talk soon Heather
  6. Thank you everyone for the congrats and good wishes! Alaric James is doing well after a very tough delivery. He has a bit of bruising and a monitoring a bit of a breathing issue but should go home tomorrow or the next day, happy and well with mom and dad! Ray, we live on the edge of Dartmoor here in SouthDevon with Tons of Gorse and Heather of our own. But, yes we do make it up to Scotland a few times a year. We have friends in Edinburgh and try to visit whenever we can get a long weekend. Till next time Heather
  7. Good morning Everyone.. Today i'm Celebrating a new additon to our family. A new baby boy born around midnight! 8lb 6oz.. not too bad for 2.5 weeks early!! It was odd and very different from when I had babies. I sat on Facebook chatting with my niece while she was in labor for a long time. 5,000 miles away and she's comfy with her epidural and chattin away with all her buddies! Its especially poignant and lovely to add this little boy to our family Love, because we have lost quite a few in the past 4 yrs. My niece's sister at age 13 to Cancer followed by my mom 2 yrs later to cancer and then my dad's identical twin the next year again to cancer. Bringing a special new life to our family has been such a blessing! Enough of the soppy stuff though! Marylou --- ohhh drool.. i want good corn beef!!!, and congrats and thank you for the inspiration, a lifelong love like yours is more and more rare these days! Andi --- Fingers crossed we get the people in to snap up the little darlings but yes! it does seem like my cruise fund will be filling up nicely in a month or so! Jan --- We've been the Griswolds many a time ourselves LOL. I took your advice and spoke with a travel agent who dutifully got on the phone with their cruise specialist. However, not only were we already getting more then £300 pound better deal on our cruise on the dream, but they told us while they could take over the booking they could only give us the same deal as Carnival already had given us ?? and therefore it wasnt in our best interest to pay their commission on top to change it over? All the best for today... i'm off to shop online for a baby gift and flowers for the new momma. Heather
  8. well Shame on the Son in law.. obviously didn't want something fun like that for his kids bad enough! Your Jim sounds like a stand up guy! Tough break on the deli lol.. you'll get there! I hate it when that happens ! I'm the one that usually forgets to check on stuff like that ... oops! Luckily I have a rather laid back hubby who doesn't the small inconveniences.
  9. MaryLou, Helping out a neighbor is always a good thing. In today's world fewer and fewer neighbors help each other out. I'm sure you'll have a great day out and even better knowing you've done a good turn. Garlic Icecream wouldn't float my boat either.. they did have some chili icecream there. I didn't try it! I'm not a spicey person and couldn't figure out how that would taste nice lol... The stand was right next to the chili chocolate table too. odd people lol Thanks for the good wishes! Heather
  10. Hi Everyone, I did this long post a couple days ago and it all disappeared .. ugg.. hate when that happens. So i'll make a shorter one. Last week, Russ was off work so it was a lot of down time. A few chores that needed doing got done, but mostly sat in the sunshine at the ponds and went to the food festival in Exeter. They had hundreds of food vendors there from all over the southwest of England with lots of yummy cheeses, sausages and cakes and stuff to taste. Some how we managed to rein it in and only brought home a nice jar of blueberry chutney, some local juice drinks and a wedge of an amazing triple chocolate brownie cake which I scoffed on the couch with a glass of milk. As you all know my spring and summer revolve around my little monsters.. Both girls appear to be pregnant so thats a good thing and we've even had interest already in the resulting kits which wont make an appearance until mid May still, so that is reassuring. I'm waiting anxiously today as my niece is being induced. She is a couple weeks before her due date but not too far from it. Blood pressure and -pre-eclampsia makes it better for her to deliver now. So... around 5-6 AM Central time they are hooking her up to the meds and getting the show on the road. Poor girl is more than ready though, been at 4 cm and 90% effaced for the past few days... So i'll be anxiously waiting for updates on Facebook from family! Hope you're all finally into some real spring weather! I've seen that some places are still getting a bit of that nasty white stuff!!! I'll try and keep up a bit better this week! Hopefully things will get back on schedule as they should lol Heather
  11. Shari, The English LIVE on tea.. its drunk like Coffee is in America and those addicts that drink all day every day?? yeap.. they are here too.. but for Tea!... Most have tea with Milk with or without sugar. ( that would be English breakfast Tea from the grocery stores in the US) If some one asks for tea.. or asks if you want tea.. thats what you'll get. Now Cream Tea is very different. Cream tea consists of a scone cut in half with Clotted Cream and Jam served with the every present cup or pot of tea. It looks a bit like this.. There are two different traditions for HOW to make your cream tea.. in Devon .. AKA the PROPER way says my husband.. you put the clotted cream on first and then the Jam ( strawberry of course... though others are marginally acceptable) however if you live in Cornwall.. which is only a half hour drive away.. you put the Jam on first and THEN the clotted cream... Sacrilege!!! And then you have Afternoon Tea.. which is a bit like a fancy ladies lunch perhaps... a bit like this... When i first moved here my new mother in law use to make these kind of lovely Afternoon Tea type spreads for us. I love the little tiered cake plates and have a nice collection of my own.
