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  1. Has anyone ever come across these guys http://fuseradio98.com ? I was listening to them yesterday while writing an article for work, and managed to tune into their Power Hour slot. They're an online radio station that hosts contest every day. I know most station do this, but the reason I was attracted to this station is because they have grand prizes of cruise tickets for 2! I don't think the fuseradio98 contest gives away the same prizes each day, but I might be wrong. I never really know what I'm going to win when I join a contest. But it's all good. I love surprises!
  2. I kept missing the poker tourneys on the ship. there was just always so much else to do!
  3. I am always working. However, I am lucky to be able to do my work from anywhere in the world. But when out at sea, that can be a near impossible task. Even with free unlimited internet, there will be little chance of getting signal when away from land. I carry my own portable internet, so having no access to the ships internet is not a problem. I tried using the ships internet a couple of times when I was desperate because I had no signal on my own device. Theirs was just as bad.
  4. We are currently based in the UK and are planning our next cruise to be in the Scandinavian region. A winter cruise up that way would be awesome! It was going to be just myself and my partner, but we would actually love for the kids to come along too. Provided we can find a really great deal. I've been looking around loads online and in magazines, and I'm not too proud to admit that I have also been looking for cruise giveaways. I came across the KLFA 98 Hits Cruise Contest. I believe they are one of those radio stations that only broadcast online. They play latest tracks, songs that you'd hear on common radio stations. I saved their website in my bookmark, it is http://klfa98hits.com. They appear to give away cruise tickets every single day. However, they appear to have a deal with Caribbean cruises only. So I was wondering if anyone knew of a similar giveaway for a cruise to Norway or Iceland. Around that area of the world. Also, a deal that will include the whole family. Much appreciated -Jay
  5. Surely this will increase the traffic at ports. I remember when we arrived at Civitavecchia, all the docking stations were occupied, and that's a pretty massive port. They'd really have to have a tight schedule once they bring in the latest additions to the sea.
  6. Really? We read online that we could not do that, so we didn't bother taking the risk, and didn't even think to re-question it. But it is good to know.
  7. Hi Keith and Rita. You look like a lovely couple! Thanks for the assistance. I have just given it a go, and now it says that my photo is too large! I'm going to have to wait until my kid comes round, I'll get him to fix it for me!
  8. Speaking of gratuity, you know how guests get the optional chance to give additional gratuity in envelopes addressed to their favorite member of staff? Does the named person get 100% of the cash in the envelope?
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome Jason! The site looks very lively, I'll definitely work the crowd!
  10. Hi All! I'm Jay, and it's my first day here at Cruise Crazies. I've read a few entries already and I like what I see. So I'm here to stay! However, I do have a quick question. A silly one too. I noticed a number of you have photos next to your name. I know there should be a profile section where I can sort it out, but I just can't see it. Any clues? Much appreciated. thanks
  11. Great detailed intro for welcoming new users to the forum! I like it a lot. Not many forums make this much of an effort to welcome new users. Thank you! I hope to learn a great deal from fellow cruisers and hopefully I can teach you guys a few things too! All the best!
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