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  1. One of the best time lapse videos I have seen. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  2. When we planned a cruise with our kids and grandkids, the first thing I checked was the minimum age to travel. My youngest granddaughter was too young. We chose another date. Seems simple enough.
  3. This reminded me, when we were brand new cruisers our table mates turned us on to this dining "option". It really elevated our dining experience. Now we have 15+ cruises under our belts and share with other newbies, that we happen to be sitting with, that it's OK to order an extra appetizer or share an extra main course. On one trip our new friends took to this quite well. Each couple ordered an extra entree and we all shared them around the table. The plates were flying all over the place. It looked like a crazy family at Thanksgiving. We all stay in touch after several years.
  4. Love the Oasis class ships even more than Quantum class. Not that I have had anything less that a spectacular time on any Royal ship. That being said I look forward to, at some time, enjoying a trip on Symphony. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I was so sad to see the destruction caused by the recent hurricanes at many of my past ports of call. Besides affecting the cruise industry and it's traveling public, the local population was devastated by these storms. I can't wait to visit these ports again, mingle with the locals and spend a little money.
  6. Thanks for sharing this great video. I just smiled throughout. It makes me want the next one even more. Fortunately only a few more weeks to go.
  7. What a great review! We have been on Oasis twice and absolutely love her. Even more than Quantum. Put some of the technology from Quantum onto the Oasis and I think I will just move in. I think you brought up a very interesting point in that the Crown and Anchor representatives seem to be more "customer service" oriented than Customer Service. We saw CATS on Broadway so we took a pass on our July cruise. Though we did not see CATS on this trip, our table mates loved it and thought that the cast was as much or more Broadway caliber performers than when they saw it on Broadway. Again, thanks for sharing a great review.
  8. Royal Caribbean still allows you to bring water (at least they did in July) but we decided that for future travels we won't be bringing water with us. You are absolutely correct about the tap water. We are going with that along with a couple of travel mugs when we venture off the ship in port. Cheers!
  9. Not sure $14.50 can get you a margarita these days.
  10. So far Oasis is our favorite ship. Liked it even better than Quantum. Not that any ship in the fleet is bad, of course.
  11. We were on Oasis in July with kids and grandkids. What a wonderful ship. The onboard staff and crew are simply the best. We brought our wine to the dining room and were never charged the corkage fee. Must have been my 2 year old granddaughter flirting with all the wait staff. LOL
  12. The rate of illness aboard cruise ships is no different than hotels, school and shopping malls on terra firma. It does, however, get publicized much more if on cruise ships. I think there are enough "washy washy" stations aboard the ships that can reduce the chance of illness. Besides a great photo op, the handshake is a mutual sign of respect that should not be banned whether with the captain, front desk personnel or state room attendants.
  13. I haven't seen this one yet but even though I am "loyal to royal" I do love the NCL artwork. I always enjoy looking at their ships when we are in the same port.
  14. Great post and follow up comment. I agree that you always need to do your homework to make sure the coverage you buy is what you need. All you need is one sickness to force a travel cancellation to make the additional $100-$250 well worth the investment. Remember it's insurance. You hope you don't need it but glad you have it when you do.
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