  12. Hi everyone! The weekend is a rather typical one for me this week. Hubby is off to a friends garden they both sort of maintain and we all enjoy. About a 1/3 of an acre tucked away with three big hand dug ponds and flowers and trees and all sorts put together over a 20 year adventure with two confirmed bachelors ( hubby never thought he'd marry again and then met me ) 95% of the plants and flowers have been picked up on clearance, free or at carboot sales for a flumpance... ( British for not much lol) which continues to amaze us all as the garden has matured to include something special to see and enjoy every season of the year. Some times i tag along and read in the sun or have a wander while the guys sit around drinking tea and talking about their next project. Currently Russ ( my husband) is playing at his favorite activity ... tree torture... aka tree training... cutting, bending, shaping and tying trees and bushes into the desired shape. He's making a living bench which sits in front of our memorial cairn where his 20 yr old jack russell Poppy is buried along with a few of my very special ferrets. Kind of a special little place to just sit and contemplate and enjoy remembering the good times. Today I stayed behind as the sun, while out and beautiful is still a bit cold for sitting in while not doing much and I have much to do myself this morning still. Ferrets to feed, clean out and play with, meals for said beasties to put together and portion for the next few days. ( i'm happy to say that the girls i just mated have already upped their food intake which is a good sign for me!) Got a bit of PC work ( including indulging in catching up with you guys lol ) to do and a house to tidy.. by then i hope the sun will have warmed things up a bit and i'll go down to the ponds to enjoy a bit of sun or Russ and I will go have a little drive and see if we can find a new place for a cream tea! Question about planning your cruises... Is it just me? I find myself planning, searching and re searching and re searching all the details i cant sort yet because of time restraints or money not yet in place etc... FAR more in advance than i need to lol.. I know i'll be disappointed when prices go up before i can afford to put money on the things i gotta do!! I should just leave it till its TIME ... right ? ? ? But i cant seem to help checking and rechecking rental car companies, hotel deals and multi city flight plans... all too complicated lol Till Next time! Heather
  13. Hi Jan, I really hope the drs get the things needed done quickly and safely so you can have a full recovery. Its a scary time when these questions and set backs add up! So just find an agent like in town? or online? ask if they have any group cruises for the ones we have booked now? shop around i guess to see who might offer us the best perks ?
  14. Good afternoon everyone! Well Easter weekend came and went here with little fanfare. We DID have a nice spring day or two over the 4 day weekend.. and included a day of doing absolutely nothing but snoozing in front of the tv and then another day out on Dartmoor with the dog for a good walk, a pint of coke at a little country pub and a nice drive in the country. Russ is back to work this week and I have work to do as well. We start our real work with the ferrets this week as they just spent a very naughty night with their boys last night we start counting down to 42 days till babies arrive! Always an exciting but anxious time. These little monsters pay for my cruises in September sooooooooo i kinda count on them arriving safely, attracting customers and growing up properly. They always keep me on my toes! Otherwise life in general plods on around us. We are hoping to meet with a financial planner this week to find out just how bad off we would be if Russ retired at 55 with a full works pension and state pension in place. We are doubtful but hoping we might be able to use a partial annuity to allow us to semi retire in the states. We both feel the push to get over to our own place sooner and sooner each year we go back to visit! Not to mention that while money would be tight.. i wouldn't have to pay airfare for Caribbean cruises anymore lol Its the Airfare that kills it!! I'm glad to see so many of you finally getting spring time weather its been a very long winter it seems! But spring is rushing past quick! Reading about the perks of doing a group cruise i wish i had known or known how to look for one for our two cruises in September this year.. might have been nice to have a few extras or even a cheaper rate! Ahh well i'll quiz you all on how to do that next year LOL I love reading all your little updates but i'm rubbish at keeping track of what everyone said and responding to each one.. will try harder next time lol all the best Heather
  15. I had the same problem with adding both of my cruises. Carnival Elation and Carnival Dream in September.. neither would add for me nor could i find them already added... shame ...
  16. Hi Jan, What are the perks of booking with a group instead of just for yourself ? Just wondering if its something i want to consider sometime!
  17. Ray - lol.. yeah kinda.. they each get a raw quails egg for their breakfast! Jan - Sadly the kids here pretty much think Easter is about chocolate easter eggs mom buys at the store way back in January when they start going on sale and put in the closet... I'm sure there are those that celebrate in a more traditional manner.. but dying eggs isn't one of the traditions they would understand. I use to steal a friends daughter and do the holiday stuff with her.. bake cookies at christmas, a few of my family's traditional christmas crafts, dye eggs at easter ( she thought it was fun but it didn't hold her attention long lol ) but she'll be 13 this year.. and just .. outgrowing the kiddy stuff .. kids grow up too fast!
  18. Happy April everyone, With Holy week upon us I am missing home. I miss going to church with my family (I haven't been able to find one I can faithfully call home here in the UK so I make a point to go when I get back home in the states as often as possible) With Easter just around the corner I also miss the kids... I miss the little kid stuff that makes Easter also a fun time. Dying eggs, ( btw they dont have many white eggs here in the UK and brown ones dont dye well ) Easter Egg hunts. Little girls in pretty Easter dresses. Family events after church with a big ham dinner or what have you.. sigh... miss that stuff so much!! But on a happier note... Spring thinks its here...(though we dont really have a great forecast this week) we have hyacyths and Daffs and that up... Wild Garlic coming up in the hedges and hill side and the Blue bells not far behind. One of our favorite things to do in the spring is go up into the wooded glens where you can find entire woods carpeted in Bluebells. A wonderful place for a walk or picnic or even a sunday drive someplaces. The native bluebells are protected here so no one picks them or digs them up.. making for a lovely view for all to enjoy. Enjoy the holiday weekend with your families!! Heather
  19. I definitely found the novelty of free room service a lovely treat! On our cruise last September, I was recovering from a very nasty infection that had me rather wiped out. Which meant I often needed to turn in for a nap or evening rest before the rest of us were ready. I loved that i didn't miss the "fun" cause i could order up a sandwhich, some cookies and lemonade and sit on my balcony watching the time float by and having a rejuvinating snooze.... While I dont anticipate a NEED for that sort of thing this year, I know I wouldn't have been happy to PAY for my snack time... I wouldn't have used it at all!
  20. We've only been on the one cruise on the Carnival Conquest last September.. bitten by the bug big time though so doing two THIS September. We chose Anytime Dining for our cruise and enjoyed it. We were a group of 3 and it seemed we were always sat on our own even when we requested a sharing table except at breakfast.. Which we really enjoyed. I had never eaten with people I didn't know but it was fun to get to know people and see what they got up to onboard and on shore. Is there anything we're missing with early or late dining that I should consider for this year's cruises? We're on the Elation and Dream b2b. One thing i kinda liked was making sure we were there at the right time to see the dining staff sing to us lol... their welcome song the first night and the goodbye song at the end were really fun!
  21. Hello everyone! Looks like a few with those nasty spring colds creeping up. I'll wish you better real soon. I can feel a bit of spring allergies creeping up on me here. Like my dad I suffer with ragweed and mustard, which are either non existent or rare here in our part of Devon because neither has crept up on me and laid me low. But there IS a little something in the air leaving me stuffy headed and sneezing now and then. Only good side is a get a great night sleep cause the benedryl knocks me out lol Unfortunately one of the big things I miss about America is Corn Beef dinners... I remember my mom making Corn Beef and Cabbage and home made ruben sandwiches... SIGH... the English call corn beef some chopped up version that comes in a can like Spam.. and yes it tastes just as bad. Their equivalent is called Salt Beef. Which is brined in speciality butcher shops around Christmas time I believe. Its close but WAY too salty.. needs soaking like forever before i can make decent meal out of it. Also far too expensive except on special occasions so .... none for St Paddy's Day. Mostly a drinking holiday here and since hubby and I aren't really drinkers we didn't do much despite his last name being McNally lol I did finally get Little Miss Magic off to her new dad in Virginia on Friday! She had a final vet visit with a jab for distemper and health certificates etc and then we headed off to London. Its about a 4 hour drive from down here in Devon. She needed to be at the Animal Reception Centre ( AKA Quarantine station) for 5 am so she could make a 9AM flight. So we left at midnight and a good thing we did too. I swear every road that we took had road construction and miles and miles of diversions set up! We made it in time and met our transport agent who will then go book her in etc... got the all clear about 30 min later, meaning she passed all the checks and is all booked in for her flights.. Yay... we can go home! Her new dad was anxiously awaiting her flight into Norfolk at 6:30 pm. Unfortunately due to a snow event in New Jersey... her connecting flight was CANCELLED UGG... poor guy got a phone call about 30 min before he was going to leave for the airport... sorry she wont be in till tomorrow morning... He was soo bummed! And now we have to make sure she is being taken care of properly overnight. Thankfully we use a program through United Airlines called Pet Safe. In the major hubs like Newark they take them to the on site kennels where they are fed and watered and kept under the direct supervision of a qualified vet. Brian ( new dad ) called them and warned them to take bite precautions!!! as she is a young ferret who is use to RAW MEAT only and at this point has had no food in about 16 hours... ( she generally eats every 3 -5 hours!!! ) Once one of these guys gets a hold of your hand and MEANS it... yeowch! Thankfully the vet on hand was experienced and fed and watered her happily and then packaged her back up in her carrier to await her flight in the morning. She arrived safely and whew ... my part is done! I'll miss her cause she is a cheeky fun little scamp but i'm glad she's in a fantastic new home where she will be spoiled rotten. In other news... Spring is consistantly still trying to spring here... we had a Solar Eclipse on Friday as well. Lots of people had some great pictures to show for it... us...we had clouds... LOTS and LOTS of clouds. So a bit of a non event here lol. My husband works rather long hours including a 10 day period every 5 weeks on call 24/7 on top of his regular work week. This sucks a lot. But, it does mean that the following week with a bit of creative usage of holiday or make up holiday days he can actually have tuesday through to the next Monday off work. We've spent a lovely week catching up on a few bits and pieces and enjoying a bit of the sun when it peeks out. Still not warm sun but lovely none the less for a morning's drive up into Dartmoor looking at the hills and walkers and Gorse and Heather starting to pop up al over. Lots of sheep and Dartmoor ponies and cattle running wild in the roads so you have to take it easy and enjoy the scenery. Today we went out for a drive and stopped at a lovely little Cafe in a town called Widdecombe in the Moor. We had a Cream tea which is a freshly baked Scone topped with Clotted Cream and fresh strawberry jam. A Devon speciality/tradition and very much a spring/summer treat in these parts. Here's where we had our tea... The building was originally a cottage but was turned into an Inn during the early part of the 1800's ... very picturesque place to stop for a bite to eat! The rest of the day will be a slow one I think.. Russ is off out to a friends working in the garden and i'm going to curl up with a book .. for the readers out there i'm rereading the Dragon Riders of Pern series... Nice place to escape to! Till next time.. I hope everyone's spring is springing or does so quick like!! Everything looks brighter with a springtime blush on it! Heather
  22. Hello everyone! Its been a stressy manic kinda week so i've been on the go a lot. We did a quick photoshoot with my breeding ferrets which is always a good laugh but takes time to edit, crop and adjust pictures to select just the right pictures to show off the qualities we hope to "sell". Then there was website design and updating. Why do I always think its going to take just an hour or so and look up 8 hours later to my husband coming home and the house work undone and the dog begging to go out ... oops! Still forgot a page so back to THAT drawing board soon. A friend of mine breeds Standard Poodles and does fantastic photography, she however, is NOT a pc techy type.. so we swap. I do her PC stuff and she does my pictures. I get the easier end of the trade mostly so thats good! But another day this week was taken up switching some code around for her as she has pups due this weekend and wants to do the webcam thing like i do. It was actually quite an enjoyable afternoon, spent with a friend and gabbing about our pets and families. She is also very jealous of our cruises this year lol.. We had hoped to talk her and her husband into coming with us this year but their 12 yr old daughter is starting Secondary School ( middle school like ) this september and its a real important time for making friends and finding their way just about the time we would be sailing and it wouldn't be fair to take her out of school or leave her behind dealing with all that new school stuff with a sitter. So... This year I just make her so jealous she cant some up with a reason NOT to go with us next year lol The little ferret that I am shipping off to the states is just about ready to go, next friday in fact, so there has been some prep stuff for that going on too. While my life appears to revolve around my little critters there is more to it lol We have gorgeous spring stuff happening around us here. The Daff's are our, Crocodile kisses and snow drops, climbers are just getting set to RUSH out their blooms and all the new buds are getting full and fuller... ready to burst as soon as we manage a good warm spring day. Weather wise here its been same ole same ole... mostly grey... few teasing sunrays and off and on rain ... blah.. i sure hope we get a summer this year. I'm happy to leave the real hot temps for August when i head to the states but it would be nice to get out and enjoy some sunshine and green grass and walks in the woods without needing 3 layers lol. Shari - I hope you're feeing better soon. I suffer with quick random bouts of all sorts of nasties ( hubby works in water treatment so brings every bug going home with him) It looks like a lot of you are getting a wet spring after that long cold winter! hope the hip waders can be put away soon and the sunshine catches up! It's mothering Sunday here in the UK and we'll be going to my Mother in law's after Russ gets home from work for a quick visit. We will probably do a simple egg and chips dinner tonight so i don't have to cook lol Have an enjoyable week everyone ...just in case i don't manage to pop in as often as I hope to!
  23. Saturday ... end of the work week... for most lol I did get a nice ( though odd) lie in today courtesy of my hubby handing me a benedryl for some spring allergies starting to crop up. For me these suckers work like some of the best sleeping pills out there. The down side is when i wake up groggy the next morning, weird things happen, like when my husband woke me apparently around 5 am saying he couldn't sleep and was going to go out and get some deisel in the car and some breakfast stuff. I woke again 30 min later to him gone with NO clue where he went.. i dont even remember him coming to bed which is very weird. So I messaged him on his phone and he's like.. i knew i should have left a note! lol even though i appeared perfectly awake and responded when he told me he was going out... that page got totally ripped out of the day's play book. And then later when he got home, I THOUGHT i had dreamt that he came into the room holding an unsliced loaf of bread saying... We got mice! showing me a half gnawed loaf of bread. hmm i thought... best let the ferrets out to find the bugger then! Turns out .. when i questioned him about my weird dream later this morning he says... ermm.. that wasn't a dream! Go figure.. my weirdo hubby DID show me a half gnawed loaf of bread... no we dont have mice... He's a bread hog and scored a loaf of unsliced bread from the bakery this morning still hot from the oven.. it didn't make it home alive apparently lol So the rest of the day is back to normal, Ferret detail, website work, organizing things for the season and tidying around the house now that i'm properly awake! Andi == Ferret breeders aren't all that rare, though there aren't that many either ... ( most pet ferrets in the US come from petstores and are very poorly bred... think puppy mill ) people come to me for a fresh new line to help with the genetic diversity needed to keep ferrets growing healthy and strong. The also come to me because i maintain a line of almost black ferrets that are part wild European Polecat, which adds again more health and muscle to the standard ferret as well s the richer colors. Enjoy your Saturday everyone!
  24. Hi Andi! Yes I breed and sell ferrets around the world. Most go back to the USA though we have ferrets in Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark, Belguim, Netherlands, Czech Republic and France now as well. These guys pay for my cruises lol.. Not much profit in it but once a year i breed a couple litters and put any bits and pieces toward a great holiday week for my husband Russ and I for our birthday week. ( My birthday, His birthday and our anniversary all in the same week in September) Last year i booked a cruise...LOL I was booking this year almost before i got home!! So every time i'm fed up with scooping litter trays, being bit or answering the questions again and again i just think of that sun sea and cocktail waiting for me on the Dream in September lol Hope the rest of you get out from under the snow real soon and get on with Springtime!
  25. Hey Ray, I've been watching the weather reports and that.. WOW ..Heck of a winter you all have had over there. I have a ferret flying into Norfolk the weekend of the 20th... Hope i can get a good window of time!
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